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  1. I am a player hits an average drive of about 290 and carries a 5 iron about 200 and I've always been one to use more rotational speed than speed from the ground. I'm glad that someone now knows that this is not the only way to generate power. When you use the ground mainly, people tend to sink down in their swing and this can cause some issues. Speed due to rotation does not require as much timing as from the ground. I like this ideology a lot. Thanks for starting the thread!
  2. I love my superstroke grip. I use a flatso and I just like the feel of it. I'm not all that mechanical with my putting, I'm more of a feel golfer around the greens and I just feel more comfortable with a real thick putter grip. It may quiet your wrists, especially on short putts, but it is not a fix. Just my take.
  3. 120mph - Driver - Fitting Help

    Based on Raw Data, I'd suggest a bit stiffer shaft. Especially with the driver swing speed you posses. I don't really know how you load and unload the shaft so its hard to give real accurate shaft flex suggestions. If you create a ton of lag and have a more aggressive transition, I'd suggest a stiffer shaft with lower torque. If you have a smoother transition then I think a stiffer shaft would probably work but torque is not as important. A stiffer shaft with a bit more torque could help your strikes a bit and get your smash factor up around 1.45 which would be good for a mid/low handicapper. (1.50 is optimal) I am not all that concerned with your spin numbers and launch angle. If you look at tour averages that's about where they sit. around 9.5 degrees with about 2600 spin. Until your down to a + handicap, that really wont have a profound effect on your golf score. In terms of driver loft, without knowing your angle of attack it is tough to say but I assume based on your numbers that you hit about 1 degree down which would strike me as pretty fitting for a 10.5 or 11 degree driver. This is just my take. Talking to a fitter would be the best option obviously. I believe golfsmith would give you some idea for free without too many dirty looks. I hope this helps and good luck!
  4. Lengthening shaft?

    The increase in swing weight will be pretty noticeable considering you're adding weight and length to the shaft. The feel of the shaft could also change a little bit. The loading and unloading of the driver could feel different to you. Also, if you use an extender, the flex of the shaft could very well change in a way that is hard to predict. Personally, I'm 6'4" and I use a 45 inch shaft and I'm comfortable with that. Just my opinion. Hope this helps!
  5. What's In Your Bag?

    Driver - Nike Covert 2.0 (Kuro Kage TiNi x flex set at 11.5 degrees) 3 wood - callaway diablo edge (15 degrees) 5 wood - callaway razr fit xtreme (18 degrees set to open) 4i-pw - Taylormade r11 (s300 in pw and 9 iron and stock kbs 90s in the rest) 50 degree - Titleist vokey sm4 (12 degrees bounce) 56 degree - Titleist vokey sm5 (10 degrees bounce) 62 degree - bridgestone j40 (60 degree bent to 62 12 degrees bounce) ball - Bridgestone b330-s
  6. My Swing (FackT)

    As mvmac said steadying you head would definitely help you a bit. I would try to eliminate your sway on the backswing. You're exaggerating your weight shift and shifting your whole body back about 2 inches in the backswing and are never really getting the shift forward enough in the downswing. I would try to keep your body from swaying back by just shifting the weight from one foot to another and not forcing it with your sway. Try and keep your head and torso pretty steady in terms of lateral movement. One more thing that may help you is starting the downswing with your hips instead of your shoulders. Make the first movement on the downswing be a turning of the hips instead of a turning of the shoulders. Pull hooks and slices are caused partly by an "over the top swing" and this will help the club get a little more to the inside and try and hit some tigher fades and maybe even some draws. those are the key points in your swing. Honestly, your swing does not look like a 34 handicap's swing. So mainly I would work on your short game and that will probably lower your scores more than anything else. I hope this helps a bit and good luck!
  7. Beginner - equipment check

    Personally, I would turn that offer down. The Mizuno driver and the putter are nice clubs maybe you could get one of them alone but according to the pga value guide on clubs that set's resale value is under $300 ($282.52 to be exact). These are not bad clubs at all but I think he may be overpricing you a bit. They could be a good set of clubs if you could drive the price down to maybe $350. I would not recommend a strata set. I'm a big non-believer in the full sets. If your looking for a set i could suggest some of each type. Driver - taylormade r5 you could get for around 40 bucks on ebay, callaway diablo edge driver you could get for about the same price. Both great drivers. Woods - callaway diablo edge, pretty much any older callaway model is a great one. Irons - Ping eye 2 irons(not pretty but they will last forever and really do perform) I've seen them anywhere from 60 dollars to about 200 for a set. They look the same whether they had been used frequently or not touched, callaway diablo edge you can get for under 200 for a set great for beginners. Wedges - Old titleist vokeys are fantastic if you look for the 2009 versions you can get them for cheap and no matter how they look they will perform pretty well. And putters are really up to you. If I were to offer a suggestion for a set makeup I'd say driver, 3 wood, 5 wood, 4-PW, 50, 54/56, and 58/60 degree wedges. Thats a pretty good starting setup. Just thought I'd add that. Hope this helps a bit!
  8. How to hit a driver?

    I have taken a look at your swings and you have a very nice swing I'll be honest alot of really good positions. I love your head position through the ball there's nothing to work on there. You have an incredibly flat swing and I have found that this can cause some fatter shots(skying). Personally, I think that all that it will take for you to hit some better shots would be to lower the tee height for your driver. Your club seems to be coming down at a nearly identical height to where it starts and taking a look at the video you tee the ball up to where there is about half to three quarters of the ball over the club face. and you seem to bring it down in a fairly similar position at impact so the ball is hitting high on the face. You have good fundamentals, a flat swing is not a bad swing(if you struggle with power you may want to consider a more upright swing but i don't see anything wrong with a flat swing) so I don't want give you over complicated advice! So my two pieces of advice for you are either tee it lower on the course, or experiment with hovering the driver behind the ball and matching the sweet spot of the club with the ball at address. I hope this helps! If you look at Matt Kuchar's swing, you see him setup and then hover so that the ball is even with the sweet spot. Kuchar has a very flat golf swing as you do and he is, in my opinion, the most consistent player in the history of the game.
  9. Hitting off heel of driver

    I have had success with the same thing that ks8829 said. Line the ball up almost on the hosel of the club, at least for a drill at the range. This makes you swing a little more to the inside because you are pulling your hands into your body and not stretching them out throughout the swing. At the range you can practice with a ball at your normal setup position and then a ball in the same position but 2 inches closer to your feet. Setup at the ball farther away from you and swing and hit the ball on the inside and this can be helpful just for muscle memory. Do not worry about ball flight or distance or accuracy even just try to make contact with the center of the club. Hope this helps!
  10. How to hit a driver?

    I completely get your problem! I went through a spell where I would sky the ball with the driver and even the woods. I agree with exgolfpro in the fact that you shouldn't worry about swinging up or down. Just swing. A few things that may help are teeing the ball a little lower than you do currently. But mechanically, what I would do is try and keep your head completely level and in a box in your driver swing. Do not move your head laterally. Generally this causes your head to sink and makes you get under the ball especially with your driver. Do you tend to accidentally take divots with your driver? Also, a quick fix could be outstretching your arms downward nearly completely straight at address and standing farther away from the ball to make your swing flatter and possibly allowing you to not be able to get the club lower than the tee height. However, if you're in the middle of the round and wanna be able to keep your driver in play. Tee it down and swing it like an iron if you need to. I did that for a while and it helped me keep the driver in the bag til I could really find out whats wrong. I'd love to see your swing if you have a video. Sorry if I was confusing with all of this stuff but there are a ton of reasons you could be hitting the driver badly. These are a few of my suggestions even though some may find it nonsensical.