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  1. The balls that some of my partners play might as well be yellow. I'm a purist. Stay with white!
  2. I definitely agree!! Even mis-hits are not horrible...well...most of the time! But there was this day........
  3. I don't know what state ya'll live in, but the majority of courses that have any yardage to them is almost 100% carts! Typically, when there are walkers in front of us, unless they are accurate ball strikers, they make life miserable for golfers behind them. It's a lot faster to get to an errant tee shot with a cart than it is to have a guy walking to it. On the other hand, I have seen walkers that move along pretty fast..but they were gamers. With that said...I rarely see them on west central florida golf courses, unless its a short municipal par 60 or 62.
  4. I can't help wondering!! On the first video, I heard the ball hit something. On the second video...where did that ball go to?? I didn't see a net..so.....just wondering! I watched it 4 times...and couldn't tell!! Other than that, your swing seems very balanced..but a tad stiff armed. I would love to be that flexible in my upper body! Must be an age thing!
  5. Well guys...I had a horrible day at golf....cussed...verbally abused my clubs.....and technically made an ass out of myself! THERE...I admit it! I was NOT proud!
  6. BOY!! You sure set off the "Prankster" in me with that post! That's some good stuff!
  7. I just posted a new thread on EXACTLY what you are talking about! The difference is...I played last weekend and shot an 80 at a more difficult course and come out today and shoot a 95 at a wide open goat pasture! I feel the pain!
  8. It started out this morning...getting ready for golf. HHmmm...it was 10:15 am, temperature around 61 degrees. What to wear!!! long Pants..shorts..long pants...shorts....long sleeve...short sleeve...! Decision Shorts and short sleeve polo!! My brother-in-law lives about 2 hours away..so we meet half way between the two cities. During the week, he makes a tee time at a course..I thought...up in Spring Hill, about 1 1/2 hours away from my home. Ok....I'm taking the long cruise up to the course...I'm tired...the heat in the truck is making me woozy...kinda of like I'm in dream land. I fina
  9. I may be wrong...but think about this. If you are hitting down on the ball with a knock down shot...you are hitting the ball with much more of a descending blow than if you were to meet it with a normal strike. That forces more backspin on the ball, thus causing it to spin upward. Is the ball back in your stance? I play with a guy that hits way back in his stance and he is very inconsistent. Sometimes he can hit with a 8 iron on a 175 yard hole and is successful, but more than not...he is off target and short. Also....use an abbreviated follow through. If you have a high finish, that co
  10. I got my butt whooped this last weekend...so I'm pushing my brother in law to give me a chance at redemption during the week. He asked if one butt whooping wasn't enough. I replied with a &%$#@ you! I AM GOING TO MAKE THIS SHAFT WORK!!!!!!!!! I WILL BEAT THE SNOT OUT OF HIM THIS WEEK!!! Repeat after me...you will play well...you will play well!
  11. I have a fat head...ssoooooo I have to be picky. I bought a cool Odyssey hat from a local golf shop and it fit so well...I bought three more that were identical. I have Titelist, Ping, Underarmour, TW NIKE (my wife refuses to let me wear anymore), Taylormade..(when I used them). The Odyssey hat is the only hats that fit comfortably..besides my Harley Hats.
  12. chrt396


    I bought one of those Pat Perez "Red" boxing glove covers for my Ping 24 degree hybrid. It is my knock-out club and damn near the only club I hit perfectly 85% of the time. The rest are stock. I am considering the Ping contour head covers for my Ping 3 wood and the 21 degree hybrid...but have a hard time spending $30 on one head cover. That is where I get cheap....(on things I absolutely don't need). I can make excuses for other golf related stupid expenditures...but the head covers...I have difficulty with. I have mental issues.
  13. From wrist to middle finger, the length is 8 1/4". My middle finger is 3 1/4". I use a standard grip. I could get away with using a standard grip with 2 wraps of tape, but the regular works just fine. With that said...remember this. Many players tend to grip with their hands, not their fingers. If you grip with your hands, the grip will be uncomfortable and feel small. Used your fingers..like your supposed to...and the fit will be correct and cramping will disappear. I know...cuz' I'm a recovering whole hand gripper.
  14. I boght a dozen Tour i(Z)'s 2 weeks ago from GolfSmith. I have been playing the Tour I(X). The differences as I can see is the following. 1) they do seem to jump off the face a little hotter. but saw no real appreciable distance gains. (But then again...I'm no Iron Byron) 2) they have a clickier sound to them when you hit them...kind of like you cracked them. 3) the covers scuff up more than the old version. 4) The spin on the greens using my Vokeys was MUCH more pronounced. I usually spin backwards maybe a couple feet or at least, a dead stop. With the new ball, I was spinning back
  15. I agree with the "Wind Sucks!" philosophy. I had the worst game in a year today!! I shot a 95...and that was with a "Mulligan" that I had to fight for with my brother-in-law. I was so bad that I couldn't even get mad. Now THAT is bad! I did birdie two holes and still sucked the rest of them!
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