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  1. Tróia, Portugal. Very tough Robert Trent Jones Senior design on a Portuguese peninsula!
  2. Awesome to hear. I got in touch with him on Instagram. Great guy! Love meeting other disabled golfers (and apparently I need to hit a hole in one on video to get some sponsors haha)
  3. My golf club here in The Netherlands (Amsteldijk) has brilliant training facilities, including protracers at around 10-12 bays at the range. I love the system. It gives you instant feedback on your shots and makes you understand the dynamics in swing changes. You'll need a little bit of understanding about what is being measured though (with which my pro helps me). For example, I found that if I increase my swing speed with my driver, I generally lose some launch angle, resulting in a very little distance gain at the moment. For me it has brought me the understanding that an 80% drive that I can keep in play 90% of the time only results in about a 10-15 yard distance loss as opposed to swinging with a higher speed and less accuracy. So on the course, the choice for my 80% drive is obvious until I figure out how to increase speed and not decrease launch angle. Very useful system.
  4. I just purchased the TomTom Golfer 2. Great watch as well with yardages to front-, middle and back of the green, yardages to hazards, lay-up distances and automatic scorecard through shot detection. Loving it so far.
  5. I voted for breaking 80. It seems to me that storing no doubles would be a matter of playing 18 holes without taking risks. Laying up iso attacking the pin, using an iron or hybrid off the tee, etc. For most golfers, breaking 80 will only happen if you do take these risks. Without DBs you can shoot a 90 on a par 72. Breaking 80 requires you to shoot ten strokes less.
  6. I'm also considering changing to graphite. Going to try them out for a while in August. My non-golfing handicap that I have since a year is more serious (see my picture) than my golfing handicap has ever been. If graphite is the way forward, nothing wrong with that!
  7. Let's agree to disagree. I've often been playing with people in the handicap range from 10-15, and when they blow up their mental game it's exactly the same as what happens to me. I don't think it's a different issue for beginners at all. I'd fully understand it if your mental game would be the difference between 30 or 40 putts per round at times, but as you describe it I also cannot fathom how such blow ups would be purely mental. On the other hand, obviously, your mental state heavily influences the trust you have in your swing. Giving it a name and debating where it comes from unfortunately doesn't magically make the issue go away. Whatever turns out to be the solution, I really hope you'll find it soon!
  8. @MrQster, I'm still a beginner and very inconsistent, but based on what you describe: do you train on tempo at all? A really good coach told me that always swinging in the same tempo makes a huge difference in consistency. In my opinion, that could be the difference between high 70 and over 100. Especially because you get into a cycle of wanting to do better, often leading to not swinging easy anymore. Focusing on tempo is helping me tremendously at the moment. I'm not talking about swing speed, but swing tempo!
  9. I play the Diablo edge irons. Pros for me: - easy to hit - nice and high ballflight - very forgiving for off-center shots Cons: - trouble lining up due to the huge cavity - little on the heavy side and not sure I like the weight distribution (very personal)
  10. That was me co-hosting! Had a great day on the course! Very fun way to play and amazing to be out on the course again. I transformed one of my old prosthetic sockets into the cup we were playing for.
  11. Hi all, I've been reading on TST very regularly and although I got involved in the Dan Plan thread last year never got round to introducing myself. The name is Leon, 33 years of age and from The Netherlands. Three days after I registered on this forum last year, I fell ill. A very severe sepsis eventually led to the amputation of both my lower legs, leaving me in hospital and a rehab center for over 9 months, and with a disability to cope with for the rest of my life (although I in no way feel disabled!). Just started picking up golf again, on my two prosthetic legs. Really enjoy the game and hope to be able to lower my (golfing) handicap and become active on this forum. I will probably start a thread in the My Swing section shortly. Considering the fact that I don't have ankles anymore, which makes shifting my body weight a lot more difficult, a lot needed to change in my swing. Working on it though! Kind regards, Leon
  12. Good on you, you made your point. I'm just assuming now that you have no critical opinion whatsoever on other people doing stuff better than yourself. Thanks for the heads up. Apparently, I'm not entitled to an opinion because I'm still a pretty sh*t player myself.
  13. Please explain. The fact that I don't have the time or funds at the moment to improve my game to the level where I think it could be and where I'd like it to be (around 18) now means that I'm not able to criticize what Dan is doing? I'm not criticizing his swing or the way he practices, I'm criticizing the approach that he's taking and using statistics to express my views that he won't make his goals if he continues the way he's doing now. What on earth is sad about that, from all angles? What you just did, that is sad, from all angles. Disregard someone's opinion on the basis of his handicap.
  14. Hi! That's me posting the comment on Dan's blog. I've just thanked him for the time and effort to answer my question, because his answer didn't really leave any room to start discussing more specifics aspects of his game. Besides, as a handicap 32, who am I to criticize? Anyways, I'm a newbie here, from The Netherlands. Also active on the golfchat.nl forum of which a group challenged you to several matches in Florida over the last two years. Hope to be able to join one day!
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