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  1. They said during the Pro-Am that Jordan's ratio is like 1:1 ,vs the 2:1 that is typically encouraged.
  2. Do others track total distance putted vs putts taken? I started doing that and found that my good and bad (average feet per putt) were not so far apart even if total putts varied (largely due to NGIR vs GIR)
  3. I'm in favour of the do everything approach. Swing/long game with a coach, short game practice, get fit for clubs, learn to play smart, play, putting distance control, read and line. I made yards and came down about 5 this year but relatively neglected the short game apart from a couple of sessions. Hopefully that means I've got a couple of shots just sitting there for me to pick up.
  4. Broke 80 for the first time at my home course, 78 with no doubles. I'd toiled away all season practising regularly since Jan. I had been working on some changes and I felt like a much better player but my scores weren't coming down below 85. Then I just clicked and shot 85, then 82, then 80, then 78. Accuracy off the tee felt like the biggest move. I made good distance and gave nothing away really and only had to battle about 3/4 approach shots from the rough and got them on or near the green. Still had 31 putts I think, but golf felt simple. Yet to back it up but made a couple of minor changes over winter and now getting tidied up for the season ahead.
  5. The fitter did try and rush some steps a little but thanks to your helpful post on what to expect I slowed him down and made sure we tested a few more times, moved the testing site further away from wall etc. - thumbs up!
  6. As opposed to the chrome shaft? It was an upgrade. Yes. I went with black lines (3) as that's what I was fitted with. Q - is the centre line always in the middle of the sweet spot? I believe that with some putters it isn't always. I am aware that the sweet spot is obviously bigger with an Edel.
  7. Got my order in the system last week. I didn't get too fussed about customisation colours etc but pretty excited about it. Having said that I did get the matching platinum shaft.
  8. I play with a couple of guys who are 5/6 years younger and stronger than I am. They are tidy drivers of the ball around 230/40 yards but I can see them picking up 25-30 yards no problem if they went through the necessary process. I guess unless they have to play from the tips in club/tournament they can do perfectly fine with what they have and understandably feel happyish with that side of the game.
  9. I still feel on the youthful side (feel may not be real) for the time being so I've actively chased distance but am waiting for the side effects. Unsurprisingly however, my recent extra yardage gains have come largely from better technique and less tension, the right equipment and no doubt a bit from being a little more flexible/using golf muscles. Occasionally I feel the wear and tear but not quite ready to stop trying to get more distance (that time will surely come!).
  10. As someone who took to the game a touch late (40) 4 years ago, the idea of a whole lifetime of a golfer trying to maximise his/her abilities becomes a bit of a challenge. What do we do, find a solid swing as quickly as possible, live with that limit (distance wise), make it tidy, make small improvements, learn to score and see how low (HCI) you can get to? Or push everything, strive to simply swing faster like a junior, and then refine the outcome so you know you're maximising your distance and ability (and no doubt score a bit more erratically for a while until the technique catches up), all the while hoping that the body can handle it .
  11. Play and enjoy more golf. Get my Hcap down to 8. Play 9 holes at even par (then 18). Hit my first eagle. How (mini goals): Develop my approach play accuracy and pitching and chipping accuracy Practice at my optimum/preferred frequency (3 times a week for 1 hour at a time, + 2 evenings for 45 mins followed by 9 holes).
  12. It's interesting. There are a few ways to score in golf but across a spectrum certain truths apply to most but not all. My long game and distance is better than my short game, according to me, my coach and game golf and other stats. Gotta keep your strengths while improving your all round game. can't imagine with golf that this ever changes!
  13. Goal was to play more and reach single figures. Mini goal was to break 80 and increase my driver swing speed. >> I did play more but only for a 2 month period. Got my HC down from 16 to 11.5. Missed my goal but its a decent shift and my goal was very ambitious. Broke 80 once (78) and hit 80 twice in a row. Driver SS up from 100 to 107 average. - Very eager to reset for 2017!
  14. There's certainly an issue with that. What you as a player think is the problem/priority piece for you is quite possibly not but the coach needs to be on to that. I've had the "okay we can take a look at that but let's just hit a few balls" so he can see whats happening with my swing. However if something bugs a player (like getting whooped by his mates due to terrible chipping or weak driving) they want to come out of it with some answers to work on. I think a coach can find the priorities up to a low hcap level player, when scoring and course management data is more helpful.
  15. You seem to be doing everything else to help yourself but obviously getting a reliable repeatable swing is and will always remain the main thing. If you can get off the tee into playable positions a majority of the time all the other things will help further. Maybe a lesson a week is too many. Others will probably mention that. A priority piece is probably one that gets you playing straighter and more consistently and it can take more than a few reps to get that working in game conditions, so maybe cut back, work on your big miss and then you move to the next one.