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  1. I reckon going to sex rehab made him forget how to get it in the hole.
  2. I don't normally drink on the course but Played golf before my Stag party, that involved alot of drinking. So much so the non-golfer won the day. The other weekend we were playing a Mixed tourney (usually a fun tourney) and it was freezing, like I could'nt feel my hands for 5 holes, I had a thermos of coffee with me, we got the the 6th tee, there was a bit of a wait so I poured myself a coffee, a scotish chap in our group comes over, pulls out a hip flask and pours a shot of whisky into my coffee. I tell ya what, it warmed me from the inside for about 4 holes.
  3. I caddied for my Dad when I was a youngster (He played off scratch and never gave me lessons) I got to watch great golfers play every weekend. We had a beginners clinic which tought you the basics, grip stance etc. Other then that I had one lesson, the dude wanted me to swing like Tiger I thought what an egg and never went back.
  4. I remember this one guy, We were playing a scramble, and one of the competition sponsors (I had played with him the week before) says to everyone about how long I am right before I tee it up. Anyway I proceed to sky the hell outta it, and this one dude from the group playing right behind us is like, what a dork he aint that long. A few holes later I hook one off the tee, and can't find it, so I go back to the tee, the same dude is like what were you looking that far up for, your full of shit you can't hit it that far. I say nothing and tee off. Anyways a few months later, rock up to the t
  5. All about participation ? Its the way you play not if you win or lose ? Bet you don't own a blow up doll either
  6. No ....... there is just crap to deal with
  7. The hole is a 195m par 3, and the lowest handicap golfer on our committee is 15. So basically the "hazard" is in play for them, when they re-designed the hole they made no provision for a bail out area. So really they are trying to rectify the short sightedness with a local rule. I'll take some photo's when I am out there this weekend and post to see what you guys think. If it is in fact against the rules for them to do this I'll make a submission to the committee.
  8. Yes they do ...... you just deflate them and store them in the cupboard till next time.
  9. Widening my stance does the opposite. I tend to narrow mine slightly, it makes me swing around my body a bit more.
  10. The reason why this particular rule is of so much interest to me is this ...... Our 16th hole has recently undergone some re-development of a water course .... the committee plan to in fact not mark this at all and play it as casual water if there is water in it. So in this case can they make a local rule to preclude this water way from being a hazard ? I can visualise the future arguments in club competitions already .......
  11. No where in the rule book does it use the term .... you must use your honest judgement in determining the margin of the hazard, the rule assumes the margin is defined as rule 33-2 states clearly the committee must (not should) accurately mark the margins of water and lateral water hazards. This being said a ruling should have been sought at the time (or two balls played to the completion of the hole) and a ruling sought after the round.
  12. Except on a par 3 you know the exact yardard and have a perfect lie ..... if you are hitting 5 Iron or less into them you should expect at worst par.
  13. So in an unmarked "hazard" where is the difinition of the margin ? i.e. which point would you use for dropping from ? the water level ? well by your used definition then would you use the summer water level or the winter water level ? A hazard must be defined under rule 33-2a.
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