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  1. Hi all, i am having a lot of trouble lately with my irons. I hit it fat, thin and other nasty issues. My problem is mostly off the deck. I hit my driver well as well as woods and hybrid from the tee, but give me an iron from the fairway and it gets pretty embarrassing. A friend was recommending a shorter backswing to keep things more compact and centered, something like L to L just to get my ball contact back on track again. It felt good and in my practice swing i was actually hitting ahead of the ball making divots in the correct area, and not behind it. The shots felt good and ball went nic
  2. I actually tried to move the ball forward in my stance with my long irons (I don't have issues with the mid and short ones), and the only position I hit it well is middle of my stance
  3. Yeah. I also practice my impact position and straight left wrist at impact lately and it seems to help.
  4. Funny enough I too played an executive course on friday, and didn't tee my bal on the par 3 It was great practice for the approach shots. I also noticed that when I stay more grounded in my backswing and keep upper body over the ball, and also made sure my leading foot is planted and hips don't slide, I did not top or fat shot.
  5. on a side note, if i have been golfing for about 10 months now, shouldn't the fat and thin shots be gone by now ? I though i had them out of my system by now ??:(
  6. Thanks for the help. I usually hit my irons well while they are on a tee (on par 3) but once they are on the ground, i get nervous or something :)
  7. Hi all, have been golfing for little under a year and played par 3 courses for the most part until recently. I have been enjoying the par 3 as a beginner since they are quick and offer a good cheap practice rounds with all the irons, hybrid and putter. However, i started going to "real" courses in past few weeks so i can really play the game, 18 holes par 68 next to my house. I had no trouble with my driver or woods and drove an average of 225-230 yards. However, i has some trouble hitting irons from the ground since i used to only him them from tees when i played par 3s. I hit
  8. thanks, so maybe i need a 3 hybrid, as i cant hit a 4iron very well.
  9. Hi, i recently upgraded from a beginner set. I purchased: Callaway ft5 driver Nike vrs x iron set, 4i through AW Now i still have the fairway wood and the 4 Hybrid from the starter set (Wilson Ultra) My question is: should i buy a 3 Hybrid as well to replace the fairway wood ? Note, i need something for long par 3 for example, as my Hybrid does not go more then 170 yards. Or, to buy a 2 hybrid ?
  10. Thanks for the replies. I went back to play 9 holes yesterday and was fading every shot. How do I correct this this to a slightly more of a draw?
  11. Hi, i have been playing for about 7 months now, and was hitting decent shots off the tee with good short game to follow. In the last couple of weeks i started hitting everything (irons, driver, hybrid) to the right. I dont think i slice it but its kind of starting straight and then goes right. More then a few people have mentioned alignment and said that i set up with my feet aiming right. They then had me turn a bit left which helped me. My question is when you set up to the ball, your body should be parallel to the target line but aiming left of the target, or am i getting confused here
  12. Hi all, can anyone give me an average club distance that i should be hitting with these clubs: Hybrid,6i 7i, 8i,9i,pw What someone who is a beginner (been playing for 6 months now) should hit these clubs ? I found, for example that my pw goes about 110 yards and my 9i goes about 120 Is that good for a beginner, or i need to work on it ? Thanks !
  13. Funny thing is that when I actually needed more distance, such as with my hybrid, on a 193 yards hole, the ball launched into the air nice and high but landed maybe 60 or 70 yards. So I didn't get much distance with it when I needed it most.
  14. Thanks for the replies. I hit one of them from an uphill and the other downhill. So I don't think that was a factor in getting more distance. The wind was blowing hard that day, however. One more thing is, like someone said, maybe I'm not getting the correct read on the distance since I'm relying on the score card.
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