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  1. Quote: The only thing I notice is the big gap at 170. Do you switch club types with the 5i? That might be a little problem with your wide range of drives? I have a used 5i that I can hit 10 yards further than my Wilson one. The used one isn't even great, but it's certainly better quality than the Wilson. I know having a unified set of irons will help consistency, but I just can't crank it like I need to either. I need to get my 5i to 190 or 200 yards I feel like to have more success.
  2. Hello All, I wanted to post this on this forum because I have kind of hit a wall as far as my handicap is concerned. I took up golf seriously about 6 months ago and I was easily a 30 or more handicap at the time, but now I am down to a 6.4. I have been playing 2-3 week through this period and feel like I am now at a status quo as far as my golf game is concerned. Recently, I was able to shoot a +7, +4, and +2 at a local par 60 course (approx. 3500 yards total - I missed out on my chance last week in finally breaking par as I was even through 16 and finished +2... those nerves I t
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