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  1. What Are You Working On?

    up to the end of last year, contact was usually pretty good, but lateral dispersion & 2-way misses made scoring quite difficult. so, the aim of my current work is to get a move that provides tighter dispersion and ideally a 1-way miss. coming out of hibernation, got back to the practice mat about end february, so almost a month work already - haven't really hit more than 7 iron, yet. focus is on backswing, trying to be on the right plane, getting as wide as possible and then use transition to get good right elbow/trunk connection. will then need to work on tempo and rythm, as well as get a better in-to-out club path.. so, plenty of work ahead! :(
  2. at the same time, if something that looks totally similar brings completely different results, how are we supposed to improve? or is video somthing completely un-useful?
  3. "The Impact Zone" by Bobby Clampett

    Read the book a few years ago, it really helped improving contact - best drill was line in the sand, it really got me going. Still haven't managed the 5th chapter (hittting down the line) - the video posted here is great help to visualize how to get things done. Indeed having good impact is #1 in golf swing, rest will follow! So it is quite normal that this book is not much value to low handicaps, as they already have a good technique when it comes to contacting the ball - sometimes, though, getting back to basics is useful anyway! ;)