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  1. @Golfingdad, that link doesn't work for me, it says i do not have permission to see it.
  2. WUTiger, To summarize you think that both the SS and WS would be fine from most types of lies, what are the Glides being replaced by? I am left handed, and the 54/58 combo isn't very common so I will likely need to order them regardless. As for the shaft, I don't know that I fully understand what you are saying about the lower launching, high spin, is the CFS spinner (stock in the Glide wedges) the right call for me?
  3. Thank you for the fast response, a few follow up questions. Do you have any links to define turf interaction / sand interaction? With my G25's I typically take small divot on a well struck shot but as a mid cap golfer, my divot isn't 100% consistent, occasionally hitting a skulled / fat shot as well. My current irons have the ZZ65 shafts, would you recommend the CFS spinner shaft, ZZ65, or something else? The CFS stiff shafts hit the ball too high. I prefer to address the ball with the club face square, instead try and use Pelz's theory of back swing distance and choki
  4. My very generous wife has agreed to purchase 2 new golf wedges for me as a birthday gift. I have been playing Ping irons for about 3 years now and am very happy with these clubs. I currently play Ping G25's /w PW and Gap Wedge. My sand wedge is a 56 degree Acer wedge that I have played for about 5 years. The "U" gap wedge is a 50° so i am thinking that I would like to add 54° and 58°. I currently use the gap wedge for everything outside of 80 yards but a full swing with that club is around 115 yards so I find myself trying to chock down, take 3/4 swings for those critical 100 yard shots.
  5. Tee, thank you for the fast response. Can you confirm one thing? The Nike is 45.5" long (if memory serves) and has a 60g shaft, the Cleveland is 47G and 45.75" long. Is it because the shaft is lighter than the head that causes that load up feeling?
  6. I am hoping somebody can help me determine what I like about my current driver to help describe it as I go for a fitting in the near future. I currently have 2 drivers that I switch back and forth between. The first is a Cleveland Launcher DST /w the "made for" diamana red and the other is the original Nike Covert /w the Kuro Kage silver. Both shafts are stiff. The Cleveland feels like it is loading up in my back swing which helps me keep my back swing in check. The nike has always felt very 'boardy' and I tend to over swing as I don't get that feedback in my back swing. A well str
  7. inside jokes in which I have to read an entire book to get are not worth the effort.
  8. as the original poster who still struggles on occasion off the tee, I can say that here is what works for me. 1. I do the feet together drill as my practice swing. In my pratice swing I try to implant smooth tempo, short backswing and keeping my head perfectly still. (I realize that none of these things are probably happening, but its the muscle thought that I am going for) 2. A waggle is important, it helps me to make sure I maintain a loose grip on the club 3. slow down my back swing. I still take a huge back swing with my driver, but when I maintain the tempo t
  9. Here are my reviews of the 3 courses that I played while I was there. Indian Wells was a lot of fun. Of the 3 courses it very well could have been the most "fun" course that I played while I visited. It was in great shape and represents an excellent value. The cart paths were pretty beat up, and when we played the greens were recently plugged and sanded making slow putts inaccurate at times (to be fair, I don't know if it robbed any strokes, it was just an impression that I had) Blackmoor was the 2nd course that we played. It was short target golf with a lot of dog legs. It
  10. It is just me on Monday so I would be happy to play either course at what ever time would work for you.
  11. I have not made any tee-times yet. I am playing Indian Wells or Indigo Creek on Monday 8/3 and for Caledonia we are playing on Saturday the 8th. I have not booked a tee-time for Monday yet, and my playing partners are booking the one for Saturday. I would imagine we will play Blackmoor on Thursday but I have to confirm that yet. For Monday, I can book it whenever and don't have any thing on the agenda so I can play whenever it works for anybody that was interested. Thanks
  12. If you or any of the local Myrtle beach golfers is interested in joining us let me know.
  13. I will be traveling to the area the week after the OP is going to be there and am looking to play 3 times myself. I will have a car but am on vacation with my family so I would prefer to play close to where we are staying... We are staying in Myrtle Beach SC 29575 just south of Myrtle Beach state park. I don't carry a handicap but would estimate I am a bogey golfer. I am looking to play 3 different times during my week long stay. My first round will be just myself, so I am looking for a nice inexpensive fast 18 in the front part of the week. The ideal second round
  14. maybe I put it on wrong, but I put it so the white piece was centered against the tendon that is causing me issues approx. 2-4" below my elbow. It didn't fit, provided ZERO relief, and it didn't matter how tight i put it, it never worked. I have not worn it since. I have been using the ace elbow strap brand. http://www.amazon.com/ACE-207360-Elbow-Strap/dp/B001ALY6SK
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