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  1. The problem with the higher lofted clubs were the increase in spin and loss of distant. With the 10.5, I gained almost a 1,000 rpm and lost 20 yards or so, the 12 I went to almost 5,000 rpm and lost about 40 yards! With the 9.5 I was at 3 degrees trajectory but still carrying 270 with 2900 rpm and 150 mph ball speed.
  2. Yes, with the 12 degree my launch angle was still at a 7-8, but my rpm went to almost 5000, ball speed slowed to around 100 from 150. Distance dropped about 30-40 yards. The 10.5 was right in the middle of those. The 9.5 gave me the best ball speed, rpm, and I was still carrying 268 average. But the trajectory was low and I know that is because I'm working on my swing. Some were strong line drives, others I topped, or popped up. [quote name="disco111" url="/t/81492/new-driver-help#post_1131723"]Perhaps you may have the ball to far back in your stance. Greg Norman put the ball up off his left toe and some times a little past there. Couldn't hurt to give it a try. [/quote] when I tee it forward any more than inside my left heel I duck hook it something wicked!
  3. I bought and got fitted for a new driver yesterday. It's a new R15. But I have the same problem with it that I've had with my last 2 drivers. I'm hitting down on it too much. My ball speed is around 160, swing speed around 110, rpms around 2900, but trajectory only about 3-5 degrees. I'm fitted for a 9.5 as with my last couple drivers. I've tried 10.5, and even a 12, but with them the ball spins way too much and lose a ton of ball speed. My aggravation is I drive 260-270, but with 8-9 degrees of trajectory I know I'd average 300 or better! What am I doing wrong or how do I stop hitting down on my driver? What are some tips to try? I release my hands too early on my irons and hit fat, but I don't feel like that with my driver.
  4. I used to fight a hard slice with driver and very fat shots with irons. I have switched to new grip and slower back swing. My drives are now straight with slight fade and occasional hard hook, but no slice. I've narrowed it to ball position. I started toying with it on Sunday and realized when the ball is too far forward the hook shows up. However, I started leaning forward and making sure my weight shifted forward on my irons and now my irons are either extremely fat or thin with occasional great iron shot. Also they are inaccurate often being more right or left than I want or feel like I'm aiming for. Any suggestions? My wedges feel like my hands are releasing too soon, but my iron swing doesn't feel good at all and I can't get much feel for what's wrong. I can stand on the range and hit few bad shots, but on the course nothing with an iron feels right.
  5. Well like above I found last year my right elbow wasn't coming inside enough, so I've worked on it, towards the end of last year and this past season. While fixing it my club face became severely open creating a nasty slice unless I casted. After watching some videos and images of people paused in the back swing I realized my wrists were cocked in the backswing. So my focus has been keeping a straight wrist. My slice isn't gone, but more of a fade/hard fade and now a draw/hook. So now that that aspect is better (not fixed) I've been working on timing and muscle memory for my swing changes. I've also been working on ball/club head positions to make sure I'm hitting down and divot forward. I've had a couple chances in between Ice storms to make it to the range and notice I feel better swinging a club and my shots are much more accurate than they've been since I was a teenager. Now as my swing is more consistent I've been working on getting my swing speed back up to where it was 5 years ago since I foolishly adjusted my swing to compensate for my slice vs. fixing the cause.
  6. No, I haven't we are frozen solid where I live, with no warmer days in sight. So I've been driving myself nuts practicing my swing and fixing some things. Also, hundreds of thoughts in my head on what might help and this was something that crossed my mind to possibly try! Thank you all for your input, as soon as I can get to a pro shop I'm going to see if I can hit a 3 iron and compare it to a longer hybrid.
  7. Main reason is actually money. I have a 4hybrid now. It has a little more loft. I hit it well, but I like it more out of rough and tight lies. I felt like the 3-iron for for $40 vs. $100+ hybrid was a better buy for trial and error.
  8. I'm sorry, I worded that wrong. My 5w isn't enough on those holes because if my driver isn't working then my woods aren't working. For example, hole 12 at my HC is a hard dogleg right around a pond 340 to the green par 4. A straight shot off the tee box to avoid the water sends you over the left side double bunker to the cart path and a field. Laying up before the bend is only about 150 yards leaving a 3/5 wood uphill to the green. So the only way I've found to play the hole as designed is to carry the edge of the water. Which puts you about 90 yards out. My mental block is trying to avoid the slice so hard that I slice or fade into the pond or I aim too far left and hit a perfectly unfindable ball into the field. I've tried my 3w and 5w on this hole with the same results. I never slice my irons. My 5-iron off the tee feels great and I sit in the fairway with a decent but longer approach. My thought is the 3-iron would give me similar results with a greater distance to turn the 7 iron into a possible 9 or full pitching wedge since the green is up hill. Again this is one example and just a theory. I'm not a great golfer by any means but none of the guys I play with carry a 2/3 iron for me to try my theory. But I found a RBZ 3-iron in a stiff flex (which is the shafts I was fitted for on all my clubs) brand new on eBay for $41. It seems like a safe gamble to attempt to turn my drops and double bogeys on this hole into pars and save me a few strokes. Along with the other two holes that I fight my driver/woods on.
  9. I'm not great with my long irons, but I only have a 5-iron in my bag. I use TaylorMade RBZ irons. I'm a decent iron player, but opted for a 4 hybrid over a 3 or 4-iron on my last set. Because I never could hit a solid long iron shot. I've slowly started to get more consistent with my 5-iron. So I've contemplated getting a RBZ 3-iron to use in place of trouble hole driver shots. I have about 3 holes at my HC that are in my head and I can't hit a driver without slicing or snap hooking. I hit my 3 wood well, but not consistent off the tee. My 5-wood isn't enough club to get there in two for a decent approach. Would purchasing the RBZ 3-iron with 17° loft and substituting it for my gap wedge I hardly use be a good idea for these occasions?
  10. If any of you recorded the golf fix tonight, Michael Breed actually went over a few neat drills to do during this cold spell!
  11. I need some ideas for things I can do when it's too cold outside. I'm going stir crazy sitting in a warm house while there is snow and ice on the ground with below freezing temps for weeks to come. I've had the practice green out in the house putting. But what are other drills or things you can do when it's too cold outside and without room for a simulator?
  12. I feel your pain here in AR....we are sleeted in with more coming this weekend!
  13. I've never seen best ball before! I really like the idea and will try it next time I'm out by myself.
  14. I feel your pain! I'm in NE Arkansas. I actually got to play the last couple Saturday's and go to the range a few days with the 55-65 degree weather we had. But this winter storm has me wishing I had unlimited funding to fly to warmer climates lol
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