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  1. Practiced my priority areas; flatter left wrist and shallower downswing.
  2. Back garden practice working on laying the club down during the downswing.
  3. 90 minutes at the range on shallower downswing plane and booming the driver......great fun!
  4. Cancer is shit......my Dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer a few months ago and it turns your whole world upside down. He has gone from my big strong rock to a skeleton in terms of body size but he's still fighting bless him! I feel for you and everyone else who has to battle the beast.
  5. 10 minutes on the transition, I've actually gone from very little in terms of weight shift to too much. Focusing on a more fluent tempo......easier said than done!
  6. Worked on slow 3/4 driver swings, I have a tendancy to rush my arms through too quick on the downswing so I'm trying to feel as if my right foot is staying planted longer.
  7. More of the same.....flatter left wrist at A4. I will video the drill tomorrow and post in my swing thread.
  8. 15 minutes at the range working on full swing and pitch shots before playing 18.
  9. More mirror work on wrist position at the top. Hitting the range in the morning before playing 18. Hoping to see a little improvement in both ball flight and distance.
  10. 10 minutes of mirror work on a flatter left wrist and higher hands at A4.
  11. Played 18 and then had a 1 hour lesson with the pro which was brilliant, he is the best one to one coach I have worked with! He highlighted my cupped left wrist as my priority piece straightaway.....as the guys on here did! So he has given me some drills to work on which are; getting the right elbow to point more towards the ground at A3-A4 and having the right wrist flatter to promote a more bowed left wrist. I did short slow backswings, checking the wrist position and then hitting the shot.
  12. More practice swings in the garden, focusing on the left hip moving up during the transition to promote a more inside path.
  13. Could only manage 5 minutes mirror work on my set-up and pre-shot routine......due to waking up with a really painful left shoulder blade! Hope a bit of rest will sort it.
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