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  1. I usually start off with an older ball as we have a couple of tough starting holes but sometimes the ball survives. I cringe when I get to 18 and realize the ball is still in play. As soon as I think that it's almost like the ball decides "enough of this guy playing with me" and away it goes, lol
  2. Well the replacement unit has been flawless so far. I play 3-4 times a week and it hasn't missed a beat other than replacing the remote batteries a couple of times, which last longer than they say they do anyway. I just carry 3 spare triple A's along with my spare rangefinder battery. I just wish it would pull me up the hills sometimes, lol. I did forget to charge it one time and was thinking I would end up pushing it. It pushes pretty easy when it's off so I turned it off and pushed it for the first 4 or 5 holes, which are pretty flat anyway and then turned it on and finished the round with no issues. They say it will do 27 holes but I guess that would depend on the course length and terrain, I played in a couple scrambles this year where I started at the furthest point of the course, which effectively meant I walked the course twice and the unit never ran out of power.
  3. 89 yesterday, which was a bit of a letdown after my round on Tuesday. Hit a few more good drives and no lost tee shots. 1 birdie from a chip in. Only lost 1 ball all day too. Short game was pretty good but 80's is my norm.
  4. After a terrible round off the blue tees yesterday, I went out today and played whites and broke 80, just. 39 on the front and 40 on the back. My putting was really good on the front but the back I had a couple of 3 putts. Only hit one driver all day as well. A new personal best of four birdies to boot. I just wish I could do this more often and get my cap down some more.
  5. Took a couple of weeks off from golf to spend time with our kids and grandkids as they came for a visit. When I finally went out, I had a terrible round and followed that up a few days later with one of the best rounds of the year (39,43 for 82). So frustrated. Driver is only getting hit about once a round but my 3w is really coming along and even got me on a couple of par 5's in 2, so that's a bonus. My short game has seen some major improvement too but I do practice it very frequently.
  6. Shot an 87 today. Have had a string in the 80's just lately and ball striking has improved. 3w is now my go to club off all the par 5's and most of the 4's. At some point I am sure I will start using more drivers again but the miss is just too costly right now. My short game has improved and so has my putting but our club has these plastic rings in the top of all the holes and as a result, anything on the edge always rolls away so that doesn't help. Anyway index is down to 16.3 again.
  7. I recently tried a new driver at a demo day and was shocked to see 293 on the trackman. I went and grabbed my own driver and it was over 270 which is close to what I actually hit it when well struck. I guess new technology does count for something. Swing speed was 105 and we were close to sea level. No, I didn't buy it because it will just be 20yds further in the woods, lol. I saw similar improvements with newer woods and irons too. I did look up the specs for the newer irons and see that the manufacturer has given them stronger lofts for the new model.
  8. I was sorting my gear today and realized I don't go through nowhere near the number of gloves I used to. Also my fingers don't have callouses and are quite soft. I used to tape my fingers all the time because they would get calloused/blistered and sore and I would go through a lot of gloves over my 5 month season. Now I play just about year round (only missed 6 weeks this year)3-4 times a week plus usually hit up to hundred on the range before I go out, every time. I also usually have one good practice session a week where I work on short game and putting, then hit around 200 balls on the range so it's not like I don't play much. So, is my grip too light/firm ? Should I have callouses / What about all you guys that play regularly ?.
  9. I went to a Callaway demo a week back and tried the CF19. I have been playing the CF16's for 3 yrs and absolutely love them. I noticed they hit longer than mine by about 15-20yds (7i). Could be an expensive demo. Also hit 3w longer, driver longer, hybrid longer. My only issue is it could be 20yds further in the woods with the driver, lol
  10. Thank you guys for the interesting/helpful comments. I will have to try a heavier shaft when I get chance. I have a tough time trying to slow my tempo but today I thought I would have a determined effort at the range. My worst shots are always when I get too quick. I found that when I consciously try and make my swing a little shorter and tempo a little smoother, that the ball seems to fly much more accurately at my intended target. And seems to travel about the same distance too. I have a game tomorrow, so will try and be focused on a smoother tempo with a little slower transition and see if it helps
  11. I've only been golfing for 10 yrs. I have good days where I shoot low 80's and crappy days where I am in the 90's. If I could hit the ball the same every day, I would be in the 80's a lot more and have a lower hcap but I'm just not there yet. I have had my speed checked and with my quick tempo I have been told continually that I need to use stiff shafts, which I also hit a lot better and like the feel of. I have also got my grips sized correctly, so what else is involved ?
  12. My irons are Callaway Apex CF16 with the steel X95 stiff shafts and 4 iron is my longest and is pretty consistent. My old 3 hybrid was a Ping G30(19') with the Ping stiff shaft but my miss was a hook, so I replaced it with a Callaway Apex 3 hybrid (20') with a Kurokage 80Hy stiff shaft that I hit well and it doesn't hook but I can hit a little draw or fade. My 3w is also a Ping G30 (14.5' adjustable) with the Ping stiff shaft and my miss is a hook
  13. I hit both my 4 iron and 3 hybrid well but I start getting a liitle hooky with my 3w and driver. I am hoping that the 18 deg driving iron will be longer than the 3 (20 deg) hybrid. I find my 3 hybrid goes about the same as a 5w.
  14. GP MCC+4 here also. I tried the Aligns but wasn't impressed so went back to reg MCC+4. I play in all weather and like some cord. I clean them regularly but replace them every year. You get one new one and soon realize how badly they need replacing, a little wear but mostly due to hardness and slippery after a year for me. I played over 150 posted rounds last year, plus numerous practice sessions and some scrambles
  15. I looked on their site and was thinking I might just order one but I was a bit overwhelmed with the shaft choices. There are lots to choose from. I tried an old driving iron in a store the other day but it was too low at 13 degrees. Thanks for the input.
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