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  1. Birdies on 4 & 8 for me today 🙂, along with my best ever front 9 of 2 over 38. Last few holes on the back hurt me though.
  2. When I focus and slow down my back swing, it usually results in a better shot
  3. The club I would drop would have to be my Driver. I hit my 3w off most tees and and am usually past my golf buddies' drivers anyway by a fair amount as we are all in our 60's and older. I also do not hesitate to hit the 3w , a hybrid or 4 iron off a fairway. I started golfing in my 50's but it's still frustrating for me because driver used to be so reliable and I would always hit it because I trusted it, most of the par 5's were reachable for me in 2 as a result and I had short irons in to most par 4's but then my irons and short game would let me down. I worked hard on my irons and short game and have improved them substantially, along with ball striking but my driver consistency has gone the opposite way (2 different drivers). I have had a few lessons but still struggle with it after the lessons. I swing it at 105 so if it's in the fairway it's great but unfortunately the misses are usually penalties.
  4. Birdie on #7 par 4 today, 5 pars as well but, too bad about the rest of my round.
  5. Birdied the 18th, par 5, at my local course yesterday.
  6. Still pretty wet out so we only have the back 9 open. Played it twice yesterday but no birdies. Played twice again today and managed a bird on #10 and it was good enough for a skin to boot.
  7. Forced myself to go out today, very wet but I am missing getting out to play. Only the back open due to so much water on the front you can't get down #1. Played silver tees 1 time and birdied #18. Played blue second time but 16 and 18 did me in. I guess with this new hcap system, a net double bogey on a par 5 that I get a stroke on means I can now take an 8 !!!
  8. I like to track this every year so I can see which holes take me the longest. 2018 I'm pretty sure I got them all off the silver tees and it was the last par 3 that took me the longest. 2019 I think I was 1 or 2 short. Right now the Golf Canada website appears to be a bit messed up and has already butchered a couple of my scores for 2020 but I always put in hole by hole and it tracks them under "ultimate scorecard" once you have enough rounds in. I like to play silver and blue tees but to birdie every hole off the blue tees would be a real stretch for me. Only managed to get out 3 times this year due to snow and we played back 9 twice one time, front nine twice another time and all 18 the last time. I got one birdie each time so have 10, 6 and 4 checked so far.
  9. The whole thing seems messed up right now. As fast as I understood the new system and why my cap went from 16 to 12, it went back to 16 again. At least it's winter so scores shouldn't change anything anyway but my skins group is going to be a little confusing for a while.
  10. I think Golf Canada is a bit of a mess right now, including the app. Hopefully it's fixed soon.
  11. I play two sets of tees at 67.4/118 and 69.8/128. Both are par 72. My new course handicaps are 12 and 16. I did notice that there is now a difference of 4 strokes on my handicap for the two tees, which is much more reflective of the difference in scores than the old handicap that only gave me 1 or 2 difference.
  12. Tried to play today. I'm usually pretty diehard but between 0 and 1C after a frost delay. Wind started blowing and rain sideways on first hole, then turning to wet snow. Bogeyed it but lost feel in my fingers and hit drive way left on 2, followed by another and I knew I couldn't play. The other 2 guys in my threesome weren't having much fun either, we all quit after the 3rd hole when the green was turning white and the ball kept getting bigger with each roll. Nice that we were the last threesome on the course, turned out everyone ahead of us quit too. Looking like an unplayable week ahead with some nasty weather. Indoor practice time, lol
  13. Shot 41, 39 today for an 80. One birdie and only one double. Would be nice if I could play this well more often.
  14. My index didn't change but my local course handicap changed by four strokes from my usual tee. I also noticed the difference from different tee boxes became closer to what they actually should be.
  15. Had to play the front twice yesterday due to frost on the back and very wet conditions. Managed a 43 first time and a 40 second time. Pretty happy with that in these conditions.
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