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  1. I also hit a few 6 irons after doing the drill using the same motion just for good measure. I'm guessing it will add a few yards when I try it next time I get out.
  2. Got one on hole 1 a couple of days ago and Hole 6 yesterday. Played blue tees, so a little longer than my others.
  3. Last thing I bought is a Shotscope V3. Doesn't ship till end of May though (hoping it's not delayed) I was thinking of upgrading my irons to the newer model but the fitting I booked had to be put on the back burner for a while
  4. Now I have to figure out how to edit, ......bear with me, lol. Yesterdays drill. I'm right handed, I figured how to change that now too.
  5. Did this drill this morning and struggled getting comfortable with tempo. I also noticed my head moving and I am not relaxed. I struggle with putting so will do it a few more times. As far as the other drills go, they have really been helping, so thank you. I find that although I am having trouble uploading/making videos, just watching back on my phone is showing a lot of errors and then I can re-do the segment and watch again. I managed to play 9 holes the last 2 days and focusing on the past drills I shot two of the best rounds to date off the blue tees. First try at a video.
  6. Erik, my lob wedge has 7' of bounce and my SW has 14'. Which would be the better choice to use for this pitching drill ? I used the LW for the dime drill as my thinking was that the leading edge was thinner ? Thanks
  7. Did the day 6 drill this morning but used a dime sized marker at the back and a ball. Went very well and I only clipped the marker a couple of times. Then I went out and got 9 holes in as my course decided to open for 9 hole rounds today. My chipping was pretty good too.
  8. I re-read the letter and it just states 9 holes only and 12 mins intervals between tee times. Bookings only, no drop ins and 8 ft distancing, along with a bunch of other stipulations. It goes on to say, each group captain will be advised which 9 they are playing upon arrival, which is to be no more than 20 mins before booked time. I am assuming it is because we have two separate nines and it gives the staff the opportunity to start alternate times on front and back, especially with the doubling of our normal tee time interval. Will find out more after I play this morning, at this point 9 is better than nothing and I suppose, depending on how busy it is, there could be a possibility of playing a second nine. I also read there were a bunch of stipulations from the BC medical officer that they were following.
  9. Got caught up on my drills and finished day 5. Day 5 was really good for me and is what my last lesson was working on too, so that was a bonus. Watching it back on my phone has been the best thing ever for me and I have the videos on my computer now so getting there. I hit over 200 balls into the net today and only about 1/2 dozen weren't solid strikes. Getting out for 9 holes in the morning so will be focusing on what we have been doing.
  10. Just got an email that my course is re-opening tomorrow with lots of restrictions and 9 hole rounds only. I appreciate the precautions and am booked with some of my regular group to play. The last two weeks has sure been dragging but I will be very cautious for sure.
  11. Thank you. Went online and found out how to get them to the computer, next step to figure out how to shorten/edit them a bit. I see how to embed them on the forum. Work in progress, this stuff isn't my strong point and my kids/grandkids are 1300km away, lol. At least I am doing the drills. Seeing it on video really shows my faults, should have tried it sooner.
  12. I would be pretty choked and probably looking for a new club to move to for next season. Our club is currently closed, as are the others in the area. They started by closing it to non-members, which was ok imo as it offered some level of protection to paid up members and we were still playing. They covered up the ball washers and removed all pins from practice green, as well as raised all the cups an inch so we didn't have to actually putt into the hole. We just phoned or booked tee times online and did not need to go in to the pro shop. Then, around 3/21 they just closed. I think the fact that they weren't getting any revenue from the restaurant/pub, as well as pro-shop was making it difficult for them to justify being open. It's a little disappointing to those of use that have paid our annual dues, as I personally feel that we could be easily playing and distancing from our friends, while still safely enjoying the fresh air, exercise, skill and friendship that we golf for in the first place. They are still out there maintaining the course and doing some improvement etc, which is a good thing I suppose.
  13. Dug out my net and mat yesterday but had to set it up outside. I haven't done the video thing before but that was a real eye opener for sure, my grip and club face look ok but I appear to have a real issue flattening out my shoulders too much. I did days 1 through 4 on video but don't know how to edit and post my vids so will work at is I continue. I don't have an ipad so am using my new phone but can't seem to get the vids small enough to email to my computer (not much good with this stuff) I am still able to get a lot of help from this and I thank you for that. Will go back out when it's warmer later and probably redo all the days.
  14. Found this thread yesterday, so watched them all this morning. I am going to do these drills but have to figure out how to do videos on my phone to post as that isn't something I'm familiar with. A couple of these things my instructor had me working on during my last lessons so this is great. I have been doing chipping drills in my yard the last couple of days, along with a full swing drill I found on fb for adding 4mph (who wouldn't want that ?) I thank you for taking the time to do this.
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