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  1. SteveH

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    40,43 for 83 today from whites. 1 birdie, 9 pars, 4 bogeys and 4 dbls. 0 lost balls and 27 putts. Still pretty soggy out there and I hit a few bad shots but overall pretty happy.
  2. SteveH

    Why Golf Shoes Don't Last

    I posted 150 rounds last year. Then there are many other days that I went out practicing, plus all the practice sessions, several scrambles etc that never get recorded. I use an average of 9.5km or 5.9 miles per round. Lots of walking from the parking area to the practice area etc that doesn't get figured in too.
  3. SteveH

    Why Golf Shoes Don't Last

    On one of my trips to a golf store over the holidays, I spotted a deal on a pair of shoes. Tried them, seemed like a good fit so bought them ready for the summer. I had replaced my rain boots earlier this winter and my wife made some innocent comment that she thought I said I had gotten new shoes and that they didn't last very long. I never really thought about it before and I realized that my shoes used to last a lot longer, as I rode in a cart. Then I did a quick calculation of my approximate distance walked this past 12 months and it's over 1000 miles !!! Wow, I was very surprised
  4. SteveH

    Did You Have a Eureka Moment?

    Such a tough game. I have been at it for 10 years now. Had a few moments along the way. One was the downward strike on the ball and the distance improvement it gave me but then I had a few lessons and the instructor said I was over the top too much. He then told me my hands were too far forward and I lost all the distance I had gained. A couple of years later and I have a little draw now and some of the distance is back. I love playing but it is so frustrating trying to improve. I have improved several aspects of my game but the scores just don't seem to reflect that unfortunately.
  5. SteveH

    I Am Not a Mudder, Are You?

    I guess I'm a mudder, It's tough looking for some of these plugged balls though, lol. On a positive note, I am getting a little better at choosing which side of the fairway is not as soft
  6. SteveH

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    More fog, soggy conditions and frozen fingers today but 41,46 for an 87 off white tees. 1 bird, 6 pars, 6 bogeys and 5 dbls. 1 lost tee shot. Not many people out today, only 1 other guy showed up from the group.....bunch of wimps, lol
  7. SteveH

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    Another 89 today, off blue tees this time though. 5 pars, 9 bogey's and 4 doubles. 2 lost balls and tough conditions. Fog, very soggy ground and cold fingers. Made lot's of good recoveries today. Happy with my round, aside from a few errant shots. Played with a guy who is +1 and it was very impressive, butter cut after butter cut. Now, if only I could have that consistency, lol
  8. SteveH

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    Went out for some short game practice today but an hour into it ran into some friends who had room for a 4th so played instead, Went well on the front and shot 42 but then the back went out the window and had a few bad drives for a 47. Hopefully, I can get the driver smartened up for tomorrow's game.
  9. My new club showed up. Got a great deal on it seeing as how Callaway just announced the 2019 model. I took it to the course today and although I didn't get any range time with it, I absolutely loved it. I play Apex irons and this is just perfect gapping from my 4i I found it to be very solid and very reliable. Played it off the fairway, from light rough, off the tee and used it for a couple of long shots into greens. I probably used it a few times when I should have hit something else but wanted to give it a good workout to get a feel for it. Very happy with it.
  10. SteveH

    Sunday Morning - Man Walking His Pig

    Slide forward off that seat over the crossbar and might not be too funny
  11. Doesn't seem to be many of these around. Found some in golf town over the holidays but they only had regular shafts and I hooked them. Found a used one with the correct shaft but the store wouldn't split the complete set or swap the shaft out with a new one (probably consigned?), Did get to hit it though, very solid feeling. Ordered a new one with the preferred shaft.
  12. SteveH

    Sunday Morning - Man Walking His Pig

    Mmmmm....bringing home the bacon ?
  13. SteveH

    Walking Golfers?

    I walk all the time since relocating. I use a push cart. I got a motorized one earlier this year but had to send it back for repair, so pushing again for a bit. I have walked almost exclusively for over 2 years now. I had a power cart previously but feel walking is better for my health. I do go through more shoes, lol. 150 rounds last year
  14. SteveH

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    Played first game of the year Monday. Only front nine was open due to frost on the back and the front was very wet. Played from the blues and shot 46, played it again and shot 44. One birdie, one 3 putt, no errant drives with a new driver. Played to my cap, felt I should have scored better but a few fat shots and soggy bunkers didn't help my cause.
  15. Felt a lot more confident on short putts with new putter. As for my new driver, I didn't really feel that confident with it, until I realized I barely hit a drive off line all day and played the whole round with the same ball. Even a couple of mis-hits didn't cost more than a little distance.

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