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  1. My home course opened the front nine today and I was there like a dirty shirt 30 minutes after I read the blog, lol. A little snow along the edges and around a couple of greens but managed to navigate ok. Was a cold wind but played the first pass with a 43 and then played it again with a 39. Had a couple of mis-hits, a couple of birdies, two 3-putts and no lost balls. Very happy with that, after about a 40 day long snow break. My hcap went down a stroke after I posted my rounds too. Now I just have to try and keep playing well and hopefully improve my consistency to get my cap down some more.
  2. I watched Fowler inadvertently drop it from shoulder height. I don't see how he should have been assessed a penalty for it either as dropping from knee height seems like an obvious advantage to me.
  3. Well, it was going well with 14 rounds in January, albeit with some frost delays and some pocket hand warmers required. Feb 1 got a round in and then winter nailed us. Snow like crazy, record snowfall and I'm shoveling like crazy so I can get up my driveway. It was looking pretty good there for a bit but time to get the honeydo list done and regrip my clubs and wait for the rain to return here on Van Isle
  4. I would guess he is sandbagging you if he says he can improve 10 strokes in a month. I had nearly a year off and took a 5 stroke deficit to my hcap. 2 years later and I've only gotten 1 or 2 back, although I am playing tougher courses and conditions
  5. Well I have to play in a sweater lots, and sometimes rain gear but, I'm golfing year round and that's what I wanted. There is a threat of some snow right away but hopefully it doesn't last too long
  6. Always in my pocket but ringer off. Nice to have for emergencies. You never know when you or someone could need help, I'm thinking along the lines of a medical emergency, not ordering a sandwich at the half way point, lol
  7. Broke 80 today for the first time. Been close a couple of times with an 80 and lots of low 80's but today it all clicked and I shot 77.
  8. Went out Tuesday but shot a dismal 93 and just couldn't hit the ball well. Put it behind me and went out today and shot my best round ever. 37,40 for a 77. Putter wasn't great with two 3 putts and only one 1 putt but the rest of my game was great. with 12 pars, 1 birdie, 4 bogeys and a double. I shot an 80 last summer and have been trying to get under that ever since. Didn't think it would be in the winter but very happy anyway. Still very soft out and not much roll. A hand warmer for the fingers is still part of my gear right now as it was only about 6 degrees C today.
  9. I live in Canada and retired early. My wife rarely golfs but I have the bug bad and have only played about 10 years. Living in Alberta meant a 5 month season and my wife didn't want to spend winters in Arizona so we compromised on Vancouver Island. Golf is not as pleasant in the winter but I still enjoy playing anyway. 10 rounds already in January this year and last year managed well over 150 rounds. I don't play every day....that's why there's fishing, lol
  10. I play with better golfers whenever I can. I have had a couple of them ask me if they can point something out to me and I usually welcome their comments. A lot of times I find I will get my alignment off and not realize it but someone behind me may spot it easily. I don't mind comments at all, as I can choose to ignore or heed them.
  11. I took a beating today. Was soggy and cold out there and my fingers suffered but I just couldn't drive the ball well and lots of hooks. Blue tees and 46,51 for 97. 4 pars, 7 bogeys, 4 dbls, 2 triples and an ugly 7 on a par 3 after an errant tee shot. Didn't putt too well either, 36 putts, including 4 x 3 putts. Hopefully I can play better tomorrow. My worst round in a while.
  12. 40,43 for 83 today from whites. 1 birdie, 9 pars, 4 bogeys and 4 dbls. 0 lost balls and 27 putts. Still pretty soggy out there and I hit a few bad shots but overall pretty happy.
  13. I posted 150 rounds last year. Then there are many other days that I went out practicing, plus all the practice sessions, several scrambles etc that never get recorded. I use an average of 9.5km or 5.9 miles per round. Lots of walking from the parking area to the practice area etc that doesn't get figured in too.
  14. On one of my trips to a golf store over the holidays, I spotted a deal on a pair of shoes. Tried them, seemed like a good fit so bought them ready for the summer. I had replaced my rain boots earlier this winter and my wife made some innocent comment that she thought I said I had gotten new shoes and that they didn't last very long. I never really thought about it before and I realized that my shoes used to last a lot longer, as I rode in a cart. Then I did a quick calculation of my approximate distance walked this past 12 months and it's over 1000 miles !!! Wow, I was very surprised
  15. Such a tough game. I have been at it for 10 years now. Had a few moments along the way. One was the downward strike on the ball and the distance improvement it gave me but then I had a few lessons and the instructor said I was over the top too much. He then told me my hands were too far forward and I lost all the distance I had gained. A couple of years later and I have a little draw now and some of the distance is back. I love playing but it is so frustrating trying to improve. I have improved several aspects of my game but the scores just don't seem to reflect that unfortunately.
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