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  1. I think Golf Canada is a bit of a mess right now, including the app. Hopefully it's fixed soon.
  2. I play two sets of tees at 67.4/118 and 69.8/128. Both are par 72. My new course handicaps are 12 and 16. I did notice that there is now a difference of 4 strokes on my handicap for the two tees, which is much more reflective of the difference in scores than the old handicap that only gave me 1 or 2 difference.
  3. Tried to play today. I'm usually pretty diehard but between 0 and 1C after a frost delay. Wind started blowing and rain sideways on first hole, then turning to wet snow. Bogeyed it but lost feel in my fingers and hit drive way left on 2, followed by another and I knew I couldn't play. The other 2 guys in my threesome weren't having much fun either, we all quit after the 3rd hole when the green was turning white and the ball kept getting bigger with each roll. Nice that we were the last threesome on the course, turned out everyone ahead of us quit too. Looking like an unplayable week ahead with some nasty weather. Indoor practice time, lol
  4. Shot 41, 39 today for an 80. One birdie and only one double. Would be nice if I could play this well more often.
  5. My index didn't change but my local course handicap changed by four strokes from my usual tee. I also noticed the difference from different tee boxes became closer to what they actually should be.
  6. Had to play the front twice yesterday due to frost on the back and very wet conditions. Managed a 43 first time and a 40 second time. Pretty happy with that in these conditions.
  7. Going to be interesting at my course in Canada too. According to the website I lost 5 strokes and so did the guys I golf with. Anyone coming in to play in our group with an index and using the handicap calculator will get a 5 stroke advantage ?? Let the fun begin
  8. The new handicap system seems like it may be a little challenging for a while. My handicap went down 5 strokes at my local course while my index stayed the same. Also when I use the online handicap calculator and put in my index and course slope, it gives me my old handicap. I am in Canada but I think it's the same everywhere.
  9. I moved to the west coast so I could play more than the 5 month Prairie season. I have played 150 rounds a year for the last 2 years and am at 140 so far this year. Frost delay this morning. I do have spells where I struggle but I persevere as I really love to play. Injuries/illness is tough to deal with i think. I am also taking a few lessons right now to make sure I don't get too many bad habits.
  10. That club face didn't look like it had a lot of use. Glad Titleist looked after it. My clubs have a lot more wear on them than that. maybe I will show your pic to the wife as an excuse to replace a few clubs, lol
  11. Retired, walker, drive a German SUV, lol. Also play at least 3-4 times a week most of the year. It usually takes 4hrs for a round because it's busy and we have to wait for the group ahead to clear but if we are not held up, our threesome or foursome will play in about 3hrs. Ready golf is the only way to play imo
  12. 91 today, very wet. Hit the ball well but direction was a struggle for me today. First round since a lesson the other day, frustrated again.
  13. After what seemed like a great practice session on Sunday, I went out and played like crap on Monday and shot 93 off blue. Then went out Tuesday and shot 78 off white, breaking 80 for the third time this year. Shaking my head that I actually parred the front 9 for the first time ever, I decided to go out Wednesday but realized it wasn't happening again and ended with an 89. Had a very informative lesson today, so now I have more to think about over the ball, lol
  14. Our course is now lift,clean and place and it will likely stay that way till spring
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