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  1. Spent a couple of hours practicing Sunday with my driver, which has been really hurting my score. Played with settings and grip, as well as slight swing change. Went out and shot 39, 45 for 84 off blue tees, best ever front 9 from that tee. Only one blow up on the back. Sure hope I can retain it as it will really help my game.
  2. We were just talking about that the other day. Wouldn't help much where I golf, with lots of impenetrable rough and water. One of my friends likes to count how many balls I lose a round, I tell him that's ok and I wouldn't lose many if I only hit the ball as far as he does, lol
  3. We have been playing with the raised cups and I found putting easier most times. I did find any putts really close to the edge would quite frequently "miss" likely due to the slightly raised turf around the protrusion. You generally know if it would have been in or not. Some of our games it had to stay within a putter length to be counted as "in". We have since moved to the noodles in the hole, which I generally prefer. It did cost me a stroke recently when I hit a nice chip off the fringe from 25' and it rolled through the cup 2' due to the hole being so shallow. At least we are playing golf though but it definitely favours a lag putt over an aggressive one imo and for myself I find I am a lot more likely to leave it short with the noodles vs the raised cups.
  4. 46,41 for 87 off blue tees today, no 3 putts. One birdie but should have been two. Our course went to noodle inserts and I chipped a 9i in from about 25-30' but it rolled through on the high side and finished 2ft past the hole. Because it was a group skins game my partners wouldn't allow it but it would have stayed in if the hole was deeper imo.
  5. Shot 45,44 with 29 putts for another 89 yesterday. I had one eight on each nine so that didn't help. I don't think the changes I have been making in my swing this last month or so are helping my scores. i am striking the ball so much better but scores aren't coming down. I am hopeful that it will pay off as the changes require less thoughts.
  6. 40, 45 for 85 off blue tees today. Used my driver 6 times today and only one cost me a penalty. One birdie. 13 putts front, 15 back and no 3 putts. Good score for me off these tees.
  7. I put that I would not pay. Mostly because I have looked at a lot of online help, as well as have taken quite a few clinics and private lessons. I have found that for me, the best results come from one on one instruction. Not saying that won't change as I progress in my golfing though, always open to new ideas.
  8. 45,40 today playing blue/silver combo. Quite a relief after Friday's disaster. Ball striking was good and only two penalties. 27 putts including one 3 putt. Two birdies on a couple of the par 5's......because I didn't hit driver off the tee, lol
  9. after working on a few drills this morning, I went out today and had an atrocious round. 47,54 for 101. First time I have been over 100 since Sept last year. I thought in the 90's was bad and then this grenade today. Penalty after penalty. Couldn't hit driver, which was the main reason and I was too stubborn to give up on it. Just when I was having some good rounds too. Taking a few days off.
  10. Day 30. Was a bit miserable out today and wouldn't stop raining. Managed to get it done before it became heavy again. Will probably do this again tomorrow as I noticed I was coming up out of my spine angle and this has been an issue for me. .
  11. I just went through a similar situation with my 56 SW that I also like to hit full shots with, it was only going 5 yds longer than my 60. If you make a conscious effort to put the same swing on the wedge as that 9 iron i think you will see an increase in yardage. At least that was my case, I tended to have more upright shaft at impact vs forward lean with the 9. I realize that translates to the fact I was flipping my hands at impact, lots of elevation, less distance. I do also have a 50 A wedge and 45 P wedge.
  12. Day 29. Found this drill a little awkward to address with the hands back. I used an old Tour Striker 56' wedge as I didn't want to make the hole bigger in the grips on my gamers, as I have sensors coming and I found it a little tough to make good contact. Maybe we weren't supposed to hit balls with this drill ?
  13. Day 28. I like this drill as it really helps with showing exactly where my shoulder tilt is, as opposed to just thinking it is under my chin on the downswing especially. I have been working on this but using this drill really makes you more aware so I will be doing more of this one going forward. I also found it makes you rotate faster, to avoid hitting it fat
  14. Sounds like a tie to me as they are both net birdie from their respective tees
  15. 43,46 for 89 (adj) yesterday off silver but it wasn't a good round for me. I think I am just working on too much right now, trying to ingrain a few changes. Hopefully, all the effort will pay off and the changes will be worthwhile for my game going forward.
  16. 43,48 for 91 off blue tees today. Started off pretty good on the front, with one birdie but I think I was working on too many thoughts today. Minor grip change, alignment and trying to incorporate all the drills I have been working on and had a couple of bad holes on the back, especially the last hole. Two triples make a score balloon pretty fast.
  17. Just a couple of short clips for today's drill. I worked on this a bit in the past at the course staying inside alignment sticks and also with longer stakes with a noodle during a lesson
  18. So both butt and head coming away from wall after impact is ok ? That's what I was wondering yesterday when I noticed I was standing up more after the strike. When I watch the video back in slo-mo at impact I would still be in contact with both imaginary "walls".
  19. So I did Day 25 and 26 today and made a short clip from each, then a combine one DTL and the same again using the same thoughts. I notice I tend to rise uf as I hit the ball ? Is that an issue or OK ?
  20. I am in my 60's and took this game up about 10 years ago. I note your comments on distance. I relocated/retired to Vancouver Island so I can enjoy a longer golf season and joined a local club, where there are many senior golfers. I play in these groups regularly with 60-75 year old players. I realize we are at sea level but I have a tough time getting most of these guys to play anything over 5700 and many of them play 5200. I am a longer hitter with fairly high SS and also play with a small group of lower cap guys that play 6300 and 6000. My point is that I think it is quite acceptable to play shorter tees, especially as you age and I know for a fact that you will shoot scores you are happier with if you move up. Edited to add my goals. Would like to get my index down to 12's, longer term single digit. Straighten out my driver, so I can use it more often and keep it in play. Fix my backswing. Learn to stay focused for the full 18 holes.
  21. Are there any resellers of LSW in Canada, preferably BC ?
  22. A couple of birdies yesterday, 1 & 2 and another couple today, 8 & 14. This time I got to knock 14 off my list after a chip in. It's one of the tougher ones, hard to hold the sloping green.
  23. 41,42 for 83 today off silver. A couple of birdies to boot. Focused on pre-shot routine and better alignment/aim today had a lot more success off the tee. Worked on easier pitching too but cost me a couple of chunked shots. Pretty good round overall.
  24. Day 24. I tried this with my LW, SW and PW. I actually found it a little easier with the PW but I did this with the LW which only has 7 bounce. I am wondering if it would be easier with more bounce as it is easy to stub if I don't rotate ? Anyway, got it done early today as I have a tee time in an hour so will get more practice.
  25. Day 22 Setup Day 23 Pre/post shot routine I have never looked at this before. My instructor/coach told me I should slow things down a bit and watch what my shots do but I never realized how quick I was. If I do take a practice swing, and it's only occasionally, I do it before I aim. I always stand behind, visualize and then step in. I use a target and aim club face, then take stance and grip. Then it's just a couple of taps or a minor waggle and go. It is always under 10 seconds from stepping in to finish. I am really poor at holding my finish/watching the shot and analyzing but have been trying to do that lately a bit more. My iron distance control and ball striking is the most consistent part of my game but I see this is one area that would benefit from a little more time.
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