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  1. this article is pretty good and shows the double standards of the PGA tour also. Basically only money matters https://www.telegraph.co.uk/golf/2019/10/02/bio-kim-victim-golfs-double-standards-stars-like-sergio-garcia/
  2. Maybe i am in the minority but i really do think the pga tour should ban players from smoking and chewing on the golf course. It sets a bad example , looks unattractive and quite frankly i think it gives those players who do it a slight advantage as it helps them relax. I like a beer to relax, i wonder what the pga tour would think if i pulled out a cool frosty one while walking down the fairway. Im actually amazed they don't take a firmer view on it given their strict stance on the use of marijuna which is like legal in how many states now?
  3. No i am not 'effing kidding' !! You are completely WRONG !!!! Sergio's 'spitting' incident that i was referring to WAS a one off. Ok so he can be douche and he knows it. He has apologised for most of those incidents you refer to. Doesnt make it all ok i agree and i'm not out to try and defend Sergio here. Brooks however can saunter round the golf course week after week grebbing everywhere and 'most' people (obviously including you) don't have an issue with it. Disgusting in my opinion Oh dear
  4. Or maybe he is just being a petty primadonna
  5. Yes i watched it, and he was clearly annoyed about the whole thing otherwise why bring it up. Yes i agree he was 'half' joking with the firing comment but that is Brooks allover, try's to act like he ain't really bothered when clearly he is..... i would bet a diamond against a penny that he would love someone to lose their job over it.
  6. I'm indifferent towards Sergio to be honest. But you can't relate Sergio's spitting incident, (which i recall was a one off, and something that he apologised for), to Brooks who thinks it's completely normal grebbing his way around a golf course
  7. 100% this It would bother me having to play a round with him and put up with that constant spitting on every tee box.
  8. Is he now the most disliked player on tour?. I hear he is now complaining at FOX after he was left out of their US Open preview commercial (which i'm sure couldn't have been an oversight on their part). Him calling for someone to be fired over it is ridiculous. Also his comments after the final round of the pga about how shocked he was by everyone cheering for DJ. I think it is finally hitting home how unpopular he is, poor Brooks
  9. What a sight it is to see Brooks Kopeka spitting his way around on final day. Disgusting stuff !!!!
  10. Yeah i know it was just a stupid joke. I know how good these girls are really. i could only dream of playing the type of golf they play
  11. Am i the only one now expecting the fairways to look like this at The Masters next week....😂
  12. I'm guessing you don't follow tour golf too much then I think whats different and quite unprecedented here was that he actually succeeded in stopping any mobile camera crews from following him for round 2. What argument he actually put to the European Tour / TV crews, and what changed between round 2 and round 3 when things appeared to be back to normal i would certainly be interested to know
  13. So, during the early coverage of yesterdays 2nd round of the Race to Dubai finale, the tv commentators made an announcement that unfortunately they would only be able to show footage of Jon Rahm during his round from aerial or fixed cameras. This, apparently, was due to him complaining to the European tour that the mobile camera crews around the course were bothering him and pointing cameras at him during his first round. As im sure you all know he's a bit of a hot head on the course and it was only a few weeks ago at the Spanish open that he screamed at a Camera man whilst walking off the tee to 'stop pointing his camera at him, and point it at someone else' Now i don't know about you guys but i think this is absolutely disgusting behavior from a professional golfer who make their millions because all the TV rights/Sponsors etc, who the hell does he think he is !!! And also shame on the European Tour for allowing him to make such demands and not putting him in his place. Im pretty sure the PGATour wouldn't stand for it, and i guess the only reason the European Tour haven't taken a stance is because they don't want to upset a big draw player.
  14. Yeah but everyone is thoroughly enjoying it dont forget, they are all loving it. And the real winner is the game of golf. its just wonderful wonderful wonderful. Talk about over egging that pudding....just pass me an efin bucket.......
  15. I have to say i think its embarrassing. The format could have been good but in my opinion some of the the over the top theatrics are just cringeworthy. It just doesnt seem right in golf. Also the commentary is awful, constantly harping on about how amazing and exiting the new format is and how everyone is just loving it. Ok maybe they are but to keep going on about it every 5 mins..... jeezus. The nail in the coffin for me is the celebrity commentators. Denis Van Outen being asked how she would play a delicate chip on the last green was TV gold lol
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