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  1. Only read the first 5 pages or so of this thread, and its a good read with some interesting views. I am moving out of my flat and into a house with a garden and garage etc in a few weeks, and after ive finished with the move the first thing im buying is a net/mat setup. Have been wanting one for the last year and i know it will drastically help with my swing. My short game has improved a lot this last winter but all of the full swing changes i have tried have resulted in me being too impatient, or annoyed at the initial results. I believe that ive got a decent knowledge on club path, face angl
  2. The inversion table came yesterday, its quite good because you can choose what angle you want to be at, you dont have to be 180 degrees, ive started off doing just around 120 degrees or so just to work my way into a routine. I understand your point however, that a natural handstand with proper technique would be more beneficial than using a machine, but i think i will stick with this for the time being as i imagine getting into the position of a handstand might be quite a challenge and i dont want to make my discs any worse. You mention proper breathing, what is the correct procedure for corre
  3. Thanks for all the advice and experiences guys, its good knowing that people have been through similar injuries and recovered well. Quote: Well, here's my 2 cents after having had two surgeries, three months apart, four years ago. Life is long. Golf is not going to go away. Spend as much time as you can healing, because you only get one chance to do that right. Don't get me wrong when I said that my operation was in the middle of golf season, i would quite happily give golf up for any reasonable length of time if it meant my back w
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by tdiii Full depth back squats + deadlifts. Sit ups, cruches, and all other manner of "core" exercises are no comparison to these exercises when it comes to developing core strength and stability. No contest. After chronic back pain originating from bulging discs at L4 and L5 suffered from rowing in college in 1986, I did not have a pain free day until 2010. As a result, in 2006 I sold my club membership and stopped playing golf. In 2009 I started back squatting and deadlifting, with a linear progression,
  5. thats good to hear that your flexibility wasnt affected. I really need to start practicing yoga, I've only heard good things about it. Is there any specific moves that you suggest would be beneficial, before or after the surgery? Yes thats exactly how my consultant described it, hopefully with time and less pain the disc will heal and somewhat go back to its original position. I assume my bones have finished growing, i have been the same height since i was 19 ish i think. Yeah possibly. off course it would of been a disaster to have surgery straight away at such a young age without know
  6. Unfortunately here in the UK its not as easy to get surgery immediately unless you have private healthcare or its an emergency! Ive had osteopathy, chiropractic, physiotherapy sessions with no joy. Maybe took around 8/9 months to get my MRI, then another 2 months for an app with my consultant, then another 2 months to wait for my steroid injection, then 2 months for an app to see my consultant, who wasnt there!! Waited another 3 weeks for an app with my proper consultant to discuss my options, now its a 3 month waiting list for the laminectomy! Yes i am only 23 and they didnt want to ru
  7. You're right, the pain is brutal! I've had the pain for about 19 months now and i am beyond sick off it. Was taking pain killers everyday for a long time before i decided that its probably for the best if i just live with the pain. My consultant has said that because it has been so long without any improvement its best to have the surgery sooner rather than later as the nerves in my back may become permanently damaged! Is there any specific excersise you did to help ease the pain?
  8. hi all, Having a Laminectomy in a few months, smack bang in the middle of golf season :(! Had the steroid injection a couple of months ago and unfortunately it had zero affect on my sciatic pain. Been told i will be off work for 4-6 weeks depending on how active i am. Probably wont be swinging a club until a good couple of months after i imagine. Just wondering what are people experiences with having back surgery and returning to golf? Has anybody had a laminectomy before? What surgery did you have? how long it took to heal? when was you back playing golf? etc etc.......
  9. No problem, i have been in he same situation so know exactly how you feel. Take a look at Mark Crossfields youtube channel, some brilliant knowledge and insightful tips which have drastically developed my understanding of the game.
  10. A neutral driver would be beneficial but even with the offset it sounds like you don't have a repeatable ball flight, i.e you hook and slice it. I personally would work on your swing, preferably with a pro or even with some of the vast information provided on this forum. Work on delivering the club in a consistent way, even with the offset driver if you had a consistent swing you would know before you tee off what general direction the ball will go, so you can set up your target line accordingly. If you get a new driver you are still going to be delivering the club in the same way so why was
  11. Any golf shop local to you, or the pro shop at your local club should let you test out the drivers for free. In my honest opinion to a 36+ handicapper i don't think shaft flex will really make much difference. If i were you i would spend the money on a couple of lessons instead of buying a new driver, having a better club doesn't necessarily mean your going to swing it better than your previous one.
  12. Yes another Yellow belly indeed! ahhh i see, didn't realise they had a range up there, ive heard the course is nice though? I always stick to Thorpe as like you said the balls are decent and with the range card you can get it its only £4 for 90. Will be going tonight before a round at Laughterton tomorrow.
  13. @Huddo See that your from Lincoln, is that Thorpe on the hill golf range by any chance? From Lincoln as well and recognized the bay and baskets haha
  14. heres the video, this was using my original grip after my ball striking was off using the new grip. any thoughts?
  15. He could quite easily just extend his Jordan brand across You don't become the most successful sportsman of all time without having a personality haha.
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