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  1. Jeanne looks the most solid to me, I wont be surprised to see her win. I personally feel they are a litttle weak and aren't ready for the tour, and some of them never will be.
  2. I'm going myself. Have been to he open past 2 years it is great. There are laods of gems around there carnoustie, kingsbarns, the jubilee course and i'm sure a lto of cheap courses.
  3. I'm reporting this psot you have offended me.
  4. Welcome to the board good to have a girl aboard. Enjoy reading and psoting in the forums.
  5. I shot 36 for 9 today they closed the course after 9 due to pouring rain.
  6. Thank you, oh i'm form Ireland I could talk all day about hidden gems but I will save some. Yeah got down to a 4 this year well i'm 4.4 and no doubt will be back up to 5 sometime soon.
  7. Best advice I can give is never siwng a wedge more than 85%. Also work on hitting lower wedge shots all the best wedge players hit low wedge shots they are easier to control and you should get better direction. If you hit them to high they are a lot harder to control and wind wil affect them more.
  8. Slingblade is a nice guy, I know him well, he will never cause trouble. Are you a admin iacas you seem to have a good personality good to have admins like that.
  9. Thank you. My round just got called of after 9 due to really heavy rain. So I'm stuck on the computer for a few hours, I will search the forums a bit now.
  10. Hi guys, this looks likea friendly packed forum, I like the set up it is nice with a wide range of subjects to discuss. A little about myself, i'm a 16 year old boy living in Northenr Ireland in the UK, I play a lot of golf in the summer and about 1-2 times in the winter. I play of 4 and hope to get a couple of shots lower this year. I look forward to being a part of the forum!
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