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  1. Feel Golf Grips

    My original post was to alert those interested, that the new Pro-Release would be available May 2015. When the new line is available, we are will to send (1) grip absolutely free (within the US) to the first 50 people to PM us their info. or username. Just mention Free Grip Try the grip yourself and post your person experience and results. I would also appreciate current FEEL grip users to offer their feedback on this post as well. Thank you again! Team FEEL
  2. Feel Golf Grips

    Our claims are based on Player Feedback & Industry Test Results. This is not new information. The FEEL full-release golf grips have been at major golf retailers for a number of years and is a grip that has helped to improve the game of players at every level. I would invite you to test one of our grips for yourself. Thank you again for your support! Team FEEL
  3. Feel Golf Grips

    Well Said! Each player has preferences not only to grip, but to several aspects of their equipment setup. All we ask is that you give the FEEL Pro-Release golf grips a try the next time you look into re-gripping your clubs. "The well respected PGATour Partners had 130 golfers from all skill levels test this grip, and an amazing 83% saw an immediate increase in distance and control."
  4. Feel Golf Grips

    The FEEL Pro-Release grips will be available again in May 2015. We look forward to everyone's feedback.