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  1. That's great he got a driver. BUT, the SLDR is the least forgiving 460 cc driver made in recent times. Very different than the M2. Definitely don't recommend it for a kid. Here's some Fly-Z+'s being sold for $100 if you want to look: http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/1362114-two-fly-z-drivers-and-ping-stretch-3/ Also his swing is perfect. Just work hard and hit the gym!
  2. Hi! I haven't been on this website in about 7 years but I was reading a thread about a putter here and decided to click on this equipment forum and saw this post and was compelled to find my old password and help out, because no one here has properly suggested a cheaper alternative. I was a master fitter, and the only really relevant thing when it comes to driver performance (in terms of head, not shaft) is the CG location. Basically, where the CG is on a head determines all aspects of how it performs. M2 is not a special driver in this regard, there any many drivers very similar to it, both current models and past models. Therefore we can easily find a cheap alternative that will perform just as well for him. I will come up with this list soon, but first I need to ask you is M2 the driver that he gets the best performance with? Or just the one that he "likes" due to some other reason such as look/feel/sound. I will make a list of drivers that will perform similarly, but ask him if he gets his best numbers with M2. If he doesn't know make sure he goes to a golf shop and tries some others under the eye of a fitter and report back with which one he actually performs best with and then I can find a cheaper alternative to that. When he goes to the shop, make sure he informs them that the tee height needs to be the right height. This is extremely important. A shot that is hit half an inch too low on the face will greatly change performance, more than any different driver would do. Ok after some research, I have found that the Cobra Fly-Z+ from 2015 with the weight flipped back is the most similar driver to M2. It also offers the advantage of more adjustability to decrease spin if needed by putting the weight forward. This was arguably the best driver of 2015, and Cobra stuff depreciates like crazy, you can pick them up on ebay for $130-$140
  3. ksinghvirk

    My Swing (ksinghvirk)

    Some background: Competitive high school player, went to college and hardly played, now graduated and getting back into it. Pretty long hitter (6 iron ss is 95-96, carry that ~195) Took this video recently, didn't realize how flat my swing had become. I always struggled a fade, so I've been working on creating an in-->out path, and I guess being that flat is the by-product. It evolved to me hitting big hook, so I weakened my grip when I took this video. I keep jumping between having solid impact, and hitting the ball my usual distance, and hitting the ball very high and weak. In this video, all my irons were about 2 clubs shorter than normal. Some days I do, others I don't I also struggle with fat shots, and shots off the heel. What are some good drills for me to get to impact with the hands leading? I think my posture might be breaking down and could be causing all these problems? (the flip, fat shots, heel shots).

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