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  1. Thanks for the quick reply.. I've recently had a series of lessons at Bangor Golf Club (Where Rory's coach was the head pro) and I've learned an awful lot about my own swing, it was my first time on trackman and I found it very helpful indeed. My main faults were a sway away from the ball and an fairly hefty out to in swing.. Over the course of a few months my sway has greatly improved and I've gone from 10ish degrees out to in to a couple of degrees either side of zero! However I can't seem to get rid of my steep tendencies no matter what I try. I can sort of get away with it when it's dry however in the wet winter conditions my heavy shot is a killer. When I make an effort to sweep the ball I still brush the grass but my angles seem much shallower.. I just need to content myself that this is a legitimate approach..
  2. My miss is a nasty, chunky fat shot.. It always has been. I've improved a fair bit over the years with lessons and thousands of range balls but can't rid myself of the steep heavy shot with the huge divots and low margin of error.. I've played a few games where I try to pick/sweep the ball of the turf like I was in a fairway bunker and to be honest I get very good results, the odd ball on the thin side but no fat shots at all with a much shallower aoa. The problem is that my brain won't accept that this is a legitimate way to play golf and so I revert to my normal steep strike and the heavy shots that comes with it.. My question is, are there any players out there who are sweepers and content to play that way? It seems like I've been in a constant state of trying to perfect my swing since I started playing 4-5 years ago and I wonder is it now time to accept that my fat shot is my miss and that a mindset to sweep is the best way to counteract that?? To be fair even with an intent to sweep/pick I still brush the grass anyway.. I feel I'm at the stage to try to find a way to play my best golf with the swing I have rather than the constant frustrating pursuit of the perfect swing. Interested in your thoughts...
  3. Interesting you make this point, my left thumb is tucked up as small as it can possibly be, when I try to stretch it out it feels very unnatural... Maybe need to give this another go. I also had a lesson with my club pro today and after a few balls she immediately said that my closed clubface was down to my right hand, even though it looked like it was in the correct place the actual shaft was in the bottom of my palm very close to the base of my fingers but not quite in my fingers, this allowed the club to move around in my grip and work its way shut. Once this was fixed the club immediately felt more stable and my grip didn't move around at all. To put this to the test we lined up a row of balls and I was able to make my way along the row hitting balls without readjusting my grip.. As someone who has taken very very few lessons in my life it just shows the value of being checked out by someone who knows what they are looking for ! :-)
  4. Thanks for the quick reply.. Just standard stock grips, think they are tour velvet or something similar.
  5. Fantastic thread! Amazing amount of work has gone into the OP so firstly thanks for that! Lots resonating with me here but I still have some questions. My grip looks pretty textbook as far as the OP is concerned but for some reason I constantly battle the closing of my clubface at address, despite making sure everything is square when I take my grip, once I set it down behind the ball its worked its way shut! Even when I try to adjust to get back to square the clubface is doing its best to work its way closed again... Even as I'm typing this it seems crazy but I don't know any other way to describe it! This means for me lots and lots of pulls and hooks :no: When I just accept the closed clubface and swing away the ball goes remarkably straight, when I try to manipulate it back to square at impact, anything can happen.. Only other thing worth mentioning is that I have excessive wear on my lead (left) thumb, the wear is so severe that not only do I wear out my glove I have also worn an indentation into the grip on my Club where my left thumb rests! Not sure if anyone can make sense of all this but would appreciate it if you could have a go!! :-P
  6. As someone who's main swing faults are sucking the club inside on the backswing and then steep in the downswing I'm very intrigued by this book.. Think I'll throw caution to the wind and blow a tenner on iTunes and see for myself. I'll report back later and in the meantime would be very interested to see how others find it..
  7. Just wanted to post a follow up to this thread, I know that when I was researching the subject I often wondered how many players who made the switch actually stuck with it!! Been playing with the 10-finger grip for almost 2 months now and I can't see me ever changing, the feel and sense I get of the position of the clubface is fantastic. Took a little while to get the hang of chipping around the green but now everything feels very natural. Very very rarely hit fat shots anymore which was always my bad shot, only thing I need to watch is the odd pull hook which to be fair is very rare.. :-) [quote name="trickyputt" url="/t/76609/ten-finger-baseball-grip/18#post_1113459"] You will have a slightly steeper angle of attack. Ball position on the short stuff may like to be back/open. It is a good controlled feel isnt it?[/quote] Also, 100% correct on the ball position!
  8. Played tonight after work and it was the best I've hit my driver for a long, long time! The feeling I had was like chopping through a tree with an axe, having 2 hands on the club actually made this feeling very authentic if that makes sense... Irons were good. Chipping was poor although I think with practice this will improve, need to find my new release point! ;) Summary: 10-finger grip is giving me great feel as well as a more solid connection to the club, more often than not I was losing my right hand off the club with the overlap. Going to stick with this and hope it lasts....
  9. Your cons points are interesting, for me the move from vardon to 10-finger means my right hand is approx 2cm lower than it used to be, do you think thats enough to make a difference to hinge, plane, etc? thanks
  10. Resurrecting an old thread here.. I've never been truly happy with my grip, I've always used the vardon but I find it very difficult to keep my right hand in place, after the shot more often than not i notice that my right palm has slipped off to the right = closed club face = pulls&hooks; = :( Spent a while experimenting with the interlock and while this made a huge difference to my pulls/hooks it also really hurt after a while.. Just last week I had a go with the 10 finger grip, my brain told me that this would make my hooks worse and that every shot would head towards OB left however to my amazement after a bucket to get comfortable Ive never hit the ball straighter!?! Even my 3-wood off the deck which is normally snap hooked to the left was going high and straight! This may be the usual honeymoon period but I'm really encouraged so far, Ive done a lot of research online and have been amazed reading through forums that there are a lot of decent low and scratch handicap golfers using the 10-finger grip. (please let this last)
  11. Been reading this thread off and on for a good while now.... When I manage to sync my hip slide properly I hit great solid shots, that elusive feeling of effortless power! :) However when I struggle with the timing and coordination of the slide then anything can happen. I've read through the thread to try to get a good swing thought to make this easier but haven't found anything yet that works for me. Stumbled unto somthing today however which seems to work for me and just wanted some feedback. I setup normally, maybe ball very slightly forward of center, even with short irons. My only swing thought is then to swing in a way that gets my hands forward of the ball at impact, when I do this in front of a mirror I can see on the downswing that the only way this is possible is if the hips slide forward enough to deliver my hands into this position. When I swing without this thought my swing is much more centered and contact not as solid. TLDR: swing thought of 'hands forward at Impact' makes my hips slide forward in order to deliver hands.. Thoughts?
  12. Thanks for the reply, very interesting stuff... Looking at the 5 keys in your link I know that without a shadow of a doubt I need help with number 5 Extremely closed face at impact = all sorts of ugly pulls and hooks and an inability to slice or fade the ball if my life depended on it!
  13. Thanks for the replies, maybe I should rephrase the question slightly. I've noticed that I take the club head inside very quickly on the takeaway, is this something I should try to correct so that my takeaway is the more conventional clubhead outside the hands? I had a look on YouTube for Ray Floyd and Nancy Lopez swings and I thnk its fair to say that each of those swings are very unique to them and not something an average amateur would be wise trying to copy.. ;-) My goal is to have a more repeatable swing than I currently have and just trying to make sure I ingrain good habits rather than bad.. Thanks..
  14. So, what do you guys think, is the clubhead outside the hands on the takeaway a fundamental of the golf swing? As I alluded to in my first post my bad shots are always pulls and hooks, the longer the club then the the bigger hook/pull. I was slowly rehearsing my swing in front of a mirror last night to see if I could spot anything and one thing I noticed was that on the takeaway the clubhead was coming inside my hands and the target line almost immediately. I looked online at a lot of the pros dtl videos and many of them the clubhead is outside the hands for quite a way back. I hit a few balls this afternoon consciously tracing the clubhead back down the target line and outside my hands for a bit, short backswing then swinging hard from the inside on the way through. Hit much more solid shots but this could the famous 'works only once' fix! :( Any advice on the clubhead outside the hands thing, can't find anything decent online. ta.. :)
  15. Delighted I stumbled across this thread as it describes completely what ive been doing the last few months, I've actually joined the forum in order to reply so welcome to my first ever post! ;-) Been playing 3 years now and probably been playing my best golf recently with just a couple of simple swing thoughts and NO technical thoughts at all, been very liberating and natural however there are a few niggling faults that I can't shake and I wonder if this swing thought is a cause.. My Swing Setup, 1. I setup over the ball with the intent to swing smoothly and as powerfully as i can without losing my balance.. 2. I then 'see' a point just on the target side of the ball. 3. I make a normal athletic golf swing making sure my hands reach that point at or even before impact. 4. I also try to swing out to the target rather than think about the ball My bad shot has ALWAYS been fat and since i started swing this way a few months ago my irons are much more solid and my fat shot has all but disapeared. When i do catch the odd one fat i notice that the ground is merely brushed before the ball rather than a monster divot... Pros: I hit my irons WAAY more solidly and have probably added 15-20 yards to my avergae iron distances Cons: Bad shot is now a fairly hefty full and i hook the crap out of my driver.. Really want to make this work as I've never been hitting the ball as solidly before, any advice or tips on how I can cut out the pull shot and also how can I make this swing work better with the woods.. Thanks :-)
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