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  1. Hey guys, Brand new member on this site. I am an 18 handicapper that golfs a lot but I still am an 18. I have been playing with a set of VERY unforgiving TM MC's over the past couple years and just bought a used set of Mizuno JPX-825 pros'. I have been playing with the MC's and i got fitted with True Tempr GS95 shafts cut to +1". I like the way they feel but just want something that helps a little. The used clubs(mizuno JPX-825 pro's) are coming in with Nippon N.S. Pro 1150 Tour Steel shafts. How do you think my old shafts(GS95) will compare to my new ones(NS 1150). Should I get a shaft extender and just make the NS pro shafts +1" or will it be noticeably different and just cause more problems with my game this spring? Or should I have someone just change out the shafts? Thanks for any help you might have. Glad I stumbled onto this site. Looks like fun.