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  1. Unfortunately I can't really add much to this thread but I'm in a similar position as you so hopefully I can learn something here. To follow up on what someone said about buying one of those things so you can draw a line on your ball, skip it, and instead, use the orange ring from a Gatorade bottle as it fits perfectly around a golf ball.
  2. Anyone with any experience with these? I'm looking at a used set on ebay which come with these and I'm curious about what those who have them think. Particularly I'm concerned with ball flight. From what I understand they launch higher than DG S300 but how much higher?
  3. Thanks for your post. I basically want the ability to hit the longer and middle irons high or low, depending on what I want. Right now, all I can do is hit them low with the occasional high one. Distance isn't a problem so the flighted idea sounds like it would be up my alley. Now, which one do I choose I guess is the question.
  4. So basically I'm clueless on the differences between today's popular iron shafts. What I'm looking for is a stiff shaft that will give me the highest trajectory as right now I'm definitely a low ball hitter. I realize this is good in some instances, but my 7 irons look like many people's 3 irons. What I've gathered from my research is that project x shafts have the highest ball flight when compared with other popular iron shafts of today. If someone could "rank" these shafts in terms of ball flight, I would appreciate it. Dynamic Gold S300, Project X 5.5, Rifle Flighted Shafts, and True Temper Black Gold Stiff shafts. Thanks.
  5. Are the X100s going to be a lower ball flight? I already have a low ball flight with the S300s so I'm worried my flight will be even lower.
  6. I'm in the hunt for a new set of irons on ebay. The particular set I'm interested in have DG X100 shafts when I was planning on getting DG S300 shafts. I'm a bit concerned that the DG X100 shafts will be too stiff for me. I have a pretty quick tempo swing, and my carry distances are as follows for a full swing. I wish I knew my swing speed but unfortunately I don't. PW-145 9-155 8-165 7-180 6-190 5-200 4-210 3-215 Essentially my question is if you can play DG S300s, can you play DG X100s?
  7. I've read a lot of good things about Mizuno Mp 33s and Mp 32s. I'm also in the process of getting new irons and I'm going for the Mp 33s.
  8. OK, so I guess my next question is how do I increase my spin rate? I play Pro V1s so I don't think it's the ball. Like I said before, I hit down on the ball and usually strike the ball very well. This is something I know little about so any answer will help.
  9. This is funny because I swing down on the ball more than anyone I know and I have a low ball flight. I mean, I have a good swing speed so that isn't the problem. Also, although I should have stiff shafts, I have regular shafts, so those should be getting the ball up higher too.
  10. Thanks for the responses but what does grain flow forging even mean? I'm going to check out those other titleist models too.
  11. Looking for some other options for my next iron set. I plan on getting them used on ebay and I just want some others to consider. The other set I'm looking at is the Titleist 690.MBs.
  12. I'm looking at a set of irons on ebay which have somewhat considerable chrome loss. The buy it now is at about 1/2 of what these used irons usually go for and I'm thinking about pulling the trigger. Aesthetics aren't really a concern for me I just don't want irons that are going to be rusting. Should I be worried about this? Also, I'm pretty sure chrome loss shouldn't affect how the irons play but I just want to make sure from what you guys think. Thanks
  13. Force yourself to hit down on the ball instead of scooping it. Get yourself hitting the ball low by really holding the lag instead of flipping the club through. Feel as though you are dragging the club through the zone, especially with irons.
  14. There's no way you go from hitting a range ball straight to a soft ball with a slice, solely because of their different spin amounts. I'm not saying you don't hit the range balls straight and end up with a slice on the course, but I am saying there is something else contributing to the slice.
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