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  1. Age: 49 Height: 5'10 Where are you from: Alameda, CA How Long have you been Playing: 8 years Best Score: 76 Favorite club in the bag: Driver (not my best, but my favorite) Golf Books / DVD's that have helped you: Golf is not a game of perfect, Golf My Way Where do you play: Greater East Bay Area, NorCal Best courses you've played so far: Pebble, Spyglass, Half Moon Bay, Pasatiempo, Mauna Kea, Waialae. Things you enjoy most about golf: Fresh Air, exercise, quiet, friendship, challenge. Goals for 2K12: Hit the driver straighter, putt better, practi
  2. Congrats - way to pull through on day 2!
  3. I am convinced they are the same ball with "practice" printed on them. I don't think they are blemished or rejects at all. I think it's a market stratification. I don't think people can afford Pentas will stock up on the practice versions, but people who might otherwise buy NXT, etc., will get them. I think the deal is the same with the ProV1. Rich baller guys won't be caught dead with a 'practice' ball, so the ProV1 market is safe from cannibalization. Same for the Pentas.
  4. I've had my own business of one kind or another since 1989. My current company (optical fiber sales) is 6 years old and I'll probably stick with it for a while. I've had a computer networking company, a software development/internet application company, and a guitar amplifier company. Having your own company is great but can be a real burden. Balance is always the key!
  5. Vijay clowning around at the masters, skipping the ball over water.
  6. Only if they're running at me swinging one because the cart girl I am mashing is their girlfriend. Otherwise, no, I am not intimimdated by people's clubs.
  7. Uncle Lau: If you are going to Dongguan you must, of course, play Mission Hills. More important than that, however, is you should stay at the Good View Hotel. It's like a mini-city with everything you could want. Food, recreation, entertainment. http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Hotel_R...Guangdong.html I am trying to go this month before Christmas for some meetings in Shenzhen - if not, then January for sure.
  8. The LPGA caved: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/articl...8S73.DTL&tsp;=1
  9. Thank you Uncle Lau - I needed a laugh! I sure hope I can get to play a round or two of golf with you in Johor or maybe Genting Highlands if you want to lose some balls!
  10. 86 on a par 71. Had some decent shots, but something is terribly wrong with my hybird swing. Range time coming up!
  11. 58/10 and it works well from any kind of sand. You have to change your shot, of course, but it's a good all-purpose sand setup.
  12. I don't find it boring, and what makes the OP any more 'random' than you? Is this a typical "Forum Leader" post?
  13. 118 blind uphill 2nd shot on a par 4. Hit a 50 deg clean, got up there and it was sitting 2 inches behind the hole (hit about a foot in front). My partner was gracious enough to concede the putt.
  14. My buddy and I were at a bar watching a Cal game and saw another one of MY buddies there with his two little boys. We invited them over and were all watching the game together. My (first) buddy yells at the TV "Goddamit! Catch the ball!" My other buddy asks him to please not swear around his kids, and he says "oops, sorry, no problem." A few beers later something else bad for Cal happened and the friend with his kids yells "JESUS F@(#* CHRIST!!!!" We snickered.
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