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  1. i20 Iron Problem

    Hi, I have a set of i20's purchased in Feb. 2012. I have had problems with the CTP weights falling off the gap wedge twice and once off the PW. Have also had problems with ferrules lifting on around 4 or 5 clubs. The whole set and odd irons have been back to Ping for repair around 4 times in total, which they have done free of charge. My issue is that irons from a quality company like Ping should not fail to this extent. They were purchased at a Ping demo day a long way from where I live so not possible to return them there, I have used a local Ping dealer. I have contacted Ping Europe, several times, who will not do anything other than keep repairing them. Has anybody experienced similar problems and what did Ping do about it. Does anybody have an email address for a senior customer service person at the Ping HQ in the U.S. Thanks Dave