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  1. Reminding them that they are number 1? 🤣
  2. That's my guess; a parking lot for 2 weeks of the year and the other 50 weeks has rental income from the stores to carry it.
  3. I just treat it as bad luck and play it as it lies. Take one less club and make sure to make a steeper swing.
  4. That is what I do as I think their app is not very good (18 Birdies in my opinion is better)
  5. I downloaded all my resulting insights and conclusions via 53 screenshots. Would be very interested as to how to download all the data and if it would somehow show shots short right, etc.
  6. I voted to keep them even though there would be some courses that would not put them back in an effort to cut costs. And, golfers who don't rake bunkers tend to be inconsiderate of others.
  7. Both shafts are mid-spin and mid-high launch, XP90 in R300 is 95g, XP95 in R300 is 98g. Torque numbers for both are the same. Unless they different balance/flex/bend points, I doubt you would feel a 3g difference, I know I couldn't. I also believe that the XP90 is now discontinued.
  8. With most adjustable clubs, lowering the loft would open the face; increasing the loft would close the face. Tom Wishon has a great video on his site explaining this.
  9. As I understand it: - if the clubs were originally bought "off the rack" (ie not customized by Titleist), then only the 6-iron would have a serial number. - if the clubs were built by Titleist via custom order, then all of the clubs in that custom order would have the same serial number (ie it would track back to the order ticket internally at Titleist). Serial numbers don't always tell authenticity. Counterfeiters have also been known to etch fake serial numbers onto clubs to fake authenticity. 2nd Swing has been around for quite a while, I doubt they would sell counterfeits. After this COVID thing is over, a phone call to Titleist could probably give you the set's history (ie specs, original shafts, grips, etc.)
  10. Next big thing? Probably the mistake of a limited distance ball for the pros.
  11. They raised the annual dues from $25 to $36, eliminated the hat and replaced it with the magazine, is it worth it?
  12. Well, I am a Titleist guy, but in this case, I don't really care what they do as it doesn't really affect me.
  13. Since it's a hazard, I don't really care if they are raked or not, but please, please, for safety and club issues, please make sure that there are not rocks or stones in them.
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