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  1. I dunno, you got me. What's the answer?
  2. I don't think anyone has answered his original question. Even Footjoys have different threads and thread patterns (eg fast twist, tour lock, pins, etc.) Figure that out first, and what kind of spikes you need. Then you can figure out how to remove the old ones and then replace with new.
  3. I am in Canada and it won't be updated until January 8th.
  4. I used to use an old chequebook cover/wallet; now I just use my yardage book cover.
  5. As a frequent visitor to Florida, I have played all the Disney courses (including when they had Eagle Pines (?) (the Pete Dye designed course) and the other newer one (I forget the name but I think it was by Tom Fazio?). Of all of them, I remembered at the time that I liked LBV the most; it was tighter, had some doglegs, some water to deal with and ran through some Vacation Club homes. What I remembered about Palm and Magnolia is that most holes were straight, mostly wide open and it was essentially "bombs away". I haven't stayed in that part of town for years (we now stay near UCF to avoid the tourist traps and the traffic), so therefore haven't played the Disney courses for years. I apologize if my recollection is wrong or fuzzy. In that part of town, Orange Lake and Orange County offer lots of challenge for a lower price. I have also heard good things about Celebration but I have not played it yet.
  6. They could be telling the truth if they are hitting it downwind, and downhill during a drought
  7. I just signed in a few minutes ago, did a couple of "edits", fixed them back, poked around the rest of the site, had no issues at all.
  8. Nice use of an English expression towards an English golfer! My belief is that those who are humble, honest and dedicated usually would not start or write a thread like this.
  9. Played it 4 years ago, conditioning was fantastic!
  10. I found it interesting in that he says his index is 8 and then it shouldn't matter because everyone should just play each other scratch,. So if all he wants to do is play people straight up, then why does he bother calculating an index? Sounds like he had a few cold ones and just wanted to stir up the ****. But you know what? Every board has contributors like this that keep things interesting.
  11. Or you could try heating it with a hair dryer to soften the glue and push them back together
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