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  1. Placing a marker behind the hole before putting

    Thank you, excellent explanation.
  2. It's a lot tougher than it looks. A while ago, I used to volunteer for a few years at an event on the Canadian Tour and even caddied for some of the players for a few rounds. These guys are good, real good, but basically, all of them have been to Q-School, didn't make it and ended up playing on the Canadian (don't know if they chose Canadian over the Web.com tour or if they didn't make that either). Prize money isn't a heckuva lot and it's expensive living on the road and paying the entry fees, so most of them have sponsors. Anyway, what I noticed was their superior (over us regular hackers) game management skills and missing in the right places. But, I didn't think most of them had that "edge" or "it" factor, if you will, to be able to find that half shot or full shot or two to get them over the top. That, I think, is where the tough part is. Just my 2 cents. But good luck in whichever way you want to go.
  3. Since I am in Toronto, Buffalo would be better for me lol
  4. Jack vs. Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?

    Tiger. Easily.
  5. Selecting a New Hybrid

    To me, the answer would be C. I would use whatever works for you, your swing, your eye and especially if you can hit it well. ps - how about trying to find another hybrid exactly what you had to give back to your son on the BST?
  6. Interesting topic! Just for fun last year, I took an old 3 iron, lengthened it to a 2 iron in my specs, had it bent to my specs for a 2-iron (using Titleist standard as the baseline). Off the tee, it is amazing and more accurate than my hybrid. Very useful on tight tee shots. But it is not for fairway use as the club now has negative bounce lol. Great penetrating trajectory too. Cost to me = 0 for the club, $2 for the shaft extension (which I had an extra one already), 0 for the grip (as I got a free one someplace) plus $5 for the bending. Didn't count glue, solvent or tape as I already had. Did all work myself except for the bending. Not bad :)
  7. Yardages Throughout the Bag

    I am pretty close to the Red yardages or just a teensy bit shorter, but my bottom 3 wedges when hit comfortably tend to be around 5% shorter than the table
  8. The Worst (and Best) Golf Club Logos

    I like this one! But, the one I like the best is Augusta National.
  9. Titleist 917

    Or for hot melt if needed?
  10. I think if they are paying millions to sponsor a tournament, then a few minutes of TV time isn't a lot to ask. Besides, if it wasn't for their sponsorships, then we have no golf to watch :(
  11. Titleist AVX (New Ball)

    It was a breezy day and wind seemed to take it quite a bit.
  12. Titleist AVX (New Ball)

    I picked up a box when I was in Florida last week. The dimple pattern looks suspiciously like the 330RX and pretty well plays like it too. Seems to have better greenside spin than the RX but not a good as a V1, has a slightly lower flight than the V1 or V1x and I didn't think it was a good in the wind. Feels a bit softer than a V1. For the same price, I would rather play the V1.
  13. Consider What a 20% Ball Roll-Back Would Mean

    I think everybody has it wrong. Instead of rolling back the ball, we just have to roll back time. For instance, before Tiger came along and brought fitness to golf, when everyone finished their rounds, they would go into the clubhouse bar and knock back a few beers. Now, they go to the fitness trailers after their rounds. So all we really have to do is to ban the fitness trailers

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