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  1. Toronto, Canada Golf

    All of the clubs on that list would be excellent choices, just depends on what you want to pay. There are others too that aren't associated with Club Corp. Where will you be staying in Toronto, ie downtown, west, north, east? That will help a lot, as driving 30 miles around here can easily take an hour or more
  2. paperclip

  3. Crypto Currency (Bitcoin)

    What is it based on? There is nothing underlying it except sentiment.
  4. GAME GOLF Pro

    Thanks to everybody for their input (and correction to "Live" lol). I just bought one on Amazon for $89. Tapping might be a good new "trigger" for the swing and I will get used to it. But one more dumb question, how does it differentiate between practice and real swings?
  5. Crypto Currency (Bitcoin)

    I think it's a shell game/ponzi scheme; it's a short
  6. GAME GOLF Pro

    A question then, since the GameGolf Pro is now being sold for $99 (I guess to clear them out), would I be better off just buying those or would it be prudent to wait until the new product is available (April?) for a higher price? Besides eliminating the tapping requirement, is there anything that the newer system does better (maybe the sensors or accurancy etc) than the old? And would the higher price be worth it?
  7. GAME GOLF Pro

    Thanks, much appreciated!
  8. GAME GOLF Pro

    Lowering my swingweights by using one of these systems might not be a bad thing for me anyway, I am around approximately D6-D7 now because of +1" and my set originally was around D2. How much do the Game Golf and the Arccos caps weigh anyway? Does anybody know?
  9. Happy Birthday Thread!

    Thanks Eric!
  10. How To Properly Repair Ball Marks

    Sometimes I just wish that people even attempted to repair ball marks (sigh)
  11. Hello from Toronto

    Welcome from Toronto and Ohio
  12. Let us know how they work out, I have Cyclones and they don't seem to be the most durable ones out there
  13. What's Wrong With Early Wrist Set?

    Well, considering that everybody has some sort of uniqueness in their swing and nobody's swing is exactly like someone else's, maybe the wrist pre-set idea will work for some people in that it stops some errors from happening (as long as it doesn't cause other critical errors). And I will listen to most people, even if its a guy with a 20 HC lol.
  14. Where do you buy your shafts?

    I thought Dick's bought Golfsmith, and Golfworks was always by itself/independent of Dick's?

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