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  1. Gave him a 3, not much different than others. Love it when he states opinions one week and then changes it 3 weeks later
  2. Would play the shorter course yardage by far, especially if there is closest to the pins. Skins in my experience tends to favor the lucky.
  3. Very well said. And besides, if all the lofts were "standardized", then the marketing guys will lose some of their ammunition re longer, farther.......
  4. I have gone to 3 of the last 6 (practice rounds), and submitted again today
  5. Where did he say that he is not taking responsibility for his actions? Where did it say he is not responsible for his failures? How is he making this someone else's fault? He admitted he had a problem and was seeking help. That is not taking responsibility? You are WAY off base. By the way, the medical community regards this as a disease and treats it like such.
  6. Wow a 2 iron! Must imagine the grips would be awful slick
  7. Also seems to me that the fertilizer spreader would overshoot the edge of the fairway by a few feet
  8. Have bought and played the practice version before, I didn't notice any difference
  9. In your case, maybe at least 2x/year, more if you hit off of mats. And especially if your clubs are forged (vs. cast)
  10. Another OMG crisis perfect for twitter. My view is it's a personal/private matter and none of my business.
  11. Yikes. That's good to know. Chspeed - how did things turn out?
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