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  1. Next big thing? Probably the mistake of a limited distance ball for the pros.
  2. They raised the annual dues from $25 to $36, eliminated the hat and replaced it with the magazine, is it worth it?
  3. Well, I am a Titleist guy, but in this case, I don't really care what they do as it doesn't really affect me.
  4. Since it's a hazard, I don't really care if they are raked or not, but please, please, for safety and club issues, please make sure that there are not rocks or stones in them.
  5. Somehow I really doubt that those guys are making "millions"
  6. I recently noted that Costco is selling their 3 piece ball again, does anyone know if they solved their original quality problems? If so, has anyone tried the re-released ball?
  7. I like their minutes of their weekly management meetings
  8. I dunno, you got me. What's the answer?
  9. I don't think anyone has answered his original question. Even Footjoys have different threads and thread patterns (eg fast twist, tour lock, pins, etc.) Figure that out first, and what kind of spikes you need. Then you can figure out how to remove the old ones and then replace with new.
  10. I am in Canada and it won't be updated until January 8th.
  11. I used to use an old chequebook cover/wallet; now I just use my yardage book cover.
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