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  1. I voted no as he is what he is. The alleged child abuse (if true) would be unfortunate and could explain why he seems to disown his parents. His personality could still be what it is, with or without the alleged abuse. To me, it's none of my business and if he wants to talk about it, that would be his choice and not mine. Notwithstanding all this, he is still a great golfer who would beat me with one hand and one foot tied behind his back and I appreciate him for what he is.
  2. As Erik and David say many times in LSW, golf is hard. In conjunction with that thinking, any honest player with an honest handicap is respectable for me.
  3. I wish. But this argument will never stop. Today's professionals are paying heed to the Olympic motto - Faster, Higher, Stronger. Rolling back the ball will cause other unpleasant issues.
  4. I played last weekend and everything worked perfectly
  5. It does suck. Best wishes to John.
  6. I played a round last weekend. The shots tagged fine and uploaded fine. But when I went into the round to view and edit shots, the shots showed up but the "backgrouind" did not show the course for that round or any other round. I sent them a message and GameGolf replied a couple of hours later, asked for my username and the name of the course in question. Less than one hour later, it was all fixed. Looks like they are back in business! Many thanks and kudos to them!
  7. It the heads and grooves are still in good shape, then go ahead. If you want to keep costs down and you are good for standard shaft length, look for a set of "pulls"; if you want say, Dynamic Gold S300's, lots of those around fairly cheap. They would probably have decent grips on them already.
  8. I don't have a "home course", but if you are a member of Golf Canada and enter your scores hole-by-hole (for handicap calculations), they can produce an "ultimate scorecard" for each course you played (by year or all time) and also by tee box. Generates some interesting results.
  9. That's my guess; a parking lot for 2 weeks of the year and the other 50 weeks has rental income from the stores to carry it.
  10. I just treat it as bad luck and play it as it lies. Take one less club and make sure to make a steeper swing.
  11. That is what I do as I think their app is not very good (18 Birdies in my opinion is better)
  12. I downloaded all my resulting insights and conclusions via 53 screenshots. Would be very interested as to how to download all the data and if it would somehow show shots short right, etc.
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