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  1. Ping shaft specs for 80F only give two choices SENIOR LITE that differ dramatically in torgue No less than 5 on line discount stores authorized to sell Ping clubs advertise Ladies/Women Flex G30 fairways then give NO support in what the heck that means in Ping terms. Buddy ordered what he was led to believe was G30 80F LITE after complaining there was no Ladies/Womens flex as advertised only to receive the SENIOR http://www.golfdiscount.com/ping-women-s-g30-fairway-wood?hand=15138&head;_type=15308&loft;=15309&shaft;_model=19519&flex;=18452&gclid;=CJqU5q3YjccCFQkFaQod2poPgw&kwid;=productads-plaid^99106538686-sku^67623-adType^PLA-device^c-adid^60425252057 BEWARE, many others follow suit.
  2. Correction Shaft options to consider: Ping G30 5W 18d fairway (buy new replacement) a) Torque 5.5 Wt 54gr TFC 59 Distance b) Torque 5.3 Wt 51gr TFC 80F Lite c) Torque 4.3 Wt 53gr Tour 65 Reg
  3. IF these other clubs are spot-on, listed in most accurate top of list (least accurate at bottom)? 1) Ping yellow dot G15 iron set, stock steel regular (hits the bullseye!) Torque 2.0 Wt 99gr 2) Ping G30 Driver graphite Torque 5.9 Wt 53gr 3) Ping Rapture 3W 13d minidriver/fairway Torque 5.5 Wt 52gr 4) Ping G25 5W 18d fairway (trade in) Torque 3.2 Wt 63gr Shaft options to consider: Ping G30 5W 18d fairway (buy new replacement) a) Torque 5.9 Wt 53gr TFC 419D Soft Reg b) Torque 5.5 Wt 53gr TFC 80D Soft Reg c) Torque 5.0 Wt 55gr TFC 419D Reg .... and WHY? Many thanks & respect for your time, effort & expertise.
  4. NEVER a waste think of it as a massage that takes the kinks out of all those muscle knots that playing in water, among the trees and social distractions created on the course that is bringing gremlins into your game
  5. My research to date finds NOTHING on forgiveness comparison between the Ping G30 & G25 woods, particularly the 5-wood .. important since G30 is smaller .. but maybe better configured. Enough of the turbulators and distance, speed. Most reports show the fairway results almost as twins. FORGIVENESS reports would be greatly appreciated, and to put a finer point on this, please mention flex (regular preferred) and what shafts employed if not the standard stock base. Even reading between the lines, can't muster any reason yet to trade in G25 for the G30 but so much detail is missing from testing experts.
  6. Answer: I am 66, used to have a 15 handicap via Ping i3-O stiff graphite iron set Green Dot, Ping i3 woods stiff graph, Drivers all Ping stiff, eventually settled on G10 Two years ago, handicap faltered, so Ping fitters said Green Dot G25 reg.graph, so also got G25 woods reg.graph; at first, handicap fell -11 strokes then began to rise. Blamed it on bad weather, infrequent play but even that truth wasn't all the story. This Spring eBay trials discovered G15 iron set, reg.steel shafts YELLOW DOT (as per that the darn chart said, but was denied by fitters). These are now Spot On like never before. Now ... what to do about the woods? G25 3W reg.graphite replaced by Rapture (strong) 3W 13d+ reg. graph = acts like a 2W G25 5W reg.graphite suspect to be replaced by G30 reg.graphite ... jury still out thanks for your patience, now my answer G25 Driver reg.graphite replaced by G30 10.5++ Senior Flex graph and ooohlala, effortless fairways hit, often long ... for me. I still still get 270 yds roll out like the old days but only 200-225yds carry (ugh) regardless of shaft stiffness, so why kill myself in this heat? >> Conclusion The only remaining consideration for the Driver might be to replace the shaft with a Senior 80 gram, which may be as much as +15 gram increase. This is personally based upon past shafts that have been good to me, more natural idiot-proof swing results. Also, if I replace 5W w/G30, it must also have a reg shaft in the 72-80 gram weight ...
  7. I agree ... even 20 balls prior gives more fun, lesser scores
  8. can't hit my driver again

    Yes, always had this problem and at best it runs hot then cold, never reliable, certainly best when there's no consequences = 270-305yrds straight ahead but with consequences .. .well, just think the worst & how a short iron might have performed better. The one driver that didn't require me to change my swing from the rest and most akin to my Ping i3 3-wood/metal at the time "that I owned" and could make it long, short, work it right-left (the 3-wood) was a Ping Si3 whose head CC was in between that 3-wood and today's large head drivers. Only this driver could consistently go farther than my 3-wood taking full swing. Trouble was ... Si3 seems to be more a pro's club as it worked the ball right-left ALL the time, never minding what I wanted to do. Too much a shotgun to keep at it, never could master it. Guessing I had to power down on it so much to get it past teh 3-wood markers that I couldn't also keep the ball in the sweet spot = shotgun. So pro lessons suggested bigger heads - larger sweet spots, perhaps the weight/feel = longer distance to boot. Caveat was select the shaft wisely for it's not the head doing the work. Tried over 20 drivers that season, keeping score on those flinging the ball farther than my 3-wood with ease .. as per "in the fairway" %. Eventually a Ping demo came to a local driving range and G5 stock stiff selected and was king for awhile ... only topped by a buddy's same deal only added 1# length. Still it was not a rifle and going nuts on it when distance was imperative was ...wrong, not the fun & payoff intended (many suggest no driver is meant to fulfill that wish). Think I'm using a G25 stock reg. now and some days (like today) 100 balls might net dismal results like 7% hoorays, the rest so-so or trials/experiments that were UGH. Days like this remind of the old 2-woods and that Si3 ... low handicapper that own a Strong-3-wood and a Weak3-wood. Certainly today my G25 3-wood could everything the driver could do and more consistently. Since I didn't see much wisdom on this post outside of the conservative textbook advice easily Googled, thought I'd stiff things up a bit and see if this experience draws out others similar that have solved this problem in less conventional ways. I'll never drive the ball like the Nicklaus when they came to tow to demo their new golf course or Greg Norman but damn - I should have some club that feels like a 3-wood, a bit heavier head that gives 20-40 yards more and just as straight. No, Ping techs never seem to help with odd ball Qs like this and others just use a driver or 3-wood and get on with life. I believe there's something more and natural out there to use that doesn't require golf lessons/lectures but the bushel. Still searching ... so reply IF you found some sort of a solution since your 2013 post.
  9. Price of regripping

    .. and yet, although I can fix or build anything, I end up with 2 grips ruined & solvent all over the floor ... wishing I could blame the Winn 7715W-CP s I do see others slip it on like it was greased and have aped everything they do - ugh 2x$7.5 grips = $15
  10. Came across your Q during my research and probable switch from graphite to steel on Ping irons. Background: Years ago replaced lost & found clubs with Ping 13-O set, graphite stiff, handicap went from 29 to 15, regular player, walk/carry only 2 years ago, fitter told me my 60-something year old swing was slower, so G25 graphites regular (NOT senior/soft), so handicap that had returned to 29 now got -11 strokes cut in just weeks Recently, weather & other distractions made me less a regular player, accuracy declined, handicap back up ... so began to question all those past "fits", as I land squarely in the current Yellow Dot on charts but always played with Green Testing White, Green, Yellow dot 7i demos introduced me to steel shafts (which will be heavier to carry & harder on body when cold & mis-hits) G15s Tempting were the G15s steel in Yellow/Green being much most accurate ?!?!? Questions to those in-the-know got the usual responses ... each to his own (i.e. don't blame me when money spent doesn't pay off later) SO I have ordered a used set of G15s Yellow, steel reg.flex to see how it goes. I still have more of the same in Green dot to try, as well as one of the above in +1/2" length (with little hopes for it) There was something about the steel feel that added to what I've always loved about Ping irons ... you can feel where that head is and this weight feel helps bring one's body around and through the ball. Won't have results on the "new" set for a few weeks and now it's freezing again ... ugh.
  11. Ping G25 irons

    XRs ... OK .... reg or stiff, graphite or steel? and .... did you compare same with the G30s? Why asking .... thinking I made a mistake insisting on graphite when switching from stiff to reg shafts ... thus wonder if the head, e.g. G15, G25 or even XR makes the biggest diff ... thinking now it might be the shaft ... is the dog, the head are just tails?
  12. Ping G25 irons

    Oh yes, should mention that the G25 Reg graphites Green replaced my i3-O Stiff graphites Green b/c fitter said my swing was getting too slow