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  1. Youghiogheny C.C. Short but challenging at 6380 yds, rated 72.3 with a slope of 136. You might hit two drivers per round here, lots of four irons, and elevation changes really come into play. Greens are fast and sloped, but generally easy to read.
  2. Here's my pre-winter video so that I have a base to work off of in the spring. Was hitting the ball really well here in the freezing temps. http://www.iplayerhd.com/playerframe/share/3d37cacb-d522-4789-86b8-2741b6864355
  3. 330 on a 380 yd par 4, thanks to the sprinkler head down the left edge of the fairway.
  4. Played pretty bad, but still shot 77 thanks to only 25 putts
  5. 71.0 Course Rating 133 Slope Shot 73, If it wasn't for the putting would have probably been a career round for me
  6. Why did I blade that wedge to ruin 17 other perfectly good holes!?
  7. Had a 160 yard shot on an uphill par 3 at Seven Oaks in Brighton, PA. Pushed it right, left with a 15 yd pitch to a green with a severe downslope and the pin maybe 4 paces on. Hit a high flop with my 58*, and dunked it in the hole for a birdie. It probably would have rolled off the green if it didn't land in that exact spot
  8. Tournament - 70 Casual - 71 I remember the tournament round was at scourge I had never played before, and I honestly had no expectations going into the round. I knew I was playing well, but didn't even think about my score until I walked off of 18, when I was surprised by how well I did
  9. Shot 2 over 36 on a rain shortened tournament to finish T-4. Scores were much higher than previous years, as we basically played in a torrential downpour and high winds for the majority of the round.
  10. 82 yesterday, probably the most unusual round I had in a while. Working through a swing change on a 71.6/131, I shot 10 over on the front, considered the easier nine, and then promptly said screw it and shot even on the back, hitting 7 greens.
  11. @boogielicious addition to possibly getting my weight more forward if I can, though from my instructor it appears I get it far enough forward, would this slightly altered downswing path likely do the trick in terms of changing swing path
  12. Finally here is a video. Currently it's terrible, I'm slicing approximately 40 yds, and I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing. Any tips? [VIDEO]https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DJ8gpGUW3WI[/VIDEO]
  13. We got... Driver: 260 3 wood 245 3 hybrid 220 4 hybrid 205 4 iron 195 5 iron 184 6 iron 173 7 iron 162 8 iron 151 9 iron 140 Pw 129
  14. It's a sad, sad day in the world of golf.
  15. I got nailed by a beginner from around 30 yds away. Hit a dead shank and nailed me in the ankle. That wasn't a fun round to finish
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