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  1. Alice Springs Golf Club in central Australia From the raised tee box Par 3 3rd hole 171 metres which is about 185 yards. This photo was taken in mid-winter
  2. Anyone going all the way to Pokhara should also head to the Yeti's course at the Fulbari Resort. It's a ramshackle 9-holer with wild overgrown fairways but has two holes like this you are not going to forget in a hurry. You walk out onto this tiny spit of land to tee off and it's 100 yards across and 100 yards straight down.
  3. It's not actually that high, it's the incessant climbing up and down rocks that tires you out. It's a fantastic place to play, cost me about $50.00 US including caddy, ball spotter and rental clubs. I would like to go back one day. This photo I may have posted before but it's across the fairway of one hole. The green in the background on the other side of the river is a separate hole. You can see the barbed wire. The green I was aiming at is to the left of the picture above that rise about 20 or 30 yards high. Now that's an elevated green!
  4. Not as rough and ready as The Amazon course perhaps but The Himalayan Golf Course in Pokhara Nepal is certainly off the beaten track It's so physically gruelling it took me over four hours to play on an otherwise empty course with no waiting between shots. This one uses cows to cut the fairways, the very well tended greens have barbed wire around them to keep the cows off. The local rules include how to proceed when your ball lands on manure (preferred lie) This hole is called The Carry, it's not as far as it looks, maybe 130 yards. The red dot on the other side is a boy aged about e
  5. Imperial Lake View Hua Hin Thailand Par 3 3rd hole "Desert" Course. All the holes are named this is called Arizona 16th hole, Par 3 Empire Course Brunei Lastly Grand Prix Kanchanburi Thailand That's not a bunker, THIS is a bunker!
  6. I put he shoots in the 80's I generally shoot in the 95-105 range. My last round, I shot 103 I had a collection of pars and single bogeys The score racked up on just a few very bad holes. One hole I will relay in detail Long par 5. Drive middle of fairway second shot middle of fairway. 3rd shot I plonked into a greenside bunker 4th shot flew the green and went over a steep hill and ended hard against the OB fence. Flag nowhere in sight 5th shot went about two feet.from the fence 6th shot went over the hill, over the green and luckily missed the bunker but left a long chip 7th shot landed
  7. Himalayan Golf Course in Pokhara Nepal They call themselves "The Most Amazing Golf Course on Earth" and it actually lives up to the billing From memory this is from the tee box of the fourth hole. You have to hit it over that ravine and over those big rocks. No one that has ever played there has ever forgotten it.
  8. Royal Hua Hin in Hua Hin Thailand. The oldest course in Thailand This is the 14th hole, par 3 149 yards. It's a fantastic hole. You hit from one hill to another, the trees form a figure 8, it's like playing in an amphitheatre. Those trees have monkeys!
  9. From the tee box18th hole Cambodian Golf and Country Club in Phnom Pehn
  10. Best My tee shot ended 20 feet from the hole on a 400+ yard Par 4 which would have been stupendous except I was actually playing a neighbouring Par 3. I walked up to the fellas who were about to putt out on that hole apologising as I approached and I said I would chip it back to my fairway. One of them said, "Go for the hole, you have a clear shot" and they started laughing. The hole was certainly visible but to get to my green I had to chip it high enough to clear a fence, but low enough to go under a tree branch, then it had to clear part of a vacant lot then clear the other perimeter f
  11. Lastly for Nepal This is what the course looks like down on the valley floor
  12. Yeah well said me! Nepal is "as safe as anywhere"! That is true if you ignore the Rhinos in the street! This clip shows exactly what the streetscapes of Nepal are like.
  13. No the green is on the same level as the camera but to the left of the picture in the middle of the frame, that bit of land jutting out, it's just in front of that building. It was only about 120/130 metres but I had two tries and gave up. For a player of my standard in the exhausted state I was in it was near impossible Most of the course is on the valley floor, on either side of the river. You cross the river several times. In that photo you can see greens and bunkers
  14. This is another photo of the same course, Himalayan Golf Course in Nepal from the tee box on the 16th hole, the aptly named "The Abyss" The green is actually behind the trees in front of that building that looks like a school
  15. Yeah When you're in Nepal you hold your breathe in more ways than one. The taxi drive from Kathmandu to Pokhara took six hours it was only about 130 miles but the roads were so winding we couldn't go any faster. The road was actually smooth and well paved The plane ride back (on Yeti Airlines no less!) took a brisk 30 minutes You'd be wise to avoid the monsoon season but otherwise Nepal is as safe as anywhere. I'd go back there, I'd loved to play there again That course is so demanding it took me about five hours to play with no one else in front of me. I saw only one ot
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