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  1. Also the author listed that he hit the r9 25 yards farther than his previous one, can anyone else confirm this? I'd be very interested in a 3 wood that goes as far as possible.
  2. Actually I'm pretty sure you can change it on both. Check out this review for the TP: The author lists FCT as one of the features. http://thesandtrap.com/clubs/taylorm...ay_wood_review
  3. Description (revised) Item Specifics - Golf Clubs Club Type: Iron Sets Gender: Men Brand: Ben Hogan Dexterity: Left-Handed Model: Edge C-F-T Loft: -- Shaft Material: Graphite Condition: Used Flex: Stiff This is a set of Ben Hogan irons, grafite shafts in very good condition. On Jun-13-09 at 22:54:19 PDT, seller added the following information: The irons are in excellent Shape. My back is GONE, I can barely walk. This is a good buy On Jun-14-09 at 23:27:41 PDT, seller added the following information: This is a good deal and time is running OUT. My mom will probably end up buying these sticks or I'll just give them to someone who appreciates the game of GOLF. So buy them or kiss this deal GOODBYE.---George T. On Jun-14-09 at 23:35:30 PDT, seller added the following information: If you bidders are Christians(which I doubt) I'll throw in a few PRO V 1 golf balls, I have hundreds of Pro V's Ya'll are probably just a bunch of greedy mama's boys who like beer better than golf and don't even know the rules of the game-- Sincerely George T-bone-- Adel Baby Shiflett Awkward to say the least???
  4. Actually he did play at St. Jude, but I can't edit my post. sweet.
  5. I'm pretty sure he hasn't played on the PGA tour since winning the players, no? That would make it pretty hard to contend.
  6. Surprised no one has said stenson yet.
  7. Way to contradict? You say its a way better shaft, but then to buy a normal and reshaft. That would cost much more then getting a TP in the first place.
  8. Actually I believe it is higher center of gravity, because most "tour" players would want something lower launching.
  9. If you draw the ball, probably but if you play a fade I would stay away from the TP as those will just encourage your fade.
  10. I would think getting him the right shafts for those r7s would help. But also something like a cobra pro CB, or an uber stiff shaft like rifle 7.0 I hit those about the same distance as my stock stiffs on my irons just those were about half the height.
  11. Yes, you'll also find as you grow taller, you'll be able to get more leverage in your swing and hit it farther, or course you will also be stronger so that will help. Your distance is great, so just work on keeping it in the fairway and you will be golden. There is a 13 year old at my home course that shoots like 70-71 average and hits his driver around 220.
  12. Yeah, I think Jordan's real handicap is closer to 10, but he still wiped the floor with the supposed 3.5 guy.
  13. I don't know if youd called me a low handicapper, I just played some good rounds and it brought me from 5.4 to 4.1, anyway, the biggest thing I found out was play to your shot shape. Sometimes before on the course I'd hit too big of a draw so I'd try to correct it that day while playing, and the results wouldn't be too pretty. I was hooking the ball a couple days ago so I just played it, and still shot 73, which isn't bad. My advice is don't try to fix things on the course, during a round. I was hooking the ball the hole was 159 so I just took out a 9 iron and aimed for the right side of the green and swung and played the hook for the day and my shot ended up 6 feet from the hole. You just have to pay attention to what your doing that day, and then stick to it.
  14. Did the 3 handicap like completely choke? He was a 3 and jordan and ben were close to that, and they beat him by a good margin. I just don't see how a guy shoots 101 with a 3 handicap unless it's the worst day of his life. I've played under large ammounts of pressure on brutal courses and it hasn't affected me that much.
  15. Are you allowed to hit it with the side of the putter? I heard someone was penalized for doing that a little bit ago.
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