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  1. JetFan1983

    2019 Desert Classic

  2. JetFan1983

    My Swing (Vinsk)

    Yea I agree. I agree also that she wasn’t too shabby at this silly game 😄
  3. JetFan1983

    NFL 2018-19

    Yea it probably won’t end too well for NE D there but to their credit they’ve been better lately. Mahomes did light them up for a forty burger on the road though. The weather is supposed to be pretty cold so that could play into the defenses’ favor. I guess that’s why the Vegas degens are betting the under. Eric Berry currently expected to play is an interesting wrinkle as well. He did a great job on Gronk in week one last year, but has only been active for three games over the last two seasons. I wonder if he’ll be effective at all.
  4. JetFan1983

    14-Year-Old Golfer - Hole In One (taped from the green)

    Wow, the internet sleuths catch everything. Thanks for the post.
  5. JetFan1983

    NFL 2018-19

    We get two excellent matchups in the conference championships this year. They've both played each other earlier in the season too, adding to the intrigue for me. Pats 43, Chiefs 40 Saints 45, Rams 35 Yea, that's a lot of scoring. Not much movement in Vegas either although people are feeling the under in Chiefs-Pats for some reason. I feel like the under is more likely in Saints-Rams. I think though I'm gonna guess 34-31 Pats and 30-27 Saints and will laugh at myself on Sunday night when I'm wrong. Anyway, regardless of betting, the games themselves are so interesting that even with no money on the line, these matchups are so fun on paper. Any Super Bowl matchup that we get from these four teams is really, really cool. Pats-Saints is Brady vs. Brees, which is amazing. A rematch of KC-LAR would be 55-52 and also really fun if you don't mind seeing no defense. Rams Pats is really cool to see the young gun Goff go against the GOAT in TB12. And Chiefs Saints is cool too. Usually we get at least one defensive/run-based team, but this year it's four high octane offenses. The Saints are ranked 3rd in DVOA against the run, and the Rams have Donald and Suh, but these are four really fast tempo teams that should be really exciting to see.* Anybody got some opinions on the games? It'll be fun to laugh at how wrong most of us are come Monday. *I guess the Pats are probably going to pound Sony Michel and hit James White on a lot of check downs to take advantage of KC's 32nd ranked run defense, but still. Brady can hit 400 yards passing any given day. I wonder if Gronk gets out of his funk in this spot too.
  6. JetFan1983

    Playing Golf Without a Thought

    Me trying to play golf without a thought:
  7. JetFan1983

    My Swing (Vinsk)

    I guess in some sense I brought this up just to bring my opinion into the light of day and see if it held up to scrutiny. I got down to an 8.9 not swinging my arms much at all past impact, so you can definitely hit good shots doing it. And Jim Furyk and David Duval are major champions and they really don't do it either, at least relative to other tour pros. Also, unrelated to this, your DTL does look better: better shoulder pitch and you are turning more coming down, likely decreasing shank probability like Erik was talking about earlier in the thread. Kudos there. As I read through your thread though, there was no discussion of this particularly piece, so even if this isn't your priority, maybe somewhere down the road it's an option you can go to on the range, six months, a year from now, who knows. I do apologize profusely though if this is not at all what you should focus on. I've gone through the evolvr ranks myself and it is definitely a helluva lot better than going this journey alone.
  8. JetFan1983

    My Swing (Vinsk)

    Fowler and Bobby Jones. Most decent golfers have this look post impact though. Most guys on this site in the single digits do it too. The eyes are still looking at the ground but the hands have swung past across the chest quite a ways. To me, it feels like basically making an all arms swing with my upper body, but your feels may vary. Plus I know you have some turning issues coming down, so I'm hesitant to suggest feels here. Does it make more sense what I'm talking about now? Your arms are more in front of your chest rather than across it at these locations. Edit: Again tho, this is kind of a weird series of posts here for me because I hate stepping on an instructor's toes but at the same time, I know how much swinging my arms more helped me. I'm far from an instructor, and I'm certainly not telling you to do this and not listen to them. This is just one amateur to another. I don't think this is a common problem. Most people do this intuitively, but I never did, and you don't seem to either. Also, this wasn't all that difficult to practice or add to my swing, so I feel like mentioning this is more harmless than harmful, but I could be wrong.
  9. JetFan1983

    14-Year-Old Golfer - Hole In One (taped from the green)

    That's neat. Congratulations. But you have no avatar! And you only have one post since Tuesday? That's gotta change, Kevin!
  10. JetFan1983

    Playing Golf Without a Thought

    Hmmmm, well that makes sense certainly how another person could be thinking about technique while they play. In basketball, my thoughts would always be in regards to spacing or off-the-ball strategy, which was always my weakness, so that would probably qualify as playing with a thought. Technique wise however I never did, maybe because my jumper was so automatic by the time I was fifteen years old that it wasn't something I had to do anymore. For a free kick though that requires some bend, I could see how even someone as accomplished as David Beckham might think of swinging a tad more from the inside sometimes. And even the games best players don't get their chest over the ball enough on long range attempts resulting in what you said. Typically though, golf is just such a harder sport that at least relatively speaking it's like I would play those games with no thoughts, even though I guess I probably did now that you're challenging me on it. For golf though it's every single shot where there's a thought related to the shot itself. In other sports, there are numerous plays where I feel like I had no thoughts at all, and I was fully immersed in the flow of the game. Edit: In soccer, I would get so winded after a few minutes that thoughts basically fell away. In football though, as a receiver, I always had to remind myself briefly what route I was running and how I was going to vary my route speed, but when the play actually started, it felt very thought free. But I guess you got me there too. Football is weirdly similar to golf in that each play is kind of like each shot, with time between the action, and planning between the next play/shot.
  11. JetFan1983

    Will the New Flagstick Rule Become a Fiasco?

    I've played one round in 2019 and I wasn't grouped with anyone I didn't know, but I definitely have thought about how this could lead to a contentious argument with a stranger who is insistent that they keep the flag out. I leave it in on all shots, or plan to. I won't keep putting it back in if there's a random playing partner who is constantly removing it though. I just don't think it's worth it to slow everyone down, but I could see how this could lead to some intense conversation. I'm typically not one who just lets people get away with spreading bad information, so you could say I'm the type who isn't afraid to not be agreeable, even if the result is something of a Pyrrhic victory for me. Basically, I'm mentally preparing myself for this inevitable situation, and my plan is to reduce the amount of condescension I contribute to the debate. The last thing I need right now is to get into a fist fight with a senior citizen who refuses to listen to reason
  12. JetFan1983

    Playing Golf Without a Thought

    Sometimes I wonder why @iacas even bothers, but then I remember that these posts are public and that even if they don't convince the person he's arguing with, members like me, and the lurkers without accounts, can greatly benefit from the discussion that he generates. I've been here over ten years, and he is still fighting the good fight, with basically no loss of passion. Respect. Edit: Just to keep this on topic... Man, it'd be so cool to be able to play golf without a thought. It's how I play every other sport. You just play. Alas, it's just not possible for me. The golf swing is just too difficult to control if I don't have something to help clarify my sequencing problems. I can boil it down to maybe three or four words sometimes. Sometimes even two words. But that's as simple as I can make it. And that's okay.
  13. JetFan1983

    My Swing (Vinsk)

    Vinsk, you kind of have the same problem as me: the arms stall out big time post impact and it basically becomes like a glorified pitch shot motion a frame or two past impact. Obviously since I was just informed of this issue in my swing, I basically look for it in every swing I look at now, but yours is the first one on here where I'm also seeing this problem. It's not as bad as what I was doing, but it's bad enough where I think it's okay for me to say something, at the very least, to make you aware of it. Check out my swing thread sometime if you want to read about it. My head moves forward too some. Swinging my arms across the chest post impact actually helped with that problem. Anyway, I guess the basic theory behind this piece is that, just like how the arms have to load across the chest on the backswing, they have to mirror it on the downswing too and reload across the chest through the strike. It's also part of the kinematic sequence, perhaps the most important part, where the speed transfers into the arms from the body. It should help with better inline impact as well. In your swing, you can clearly see how late the arms reload, like it basically all occurs at the finish, and it really stands out even when viewed with the naked eye. Disregard this if the instructors tell me to shut up. You didn't post a DTL and in your previous DTL vids you definitely have a weird stall out thing with the body and the shoulder pitch has been too flat as well, so if that's still going on, you definitely need to keep working on that. But better arm function, at least for me, dramatically increased the speed and functionality in my swing.
  14. JetFan1983

    Stubborn Steepness

    I was just looking at @phillyk's swing recently, and it's definitely a good example of someone who shallows the club very well while not having what one would call ideal turning rates. In fact, his turning rates are what one would probably classify as stalled out, and yet he shallows it beautifully. And he plays very good golf, having recently shot 67 My point though is that Erik is definitely right that shallowing the club is largely controlled by the forearms. @phillyk's swing seems to be an exception to the rule, but he proves that ideal turning rates aren't necessary for getting rid of stubborn steepness.
  15. JetFan1983

    Kuchar Pays Caddie $3K, Says Tom Gillis

    It's probably not the best thing to publicize that the caddie got something like 80K in cash, which would be life changing money if you're dirt poor in Mexico. The false 3K number could've been just to protect the caddie.

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