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  1. The simplest answer to this problem is "get a better golf swing." The obvious moves you can make to alleviate this problem: 1) pre-shot routine 2) well-calibrated expectations 3) playing from the appropriate tees 4) finding a good golf instructor that you actually listen to 5) realizing that beating a 7-iron ten range balls in a row is easier than going from Driver to 7-iron with a 5 minute wait in between.
  2. No way, the Lidar King replied to this thread! Awesome! I love your courses, man! Great job! Big fan of the Golf Club 2 for PC.
  3. Welcome back. I'll start with some easy ones here. 1) Get better camera angles. Having it slightly off makes it harder for everyone to see everything. https://thesandtrap.com/b/playing_tips/filming_your_swing This article is dated now, but just read the section about setting up the camera's position. Makes it way easier for the instructor to see what's going on. This will be key of course if/when you return to evolvr. Your instructor will thank me for bringing this up so he won't have to 🙂 2) Again, this is tough to be sure on because of the camera angles, but it seems like
  4. Ahh okay. Interesting you're feeling that already. I definitely don't want to cause a wrist injury here by suggesting you feel it more lol. It's not like egregiously bad at all obviously. It's not quite Lee Westwood, but you're not like super super far off from that. Anyway, obviously disregard whatever I say if the instructor disagrees.
  5. I don't want to complicate your process, but I have one question. Everything looks good overall, but your lead wrist's flexion thru the strike stands out to me. Thoughts on that? Seems simple to feel more motorcycle revving (palmar flexion), no? Correct me if I'm wrong on this. Again, I don't want to step on your toes here, but did want to ask you about that.
  6. Eric is his evil twin who yells at you to release the club all day and then when you tell him you don't know what he means, he kicks you in the shins. Actually, not a totally ineffective way of teaching for some. No seriously, go see Erik in person if you still live nearby, @Dave325 . Just my opinion of course!
  7. Definitely get back on evolvr. Hopefully you enjoyed the experience. Whatever you do though, it seems like the perfect time to shop around for a good coach, either online or live.
  8. They said thirteen's scoring average is 4.3. So clearly the guys take that hole apart relative to the others, but at the same time, that does add some pressure on everyone to collect birdies there. Par is essentially bogey as you're giving up 0.7 strokes per round, historically. Edit: I still really like the hole of course. I think it's a nice reward for the field after navigating 10-11-12 and to a lesser extent, 9.
  9. Yea, I used to think they should lengthen thirteen, but I'm fine with it as is because of the complicated green and the sidehill lie approach. It's a bit annoying you can get a wedge in there if you're long enough off the tee, but I guess that's just part of the game, and for whatever reason, doesn't diminish the coolness of the hole at all for me anymore.
  10. DJ, Westwood and the amateur kid (Tyler Starfaci) I guess is an acceptable feature group here for me to half watch right now. This is so fun it's the Masters again after just five months. Getting rekt on Draftkings so far too, as per usual, though it's obviously too early to care there.. Still it'd be nice to have an early hopeful lineup. It's still the Masters though! Love it! Edit: Oh cool, Koepka, Hovland and Bubba are the other group, nice!
  11. This thing seems to be a lot better funded and organized than the Dan Plan. The guy still has basically no chance obviously, but it's still fun that he's starting like this: Edit: This is from October 2020 before Caleb decided to move to Jupiter, Florida.
  12. I've been enjoying Barstool's golf content over the past year or so, whether it's the Foreplay Scramble guys or Dave Portnoy himself attempting to break par at a US Open setup with twelve mulligans per hole. Now another one of their personalities is embarking on a Dan Plan 2.0 of sorts as he attempts to become a professional golfer having only recently picked up the game during the pandemic. That personality is Caleb Pressley, one of the funnier people they have over there at Barstool IMO. Apparently he's serious though. He hired Chris Como and has already moved to Jupiter, Florida (thoug
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