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  1. JetFan1983

    Happy Birthday Thread!

    Happy birthday @iacas! You are now eligible for the next twelve months to use this rant against people:
  2. JetFan1983

    Happy Birthday Thread!

    Awwww how'd I miss this one?? Happy belated birthday, Scott!
  3. JetFan1983

    Happy Birthday Thread!

    @mvmac Happy birthday, Mike! I'll be joining you in 35 in a few weeks. Wishing you a good one today!
  4. JetFan1983

    Favorite Book (or Books) of all time

    Apparently, my friend who is a high school English teacher told me last night that Cormac McCarthy goes camping in the woods and desert to write stories like Blood Meridian, which is partly why his descriptions are so well done. He's not writing from a Starbucks for example haha. I did read part of an article last night though that McCarthy doesn't like some writers who don't appreciate life and death as the preeminent theme of their fiction, so maybe he thumbs his nose at those guys. Whatever this dude thinks when he writes though, I cannot say. I do however believe him to be a twisted genius within the realm of fiction writing. McCarthy has definitely earned my reading of more of his work though @colin007. I think the Road makes sense to go to next, yes?
  5. JetFan1983

    Favorite Book (or Books) of all time

    I finished Blood Meridian today. Yea, I'm comfortable anointing it my favorite novel of all time. What a read. I sherpa'd it with this website which annotates some things, but I also had google at the ready for all the new words and random references I didn't get. What an achievement. Unbelievable. From the Comanche attack to the banquet at Ciudad de Chihuahua to the Judge conjuring gunpowder from brimstone and ash...astounding stuff. After a while, when the Judge spoke or even just appeared, I would get anxious or my heart would beat a little faster. And it was pretty mind blowing knowing how historically on point this story is. As someone who is studying American history as a hobby these days, adding Blood Meridian to the equation has provided a lot more context for the time period. I'm glad I didn't live back then. But what a read though. I bet you at night when everyone's asleep that this book crawls off the shelf and feeds on insects, lizards, rodents, and small birds before crawling back to its place in the morning, no one the wiser. I'm looking forward to reading it again one day. Perhaps it is fitting that it is you @colin007 who also loves this story. You got good taste there.
  6. JetFan1983

    Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    Tiger now at 149th from 389th last week in the OWGR. Definitely trending in the right direction
  7. JetFan1983

    2018 Valspar Golf Championship in Tampa, FL

    Oh man, he's leading?? Unbelievable. Me seeing the leaderboard just now:
  8. JetFan1983

    Who Wins First: Rory or Tiger?

    I was expecting Rory's results to be terrible as I haven't checked on or heard from him in a while, but he almost won twice in January. If we're including Euro Tour, then I think I'll give the edge to Rory right now. I think both could have good years though.
  9. JetFan1983

    2018 Honda Classic

    If I played with the GOAT and beat him in one round, I wouldn't tell my grand kids. I would write a seven volume book series and have it published in 47 languages.
  10. JetFan1983

    2018 Honda Classic

    Yea besides the aforementioned gator infestation, I'm sure there are numerous redneck diving teams from nearby Loxahatchee that vie for squatter's rights to that spot
  11. JetFan1983

    2018 Honda Classic

    True. I wonder if he's still no.1 in strokes gained approach-to-the-green. Yea, there must be a million pro v1s in a watery mass grave short right of that green.
  12. JetFan1983

    2018 Honda Classic

    I rinsed it on fifteen the last time I played it, so I can't criticize him unfortunately. It really is a tricky little par 3 when the wind is kinda into you.
  13. JetFan1983

    2018 Honda Classic

    Haha yea it cracks me up that Justin Thomas is playing to a reduced crowd as a result. Reminds me of this line from Happy Gilmore Yep, which is why we know the hard way that we should enjoy something good when it happens haha.
  14. JetFan1983

    2018 Honda Classic

    PS- This Michigan State game needs to piss off.

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