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  1. R.I.P. Tom Petty

    I was and am such a big fan of his music with the Heartbreakers. I'm glad I got to see him once when I was a kid. The theme song of everyone who learns golf for the first time as an adult lol: Edit: Ok, for some reason this post got submitted while I was still first writing it. Weird. Never had that happen before. I was gonna keep going with a series of Petty song embeds, but I have been derailed lol. Edit again: Well, despite this post getting ruined by an accidental submit click (still not sure how that happened), I just wanted to say how much I loved this guy's music, from the Heartbreakers to the Traveling Wilburies, he was definitely one of the good ones in this world. Here's another favorite of mine:
  2. Dan's a ****ing moron. And there is no clearer evidence in regards to how stupid Dan is than in his concluding statements. "I just don't know what to write." Really? You're THAT obtuse, dude? You know exactly what to write, but you can't bring yourself to do it. Oh, the conclusion isn't some lame ass participation trophy but rather a bulging disc in your back that you're gonna have for life? It's those thirty pounds you clearly put on over the last few years because you can't exercise or be active like you used to because of what golf did to your lower spine? It's that you didn't even have a snowballs chance in hell? And now you can't publish that stupid ass book you were going to publish with you on the cover wearing a turtleneck looking like a genius who was gonna tell anyone willing to buy your book that everyone's dreams are attainable? What. A. Dick. I realize that was harsh what I just said, but hey, he won't conclude it, so I guess that means it's up to "reader's interpretation" what the ending means lol. In that case you NEED the following: 1) Strength and durability: You need to just never get injured. You're already behind the 8-ball with time, and you cannot afford to not be playing and practicing six days a week. This is not negotiable. 2) Genetic talent: You need to reach a realization about how to swing a golf club on the downswing sooner rather than later. That crap where you "can't shallow the downswing EVER?" Yea, you need to be able to bust through that phase in months, not years. Larry Nelson picked up golf at 21 and won three majors in the 1980s. YE Yang started playing golf at 19, but was a body builder at the time. There ARE anomalies that exist in this game. They certainly exist, but you really need the physical tools in order to do it. You need strength, durability and a natural born ability to figure out how to hit a golf ball faster than the average person. If you start as a child, I think a wider range of people can pick up the game and one day master it. But once you reach adulthood, that genetic pool dries significantly, and only those left who can learn it are the truly talented ones who didn't have an adult in their life to introduce it to them as kids. And if they got the game as kids? Yang would probably have 2-3 more majors than he does now IMO. But I could be wrong on that.
  3. Yea you either have a kid who loves it or you don't, but a clever parent IMO can convince some children on the fence about the game that it truly is worth it. Most parents are too stupid for that though. Gotta start young tho. As the body grows and develops, it has to grow around the absurdity that is the golf swing. Take for example those crazy Kayan women who add metal rings to their necks in order to elongate them over time: IMO, something similar occurs to the human body when golf is introduced and constantly nurtured during childhood. The body grows and adapts to it in ways someone who picks the game up at 35 will never, ever have. Critical. Critical towards learning because no one can grind at the range like a child's body can too. And as we know, being able to get up and play every day without pain is a critical component to improving. Starting young opens so many doors... and what about junior golf and all that? Learning how to compete against kids in your age group is another massive advantage. Junior golf, high school golf, college golf? Good luck picking this shit up at 30 and being able to hang with the thousands who have gone through those gauntlets and come out of them with a truckload of trophies behind them.
  4. You forgot arguably the two most important ones: 1) starting as a small child 2) having an adult in your life who loves golf enough to take you with them to the range, course from a young age and encouraging your development in some meaningful way. I guess you covered this one though in "a lot of support," but still.
  5. I'm sure they can't get there fast enough at this point. But how much it will help, I wonder that as well. It'll probably improve some % but the ratings will probably still be hurting to some extent. The US Open was way down this year, as we all know, and that's a pretty easy ratings grab with NBA/NHL over, no major NFL news, and MLB still in early June. Probably in the first year though they should in theory see a nice ratings boost just from the novelty of it being in May. Yea, as others have mentioned, it's probably because of all the commercials with the PGA. Smart to not watch it live.
  6. @nevets88 No surprise there really. The Masters thread got 980 replies. This is reply #186 and it's the day after. Even golfers passionate enough about the game to talk about it on a forum didn't give a shit.
  7. Happy Birthday Thread!

    Happy 37, Nate! @cipher
  8. Yea. Definitely odd. Update: Actually, I just googled it, and they did this at the 2016 US Open lol: http://www.golfchannel.com/news/golf-central-blog/all-day-play-saturday-threesomes-tap-delayed-us-open/
  9. Tee times for today just released: Source: https://twitter.com/gremlingolfer
  10. And Kisner with an eagle on seven (he started on ten). To 8-under now. Wow.
  11. Yea, Rickie seems to have realized this course is more tricked out than what they're used to during the normal Wells Fargo event, and therefore you have to take your medicine and lay back more than normal. That said though, Rory is kind of between a rock and a hard place in that he probably doesn't want to take his best club out of his hands on too many holes. But at the same time, he's really just playing crappy in general. He basically pro-chunked a 3 wood that went like 240 yards earlier today, has been terrible with his approaches, and his putting... well, we all know about how that's been going. It's working for me right now, but that site and player has been wonky the last two days. Pretty crappy site. I have to keep reloading my browser when it screws up.
  12. It's cool to see him with a very clear game plan this week, laying back on several holes off the tee and really just trying to play for par on some of them. He's picking his spots. I dunno if it'll work out for him, but it's fun seeing a player stick so firmly to his game plan. Guy's definitely not winging it out there. Disciplined player.
  13. I didn't see this shot you're referencing, but there's something of an unspoken agreement on tour to not mark, so everyone gets helped out. If there's too much heat on their bunker shots, your partner's ball will slow it down if it hits it. I see them do this all the time on tour.
  14. The "Green Mile" thing is already annoying.