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  1. Nooooooo we're all getting so old. Even @jamo has like a job and stuff now. Happy birthday, Erik!
  2. I'm sure they could make an "I Shouldn't Be Alive" season just about some of the brutal slow play experiences people have had out there. Everything always starts out fine. You're in the parking lot changing your shoes getting excited for a great day of golf. You get the green light from the starter that everything's all good... and then boom, you run into "league play" and you and your buddy barely survive by the end. Here's actual footage of a slow play victim being finally rescued. It's brutal. I guess for next time, if there's league play, you should just turn the car around and find another course, assuming this is even a possibility. But where I've lived, there's always another option out there, especially during the work week where there's bound to be a course somewhere nearby that's empty. But chalk it up to lesson learned. Honestly the starter kind of screwed you a little bit by saying it would be fine, but at least now you know the ugly truth about being stuck behind several foursomes of league play. I'd make some quick calls to the nearby clubs, get some info about how crowded they are, then reevaluate with my buddy from there. Avoid that "I Shouldn't Be Alive" slow play situation.
  3. Well considering I sat through all of season two of the Haney Project, my standards are definitely low enough to watch season 2 of the Dan Plan... even though we know the inevitable outcome is failure. Perhaps we need to take this to the next level and do it like the Truman Show. Dan needs to have a son he can be a psycho sports dad to.
  4. OK, thanks. That's too bad. That would've been entertaining as hell to follow.
  5. This is the part that really sticks in my craw the most. Even in the interviews he gave after his back injury, when someone would ask him about this aspect of the project, he would still talk about the short putts as if they were a badge of honor of some kind. He spoke with arrogance over "the genius" of this part of the plan. Really? Now that you're a seasoned veteran, that's what you have to say about the first month or two of the plan? He really can't give a sane response like, "yea, so about that...Yea I had no clue what I was doing. I wouldn't have done it that way again, knowing what I know now. And that's a big thing to take away from a project like this: knowledge and experience can really be a rocket booster for your game if handled the right way." But no, he learned literally nothing from it to the point where had he succeeded (and by "succeeded" I mean just completing the 10K hours), there's a lot of evidence to suggest he would have continued to encourage beginners to start this way. Absurd. Don't get me wrong, he seems like a super nice person, as @mchepp has said he is in his interview, but he's also something of a small time huckster too. He was more low grade motivational speaker than he was a golfer. Now all that being said, I found both his blog and webisode series to be pretty darn entertaining. In fact, the production value of those webisodes is pretty darn good all things considered. Credit to him for putting together a project that was easy to follow if one were so inclined. But the lessons he ultimately drew from the experience were sadly lacking in anything resembling actual wisdom. He could have talked about how hard it is find an instructor who is worth a damn. He could have talked about how the golf swing is such a foreign motion to the human body that it can lead to some gnarly injuries. He could have talked about so many realities of learning golf that one really can't know unless they live it themselves. Instead, he opted for the easy "inspirational" route. Oh well. The interesting thing is that despite his lack of self-awareness, we as readers can still draw our own conclusions from the project, so... readers didn't walk away with nothing. This is a chapter of the Plan I think we all wish we could've seen, as readers. Shame. Was this around when he got hurt (April 2015)? If this was summer 2014 when you offered, then his radio silence is a pretty good indication he was mentally checking out already.
  6. I think I might book a ticket to the '86 or '97 Masters, assuming this deal comes with VIP passes around Augusta National. They'd be pretty cool to experience in person with all the best vantage points. And wow, since @iacas mentioned JFK, that would be a pretty insane historical event to go back to. Can I bring a camera crew with me? Hehe.
  7. Lol, I was pretty close!
  8. Surprised this is your first time posting your swing. Nice! Only thing that really stands out to me is you're not aligned very well with your alignment aid lol Unless that's by design. Otherwise it seems like you have too much address weight in your heels and you appear to be standing too close to the ball. I'm not sure if removing those compensations will net result in better golf however. It could make it easier to draw the ball though if you have a more standard distance from the ball. It's easier to pull or fade the ball when you stand that close to it. Ignore the lines (this pic I found online came with them) but this DTL pic of Adam Scott shows him with less weight in his heels and not crowding the ball so much. Thanks for posting your swing though, Dave. Nice move! PS- Disregard everything I said if the pros here don't agree haha.
  9. Rory making it entertaining right now. Edit: Aaaaaand I just jinxed him.
  10. For those looking for something resembling closure with the Dan Plan, Golfwrx posted this article a couple days ago where Dan says his goodbyes. Since his goodbye is fairly weak, perhaps it's up to me to offer a good ending to this story. I can't decide whether I want to go with the Dan Plan Dirty Harry ending, which contains a valuable lesson: ...or the Dan Plan Goodfellas Ending, which is... well... just cooler :
  11. No my Vinny Testaverde t-shirt always draws numerous high fives from strangers. It was definitely the cargo shorts.
  12. I just want to preface this by saying I reeeeeaaaaallllly don't care that much about this, but I do think it's somewhat interesting to discuss. OK, with that out of the way: I have no problem with him playing wherever he chooses. It's just that he shouldn't scold Muirfield with one hand and then accept a truck load of cash from Emirates with the other. Rory is basically the UAE's one-man minister of tourism for one week out of every year. And that's fine, but he should at least realize he's not being consistent, as @Buckeyebowman pointed out, at least, in my opinion. I really don't think there's anything wrong here with exploring the philosophical implications Rory has created for himself based on his opinion of Muirfield. Based on my reading of the other thread, there's quite a lot to suggest that Muirfield's decision to allow women into their club was all about getting back on the Open rota. It likely had little to do with any social epiphany they may have had about gender equality. It's been well reasoned on the other thread by others, but I'm of the opinion that a private club can do whatever it wants. If it risks hurting their bottom line, then that's a risk they've chosen to take. On the other hand, a sovereign nation probably has a moral obligation to provide its people with equal rights under the law, and when it comes to migrant workers and women, the UAE is sorely lacking. But to make it even worse, they often use their immense affluence to mask these human rights abuses by using a celebrity like Rory to promote the image of a fully Westernized Dubai. So Rory is mad at a club for doing things well within their rights to do as a private club, and yet he's totally cool with promoting tourism in a country that has laws that punish the rape victim. Again, I'm not calling him out for associating with the UAE, just that his Muirfield opinion kind of loses the plot when we look at it in greater context. Now, this is all to say again that I honestly don't care about any of this other than feeling compelled to further clarify my opinion haha . I'm still a big Rory fan. I'm just pointing out that he's being a bit of a hypocrite here. We all are from one time or another.
  13. I was wondering about that one. Thanks for clearing this one up. I fixed mine. Good thread!
  14. Just wanted to add to what @DaveP043 and others said. Probably don't wear cargo shorts. I had been playing golf for all of two days when a friend invited me to his private club. I made the honest mistake of thinking cargo shorts were kosher for golf. I got chewed out pretty hard on the range. It was mildly traumatic haha.
  15. Haha, at some point, Rory's going to have to hire handlers who tell him to pipe down a bit in press conferences. I love his honesty, but it's not a surprise that a superstar athlete didn't think his position through 100% before speaking. He clearly means well though, so he's still awesome in my book, but it's kinda bad now if he allows himself to take that private jet to Dubai to get showered with their VIP treatment and riches. He should know full well that there are government supported crimes against women that go down in the UAE that make the Open at Muirfield look a Lilith Fair music festival. All that being said, I'll take honesty and hypocrisy over an endless stream of canned responses any day! I still love you, Rory!