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  1. The angry mob is so stupid, they actually think they won with this change. First, they fundamentally don't understand the rules of the game, and now they don't even understand what was changed today. Hysterical.
  2. Oh, sorry for the double post, but I sometimes love watching Rocco Mediate swing, as "ugly" as his motion is. His tempo and overall lack of traditional athleticism really reminds me that you don't have to muscle it out there to get 250+ yards out of your drives.
  3. Haha, good ol' Reunion. Miss that place. For tempo stuff, I find that just watching Fred Couples or even Rory McIlroy can really help me accept you don't have to swing hard to make the ball go far. Freddie: Rory: The Big Easy: Steve Elkington: Vijay: Louis Oosthuizen: Luke Donald: Sometimes it just helps to get into a good player's rhythm. It's probably one reason we often play better with better players, but who really knows Cheers, and have fun out there.
  4. The Beach Boys -- Til I Die
  5. Actually no, they're ****ing terrible.
  6. Ah, okay. Interesting. Also I just remembered @mvmac telling me a while ago that he changes his pattern up based on something he may be demonstrating for someone, so maybe that's part of it too.
  7. Sigh.... Get well soon, Tiger.
  8. @No Mulligans That's excellent. Love the tune and chord choices. Those are cool. Thanks for sharing. Great tone on that guitar too by the way... that's the main reason I want to up the quality of my guitar soon. With a cheaper guitar it's much harder obviously to get those crispy notes.
  9. His head moves significantly forward on his downswing in these swings. Surprising he can strike the ball so crisply doing this. What are the thoughts on what he's doing here? Several rank amateurs like myself struggle with the head translating forward, and yet Mac does it and still plays the game at such an incredibly high level. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4oewQPhbJew (Ol' Ridyard not allowing embedding for some reason now, but @Beachcomber posted it early in the thread) The head is clearly going forward, and it's not coming back ever like it does below with driver. Obviously his DTL view is darn near perfect, but it's just surprising to me he can move his head forward this much. Here are some more Mac Swings for the thread though: He doesn't translate the head forward here with this persimmon driver:
  10. As someone who has done both, IMO Five Simple Keys is significantly better. And 5SK instructors are much more qualified to help you than a Stack and Tilt Guy is. I'd look into a lesson with a 5SK guy, and wouldn't waste my money on a S&T guy. Just my opinion, and I hope that helps.
  11. Hey, thanks @Lihu, that's super nice of you! Appreciate it! I've played poker for a living since I was like 20 years old. I'm not famous though or anything. I purely play cash games. It's a grind, but I still love it after all these years. Fits in well with my odd personality. It's not a cool robotics job, but it pays the bills
  12. Fun thread. Here's my guitar. I'd hardly classify this as "guitar porn" though. More like, "boring ass guitar wife" hehe. I've had this thing since 2005, when I bought it for about $650. It's a Takamine G-series EG501s. It's pretty beat up at this point but it still works. I was actually in a guitar store the other day playing a $2000 Martin acoustic-electric and I'm probably going to buy it at some point this year. The difference in sound is instantly noticeable. It would be a shame to retire Old Faithful here, but I guess all good things must pass eventually. All that said, I recorded this cover last night with it, and it still works fairly well. Any Blur fans out there?
  13. Oh snaaaaaaaaaaaaap Best of luck to you, Nate! Hopefully I can make my return to the game one of these days myself, but as you know all too well, it's a slow process. But seeing you make swings today really makes me happy for you. I know it's just one session, but hey, you gotta start somewhere. Here's to a happy, healthy 2017 season for you, bud!
  14. @mvmac There's this one too from Deadspin: Ian Poulter is a Sensitive Penis The top comment from that article:
  15. Not a fan. I'm tempted to tweet this at him lol: