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  1. Haha I sold out the day I started playing golf. I was 25 years old, spring of 2008. I was hooked right away, and I've been a proud sell out ever since.
  2. Wow. These guys are good. Or rather, this particular guy is really good haha.
  3. Ok, my bad, I didn't realize he wasn't really working anywhere within golf, but rather still fulfilled the requirements for eligibility. Yea Uresti actually had four starts on the PGA Tour last year. Mike Small had one web.com and two Champions Tour starts. Kinda fishy, I guess. I guess it wouldn't kill them if they made a rule that you can't be eligible for this event if you've had more than two starts on the PGA, Web.com or Champions Tour in the last 12 months, but I could see that annoying a lot of people too.
  4. I think it's fine. My club's head pro played in the event too but missed the cut. He played on the Web.com in 2005, 2006. It only makes sense that after they lose their cards that they find head pro jobs or head coaching jobs at places across the country and settle into a more stable lifestyle than the tour life. "Played on tour" must look really good on a resume too. The PGA Tour gets tougher every year. It makes sense the talent pool within the PGA of America would as well.
  5. Tom Watson-Bruce Edwards comes to mind, although, they "were on a break" for a couple years during their thirty year partnership. I can't help but continuing to make lame Phil and Bones jokes. Bones' letter to Phil, probably : At least I crack myself up.
  6. This must be what people felt like when Brad and Jen broke up. But something tells me I'll be okay, guys... I'll be okay... Hehe. RIP Phil and Bones.
  7. Congrats, dude!!! Lucky bastard!
  8. Unusually absurd field this week with Rory, Day, Justin Thomas, and Jordan Spieth all deciding to play in it this year. Thomas almost won last year and Day's played in it three times, but it'll be tourney debuts for Rory and Spieth. Should be interesting.
  9. A rejection unlike any other! I got the shaft. Congrats to @coachjimsc and @jsgolfer Me right now though:
  10. Damn it! No email for me yet... Assuming that means I got shafted AGAIN. Sigh, congrats, I guess Haha, hopefully you can read my bitterness in a funny way.
  11. Yea, but it also has a personal touch to it.
  12. Damn, I wanted to hate the cyclist for hogging the road, but the stupid driver had to lose his mind and try to kill the guy. Not to make excuses for attempted manslaughter but the guy must've been having a really bad day. Here's a funny Calvin and Hobbes comic I think golfers can relate to on some level hehe:
  13. Hey, I totally agree with that about the absurdity of the field. I mean, Rory definitely got his butt handed to him at Erin Hills, that's for sure, even if that was mostly self-inflicted. I think if Rory never wins another major, I think it will most likely be because of injuries more than anything else. He's dealt with back issues since he was 19 years old. It was around 2010 when he was diagnosed with some sort of degenerative condition in his lower spine, and it was so concerning to him that he decided to completely change his lifestyle by eating better and doing regular strength training to improve the core muscles around his spine. Kudos to him for being so dedicated to nutrition and exercise and ultimately transforming his body over the last seven, eight years. To me, that's dedication. There might be some vanity mixed in there as motivation, but I really do think that there's genuine drive and love of the game displayed in that kind of a consistent change. Yea, this is definitely fun to chat about. There really are so many freaks on tour these days. Even the journeymen are freaks.
  14. Yea but did you read my post beyond that? He's going off. The stats all say that, except for his short game. His putting has been a lot better than last year too, currently at +0.341 from -0.207 in 2016. Small sample in 2017 because of injuries, but still promising. I think Rory will be fine. Obviously you're entitled to your opinion, but I think it's more on the provocative side of things than anything subjectively interesting when it comes to sports debates like this. That's just opinion though, hope that's fine.
  15. Brooks kinda reminds me of Mark Wahlberg a bit... maybe he should play him in the Brooks Koepka biopic. And hey, there was even a burning blimp that crashed on Thursday... perfect disaster situation for Wahlberg that they can take some creative liberties with. Coming in 2019... I'll see myself out....