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  1. Congrats, Scott! Wishing you a healthy, happy retirement! 👏
  2. As long as he stays healthy and motivated, neither of which appear to be an issue, he'll eventually figure this out. Golf is just multi-year maddening like that for even the game's best. It's interesting though that his swings from 2015 are nearly identical to the ones he makes now, at least to my eye. 2015 Matchplay: 2019 Northern Trust, slight over-draw to left side of fairway:
  3. Air pollution is down across the world. It's the golden age of being a pet, every owner is forced to stay home with them haha. I'm appreciating the life I had before #QuarantineLife began, that's for sure. Also, we can all finally write our novels/screenplays too* hehe. I'm zero pages into mine, which is another positive... for the world. Otherwise though, I've been pretty negative about this whole thing, so thanks for starting a thread that forced me to go the other direction for once 😃 *well, a lot of us anyway.
  4. It feels like so long since I've watched one of these. This was really great. USA!! 😄
  5. Learning golf is definitely chaotic, there's no question about that, but I've had the pleasure of working with several good instructors over the years, and there's also no question that they quantum leap you forward. You could spend an entire year practicing five times a week trying to figure out something that the instructor will tell you in thirty seconds. That kind of time/chaos reduction is worth the $100 or whatever they charge. You're always going to have to practice a lot to become good at this game, and you're going to get better at timing a bad swing the more you practice, but if you don't have correct information or you keep ingraining bad habits and just keep trying to make them work, you will never ever get to great or even good amateur golf, which I think a lot of us who start as adults hope to reach, especially those of us who join golf forums or who take their improvement seriously. A good instructor will give you an opportunity to reach whatever your potential is in this game, whether that's a zero or a five or a nine or whatever the case may be.
  6. Drew McConnell's Helsinki -- "The Very Last Boy Alive"
  7. Because I’m a sellout who loves America.
  8. Okay, I officially take back everything I ever said about Patrick Reed and am now rooting for him to win us some points.
  9. I used a theraband flexbar, weights, stretching, gentle massage, and working with a great PT. I also used blood flow restriction therapy. And I know this next one is for tennis elbow but strengthening the entire forearm is going to help. IMO the best thing is to see a great physical therapist to walk you through this though, someone who is up to date on the latest treatment methods. I currently do not have any symptoms and hit balls yesterday without any pain there. Pain emotionally yes but not in the medial epicondyle 😄
  10. I had just a stretch day yesterday and overall felt pretty good, so I decided to go back to the range to hit some drill PWs, just so I could do some disciplined work on my swing and build some momentum hopefully towards lasting change. Keep in mind, I can't even break 90 right now. Not because of putting and short game which IMO are perfectly fine (for example, I shot an under par round at the Jupiter Lighthouse mini-golf course recently), but because I would just hit so many awful full swing shots, there's simply no way it would happen right now. The good news is, the range is a magical place for me despite all the frustrations that come with trying to change one's swing. So face-on looks perfectly fine to me right now, especially given the scores I anticipate I would shoot if I stepped on the course: BTW, I hope everyone is cool with vertical video. I used to poo-poo it, but since I read the site a lot on my phone, vertical vids are actually preferred for me, but I can stop doing that if it's frowned upon still. But yea, I know that's a drill swing, but it seems like it's fine given my ability level. DTL however is a bit of a different story. This is more or less a full swing. Well close enough anyway: Yea, not as promising looking as FO is. That said, after I left I went to grab a bite, and while watching some swings at the table while waiting for my food I noticed this: Elbow shifts behind me in transition which probably is compromising some of what I'm trying to do. And I don't do it in softer drill swings. From that nice DTL driver swing from Monday: And I'm not necessarily trying to copy Tiger, but he's such a good model for so many things, I'm just going to remind myself what he looks like at this point too: I will say, working my swing again has been both totally frustrating, totally fascinating, and a lot of fun 😄. It's interesting how on drill swings the elbow doesn't shift behind me, but it does on full swings. It's definitely something I need to pay attention to if I want the kinds of elbow positions that make it easier to swing the club on plane. I know Rory McIlroy and others have weird elbows and stuff and are fine, but since I'm such a crap golfer, I think it's probably a good idea to apply some conscious thought to this so it gradually goes away with practice and time. I'm otherwise still working on the same things: Steep shoulder pitch in backswing, dip torso in early downswing, bring arms down faster relative to the body, open/slide/extend knees and hips, and now... don't let my trail elbow shift behind me in the transition. Hopefully I feel good enough to get back out to this range in a couple days. I got a two hour PT session though in an hour with some BFR therapy so hopefully I get through that well given how sore I am at the moment lol. Baby steps continue.... Edit: I just wanted to add that because I'm dynamically working on several things,especially during rehearsal swings in between actually hitting the ball, this experience will likely be a bit more frustrating than normal. I know these are a lot of changes to juggle. I just want to remind myself that frustration and bad shots and everything else are just a part of the game, and the faster I learn to accept that, the better off I will be.
  11. I think @rehmwa was referring to a @chile quote, not me. Anyway yea, I'm also interested to see what the Aussie crowds do with this 😄. And piggy backing on what others have said, coupled with his history and the act itself, it really is about all the stupid ways he's decided to cover this up in the aftermath. And then yesterday, he decides to turn himself into this victim/hero/star-of-his-own-revenge-tragedy by saying that what Cam Smith said about it was "personal." Really? I mean, I guess he's in Australia at the moment so he can contact Mel Gibson and ask him optimal revenge strategies to use this week. Definitely a solid resource. Maybe Braveheart revenge will be more effective, I dunno. But as an American I guess I can do some mental gymnastics and make this personal along with him. Let's teach them internationals some manners, Patrick!!!
  12. Got it. Thanks for clearing that up. I will alert Golfchannel immediately 😜 It’s Tuesday after the fact, I think it’s still fair game lol. Plus the guy has a history. Also it’s a golf forum. And I’m just joking around 😂
  13. Find someone as forgiving to you as much as @chile and @BallStriker are to Patrick Reed 😄
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