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  1. True, 250K per song is a good rate. Phil's gotta play 36 holes over two days minimum for what amounts to just a couple mil or thereabouts. So if you think about it, he's giving them an amazing deal and is arguably getting lowballed, especially when adjusted for inflation. Likely they were drinking 1983 Pessac-Leognan. A touch of the ethereal to be sure, but hardly what one comes to expect from that magical estate.
  2. Big fan of the Saudi government, great administration, fair for sure. Great amenities, lovely Haut-Brion, etc. Very pleased with the level of care they give to tour pros as the PGA tour can be a third world gulag at times, especially if you've been grinding for three plus decades like Phil has. Really unfair and frankly, he's suffered enough. I hear women were just allowed to drive by themselves too, which I applaud. It definitely shows they're moving forward and being progressive. They've nearly caught up to the west now for sure IMO. That journalist guy, whatever happened there, seems like a misunderstanding or something. All the facts aren't really out, so it's unfair for us to start jumping to conclusions just yet. Plus Phil's a family man first, a golfer second. He needn't trouble himself with these cause-célèbre-du-jours that seem to pop up everyday now. Also, I'm pretty sure that journalist is fine somewhere, probably sipping Haut-Brion in Dubai as I type this. You don't know. I equate this to that time Mariah Carey played that four-song set for Muammar Gaddafi's 2009 New Years Eve bash for a cool million bucks... you know, obviously before his people rose up and killed him just a couple years later for decades of atrocities. That totally wasn't tone deaf and was totally her right as a performer. Sure, the audience was filled with murderous generals and various terrorist sponsors yucking it up over Haut-Brion and avocado toast but so what? #hatersgonnahate
  3. Ahhh interesting that they like Dallas too. That’s another good site that if you take with just the right amount of salt grains you can make some pretty good predictions. Good to see DVOA has Dallas’s special teams ranked 32nd lol. They’ve been absolutely awful there all season.
  4. It's kind of a chicken or the egg thing with Dallas. We have a large enough sample to know that Jason Garrett is a below average head coach, but the Dallas players also haven't played well either. I do however think that a new head coach is the way to go if you're Jerry. There have just been too many silly things over the years, including this year, that makes me scratch my head and wonder. The FG down seven last week in New England with six minutes to go probably should have been four down territory. They gave up a huge play against Minnesota a few weeks ago with just ten men on the field. It ultimately led to a TD and Dallas lost 28-24. And as good as I think Dak Prescott is as a talent (I'm not a hater), he isn't coached up enough in some of these late game spots where he has to know that taking a 3 or 4 yard scramble is better than an incomplete. He's done that quite a bit year to setup more difficult four downs. That's partly on Dak/partly on the coach for not hammering at him in practice to stop doing that. I'm not sure who the answer should be here at HC. Kellan Moore is pretty young and has shown as many great flashes of play calling as he has bad. I'm sure some no name out there could probably do a better job though. If anyone cares, here's what Profootballfocus thinks of Dallas. They're their 4th rated team overall this year based on each graded play, so PFF loves them I guess: I've been a subscriber there for years so I know how much salt to take these grades with, but it's still always interesting to see what they think. Overall, based on their name value, it seems Dallas has underachieved on the offensive line as well as defensively. Their grades do reflect that as well. As far as them being overhyped every year, Dallas has the highest Forbes valuation at just over 5.5 billion, so it makes sense why people talk about them a lot. They have a crap load of supporters. Other than that though, I do think they're underachieving given the amount of talent they have. But like I said, that probably has to do with poor execution and a few too many guys playing through injuries as it does with Garrett's poor preparation. I know everyone's injured at this point, but Dallas does seem pretty banged up too.
  5. This seems pretty clever. The fact that it's sold out also says something. I might be adding this on my "From Santa, To Me" list 😄
  6. I was out with an idiopathic disease for 3.5 years. Grow a pair, you wimps!!! 🤣 And yes, I’m going to play this annoying “I was out for X years” card on here til it’s worn to shreds so get ready for that 😜 Oh yea and since I’m technically an annoying golfer again, lemme give you guys some unsolicited advice. This is a great opportunity to eat your optimal diet and to get into the gym or rehab if you have some nagging issue like tennis elbow or something. April is really just right around the corner and what better way to kick that off than to be physically ready to go on day one? 💪😀
  7. I just spent five minutes trying to find the Hero on TV because of you lol. I want those five minutes back 😂 PS- to keep this on topic: Rory McIlroy... not overrated 😄
  8. Well if I knew what this feels like I might have voted for it 😀
  9. It's all fun, but I went for the piped drive. Chicks dig the long ball! Plus it's a nice celebration of physical health, which for me means something 😄Fumbling with an awkward club twirl then quickly reaching for the tee after a solid drive is pure joy!
  10. Great show, but mostly because it got my juices flowing again for this wonderful game. I just finished several episodes. The best tip I got from it was when Xander said he has a tendency to see a closed clubface at address as square. It immediately struck a chord with me, and I realized I did the same thing. Easy enough fix. The Faxon episode was fun because where it was filmed (Old Palm CC) was where I got several Aimpoint lessons and my Edel putter fitted all the way back in 2012, so it was nice seeing that practice green again. Beautiful place. The Waite episode had a creepy 2010 feel to it. Like really, you're still hammering these same things, Grant? 😂 Hopefully he doesn't read this as I'm saying this in a joking tone, but come onnnn. Chris Como is definitely a refreshing voice for Golf Channel. I just watched a Martin Hall School of Golf episode and that left something to be desired.
  11. Yeesh, just got caught up on this thread, @Vinsk Glad to read you're on the mend. Get well soon!
  12. Thanks! Slowly but surely 😄 I feel really good! But also cautious since it's been a rough few years with all this stuff. I'm forcing myself to stay present and positive. I don't want to get too ahead of myself or too negative about these things. I'm very happy I've made it to this point. I'll probably head back to the range on Friday for another go at it, forcing myself to leave after 45 minutes max. Hopefully I remember how to practice properly so I can change things more efficiently 🙂 With golf, my only goal right now is to be able to practice regularly and pain free. If I can accomplish that, then everything else will eventually follow. It seems like I'm actually almost there, which is hard for me to believe. A few more months of rehab and I might actually be able to practice three times a week, which would be an amazing accomplishment for me. Thanks for a great welcome back, and Happy Thanksgiving to you too! And congrats on yet another teacher award 😃 Very much deserved!
  13. Thanks! Appreciate that. Yea, the keto diet was the spark that started a bunch of good things happening for me. 6 weeks later I found a good surgeon/rehab team and was able to go from there. Non-stop keto since April 6th of this year! I was editing my original post, but I might as well add what I was gonna edit here: All my ball flights were horrendous push-fades that almost went out of the range, hence why palmar flexion makes sense to add. And I'm super steep too. I have one video of it (the only DTL vid I shot), so you can just take my word for it that I steepen the crap out of it in transition then dump it/shallow it/high handle it late, with totally not-functional results 😂 Too ugly to post. My last swing of the day I added a bit of motorcycle revving and the cut immediately was reduced by like 80%.
  14. Well, I'm not gonna say "I'm back," because of how precarious this all probably is, but after two major surgeries and a lot of rehab, I actually hit range balls without pain this past Sunday for 45 minutes. Predictably, my swing is horrible now (well, worse than usual), but my only real concern is getting strong enough to be able to practice regularly. I've taken my diet seriously for almost eight months (keto) and I've lost 30 pounds, plus I rehab pretty much every day, so I'm slowly getting stronger and more flexible (six months and counting). Right now, diet/rehab/sleep are the priorities in my life, which is boring yes, but after six plus months of it, I know it's a path that should eventually lead me back to the gym and ultimately to the practice tee on a regular basis. Anyway, I should probably include a couple swings from the first post-surgical session, so here you go. The swing itself is worse than the fact that I just posted another vertical video, yikes 😋... To be expected though, I guess. A far cry from the goodness of the last swing I uploaded here (me decked out in red above). Hopefully I can get that back sooner rather than later. So yea, I declared my priorities to be: 1) Slide hips 2) Head stays back 3) Swing arms passed body The best I could muster in that short session was this: I guess that's decent for just a few swings. After I got home, I decided the other priority was adding palmar flexion to the lead wrist in transition (I'm steep too, but that's hard to see from FO). Priorities for next time: 1) Slide/rotate/extend hips on downswing 2) Head moves downward and back on downswing (NOT forward) 3) Swing arms aggressively across my chest on downswing 4) Palmar flex lead wrist in transition and early downswing to facilitate less steepness Now, I know that's a lot, but I'm pretty sure that's what I'm supposed to be focusing on when practicing. I'm not gonna step on a course for a while anyway. For one, I'm only cleared to hit range balls twice a week max right now. I've been chipping and putting since November 1st only, so I still have a long way to go. I probably won't be cleared for actual golf for a couple months, which is actually fine by me cuz my swing isn't functional right now anyway. I have rehab at 11am today. Like I said, I rehab every day, probably on average about three hours per day since I also take care of everything else (back, legs, forearms, etc.). It's a lot and almost like a full-time job. Currently, I'm doing blood flow restriction therapy on both shoulders and my left knee. It's intense, but it's helping a lot to rebuild all the atrophy I have in my arms and legs. The doctors here are awesome. I rehab with MLB players and other cool pro athletes at his baller facility here in West Palm. Even Brook Koepka was here for a little bit rehabbing his patella, with my same doctor team. Nice guy. He should've stayed (he bounced after only a week). Maybe he'd be playing the President's Cup had he stuck around. PS- My surgeries were the following if anyone was wondering: I've progressed a ton since this post, but it sums up what the problem was decently enough. Oh yea, hitting range balls on Sunday was the first pain free golf session I've had since June 6th, 2016. Crazy right? I'm still sore from it, but at least it's a "good" sore. Who knows how long I'll be able to last. I don't really want to think about it. I just focus on my daily rehab, my healthy diet, and I stay positive and hope for the best. ....aaaaaamd I think I know what I'm gonna be thankful for this year 😊 Happy Thanksgiving, guys!
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