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  1. Danny Lee's mother is a golf pro, and young Danny apparently spent a lot of time at the golf course where she worked, waiting for her to drive them home. Obviously there are a lot of golf pros with children out there, so that doesn't mean he'll automatically be a great player, but it's definitely a big reason for his success so far.
  2. 100% Danny Lee is the real deal. I said this on the other Danny Lee thread, but this kid is sick. I've been looking for videos online of his swings since his U.S Amateur victory and I've found nothing. This kid is golf's best kept secret. He's something like 6'1", 145 lbs. He has super skinny arms but his body is literally like one big rubber band. His power is impressive and so is his short game. I love this kid's game in every way. Danny, I'm your no.1 fan! Go get 'em, buddy! Good luck at the Masters!
  3. Danny Lee is the real deal. I watched him win the U.S. Amateur to become the youngest ever winner of the event (breaking Tiger's record by a couple months), and now this victory? He showed incredible composure down the stretch. The kid is something like 6'1", 145 lbs. He has skinny arms, but can create an incredible amount of torque with his swing. He's like a human rubber band. I wonder how many majors this kid eventually wins. I love his entire game. Go Danny!
  4. I started on May 1st, 2008, and I remember the day because my 25th birthday bash was the day before and I remember being "not all there" at my 1st golf lesson. Anyway, I was hooked immediately. My best score is a 92 on this really forgiving 6,001 yard course. On a course longer than 7,000 my best score is 106. Brutal game! Keeps me coming back though! Winter in the North East United States really sucks!!! I haven't gotten to play a round since early November!
  5. I just bought a Bettinardi BC1 myself. I'm six months into my golf "career." I wasn't going to get a sick putter like this until I felt like I was a better player, but when I went to my local golf store, they told me they were going out of business, which was really sad to hear since all the guys who work there are great, honest people and it really sucks to lose my usual hangout after work. Anyway, the guy offered me a BC1 for $140. I couldn't pass it up. My best round ever has been only a 92, but I three putt a lot. I four putt more than I'd like to admit as well. Hell, I've even five
  6. In Tiger's book How I Play Golf (2001), he talks about swing thoughts. This is an excerpt from his book, page 156, where he talks about mastering a powerful draw shot for a specific hole at Augusta National: "Long before I arrived at Augusta for the 2001 Masters, I practiced that draw with my driver and 3-wood. For two months solid, I would devote a little extra time on the practice tee with that specific shot in my mind's eye. I don't consciously change my mechanics. I do it by feel. My last thought before I take the club back is 'Draw.' I got good at hitting the shot in practice, but wo
  7. Really great post because I would imagine this happens a lot all over the world. I was having the greatest round of my very young golf career (5 months in). This was with my dad and my best friend two weeks ago. I had finished Ben Hogan's Five Lessons about a month prior to this and I had been practicing Ben's teachings vigorously. His advice was just starting to take hold in my game. On the front nine, I shot a 41 and was never striking the ball so good. That's when it got ugly. We show up to the tenth tee and there are two other groups there waiting to tee off. You could see down the fairw
  8. Sorry, misprint, my buddy has never PAID for a lesson, but obviously he's gotten proper instruction. Re-reading my post, I sound very much against golf lessons. Not the case. A lesson from a legit golfer can benefit anyone; however, what I was attempting to illustrate was that to truly become a good golfer, one must be able to diagnose his own swing problems and then fix them himself. That comes from studying the game and acquiring the knowledge and experience to know how to execute a variety of shots that will lower your scores. You can find this knowledge in books in any Borders or Barnes an
  9. This is actually an important topic. There was a guy I knew of who used to smoke a lot on the golf course. He would put his cigarette down on the green while he putted. Well, one day, he goes to putt, and he puts his cigarette down on the green like always, and when he comes back for his cigarette, he didn't know that it got some chemicals on it (they had sprayed something recently). He took one puff and collapsed. He was rushed to the hospital and almost died and was left with permanent paralysis in his left arm. As a cigarette smoker myself, I never ever put my cigarettes anywhere near t
  10. Hey, man. I'm 25 as well and I started playing golf in May of this year, so we're in a very similar boat. I've gone from shooting in the 150s to now the mid 90s in five months. I too have an atheltic build and a solid appreciation for this game. Here's what I did to get to where I am today: 1. I took six lessons from this old guy I met at a golf range. I payed him $60 per 30 minute lesson. He was a total prick and in the end I realized that he just wanted my money. He actually was teaching me the wrong things about weight transfer and never told me that I needed to turn my hands over at impa
  11. Oh man. This happened recently, in July of this year. I was at the Hominy Hill Golf Course in Colts Neck, NJ. I had been playing golf for about 2 months or so, and I think at this point (hole no.14 I believe) I was on pace for something like a 160+. It was something like the tenth ever time I had played golf, so I was obviously very frustrated. I banana sliced the shit out of my tee shot about 210 yards and fell somewhere in the trees. It's the shortest par 4 on the course, so I could see that the pin was only about 160 yards from me...however, there were trees everywhere. My friends told me
  12. Wow, Charlotte posts on this forum? Ok., well, looks like this is the only chance I'll get at (sort of) talking to Charlotte. Not to sound creepy, Charlotte, but you are the bomb. And really hot. And awesome at golf. Obviously, we'll never meet, and I'm way too crappy a golfer for you to ever date me (though I never picked up a club before May of this year), but I feel like saying a couple things here, and since you use the forum (isn't it great?), well, I'd be pretty stupid not to take advantage of this, so here goes: You got nerves of steel and that will serve you well on the difficult gol
  13. WOW! Great show! A contestant actually almost died trying to birdie that last hole! What great TV. No way this show is allowed to push their contestants to the brink like that on the next one. Hopefully they keep it though. Charlotte rules!
  14. What you said in your other post makes perfect sense though, about how body type dictates what your optimal swing style is, and finding that or creating that is different for every golfer. I would still try to keep that right arm tucked to your body though, even if it feels really awkward. I'm 6'0", 185 and it felt completely unnatural for me for a month, and this was when I was going to the range literally every day after work. I had to ease it in slowly, and would give up after only 3-4 balls early on. After a while though, practicing it in slow-motion in my living room and hitting balls at
  15. Great forum, interesting thread. I just started playing the game in May of 2008 and discovered this forum a couple month ago. On the suggestion of this thread, I just bought this book about 30 minutes ago. Good read so far. Thanks for the tip, guys.
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