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  1. To be fair, Roberts is completely out of his natural habitat and safety of the totally maudlin four-minute puff piece. I can't really expect him to be Peter Jennings right now or something. But still. Come on, Jimmy. Be a professional today please.
  2. EXACTLY. Came here to complain about that too. WTF, Jimmy??
  3. I have enough home equipment where it would take me two years of working out 3-4 times a week to reach a point where I would need to join a gym to keep gaining. So that's my long term goal. Hopefully covid is gone by then.
  4. For the Barstool fans here, Riggs got a lesson from Gankas recently. It's been a while since I worked on my golf theory stuff, but generally I agree with GG about what the problem is. Riggs does need to open a lot more, more passive right arm. Not sure I like the "look down the target line right away" thing on the downswing though. Some quarter and half swings probably would help to incorporate too, mixed in with the speedier stuff. Anyway, I thought this was a good spot to post this for any further discussion on GG that people wanted to have.
  5. Haha I actually watched that recently too. Yea, good stuff, thanks. Hopefully someone lurking this can enjoy it too.
  6. I actually haven't really yet, but these two songs were awesome, thanks. I know all New Order's hits but actually diving into their catalog, no not yet. I will now though. I've always liked their stuff. You could actually see Joy Division trending towards New Order with the song Love Will Tear Us Apart. It's a shame what happened to Ian Curtis. I know the Joy Division version of "Ceremony," which I believe was their last recorded song. Yea same. It's probably why I've trended more towards post-punk music as I've gotten older (and softer).
  7. I tend to love anything British rock or Irish rock related from the Beatles thru to current stuff like the Libertines (2003-2015). This was pretty cool. I would listen to something like this in the background while rehabbing or cooking for sure. Thanks. The Smiths meanwhile despite singing about themes that have very little to do with me somehow are so fun for me to listen to. It's kind of interesting how that works. I guess I just love Johnny Marr's riffs and Morrissey's vocal melodies. I've oddly gone through a late age (I'm 37) Joy Division phase recently, though I admit th
  8. Okay, I know this is their biggest hit, but I think This Charming Man is my favorite Smiths song. Maybe this opinion will change next week, who knows.
  9. Good example of the unfortunate limitations of forum reputation systems 😄
  10. The short answer, yes. Many are limited flight to begin with and then progressively get less aerodynamic as they get used. Some nice clubs though will have Titleist NXTs or even Pro-V1s on their range and when those are close to new, they will typically fly their normal distance. Those though will deteriorate as time goes by obviously. The richer the club the more often they're replaced. Most public ranges have pretty beat up range balls, so yea you should expect them to fly shorter and sometimes even weirdly. They're designed for durability so thousands of golfers can use them, but that
  11. Yea I had an MRI last week and it came back clean. Shoulder still hurts though even though I had surgery June 27th, 2019 (but who's counting?). But Babyshambles are a cool band. Not for everyone, perhaps an acquired taste, but they're not without their charm. Here's "Maybelline" to keep this on topic haha. Thanks for checking out the cover though, I appreciate it. It's fun to record something every now and then. Random trivia: that cover art on Maybelline was done by Damien Hirst.
  12. Yea, I have no idea and I've been playing guitar for over twenty years (99% of it has been acoustic though). Speaking of me playing, here's a cover I did in March of Babyshambles' "A'rebours." Cool song IMO. I definitely paid the price for recording this. Left shoulder hurt for like three weeks straight after, but it was worth it. I haven't played any guitar since, but PT has been promising this past week or so. So we'll see! Fingers crossed.
  13. Sorry I forgot to reply. Love it. Here's another Smiths one. Jeane!
  14. Lol, perfect response. Thanks, Mike 😅 Keep at it, man! You'll get it.
  15. Controversial: Giving up on your waterskiing career so quickly. The world was robbed. Great interview besides that 😁
  16. Watched St.Elmo's Fire last night for the first time and while the story was completely stupid and bizarre, this song was tight.
  17. Thanks, I enjoyed that. I forgot how fun it is to watch tour pros look like amateurs. Golf is hard ®.
  18. Lol, I'll go as far as to say he should've won there. Crazy he also has five additional seconds in majors as well. I was just looking at the 2019 leaderboard, and boy, it's a bit hard not to be a tad disappointed with the names at the top this year....
  19. Hey Mike, great job with your game over these last few years. Really awesome to see your improvement and follow along from time to time. Can't emphasize enough how impressive this is having followed you for, wow, ten years now. I had a question about impact for you. Your lead arm seems pretty pinned to the torso and you don't seem to have the shaft lean a tour pro might have at that same point in the swing. I was wondering your thoughts on this. Arms seem to be late in the downswing relative to pivot.
  20. Thanks for this. Clarified several things I was wondering about. I admit that I have been very confused by his teachings more often than not. That's typically a bad sign for a golf instructor.
  21. This book was ahead of its time. It's cool it continues to help people year after year. I might need to re-read it now that I'm gearing up for a return to golf (long absence due to health reasons).
  22. The absolute worst rounds for me are the ones where I realize like five holes in that I'm playing too far back. So I will typically err on the side of shorter rather than longer until my game proves I should be challenging myself more, especially on a new course. So again, yardage is the primary determining factor with rating second.
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