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  1. Hmmmm, well that makes sense certainly how another person could be thinking about technique while they play. In basketball, my thoughts would always be in regards to spacing or off-the-ball strategy, which was always my weakness, so that would probably qualify as playing with a thought. Technique wise however I never did, maybe because my jumper was so automatic by the time I was fifteen years old that it wasn't something I had to do anymore. For a free kick though that requires some bend, I could see how even someone as accomplished as David Beckham might think of swinging a tad more fr
  2. I've played one round in 2019 and I wasn't grouped with anyone I didn't know, but I definitely have thought about how this could lead to a contentious argument with a stranger who is insistent that they keep the flag out. I leave it in on all shots, or plan to. I won't keep putting it back in if there's a random playing partner who is constantly removing it though. I just don't think it's worth it to slow everyone down, but I could see how this could lead to some intense conversation. I'm typically not one who just lets people get away with spreading bad information, so you could say I'm the t
  3. Sometimes I wonder why @iacas even bothers, but then I remember that these posts are public and that even if they don't convince the person he's arguing with, members like me, and the lurkers without accounts, can greatly benefit from the discussion that he generates. I've been here over ten years, and he is still fighting the good fight, with basically no loss of passion. Respect. Edit: Just to keep this on topic... Man, it'd be so cool to be able to play golf without a thought. It's how I play every other sport. You just play. Alas, it's just not possible for me. The golf
  4. Vinsk, you kind of have the same problem as me: the arms stall out big time post impact and it basically becomes like a glorified pitch shot motion a frame or two past impact. Obviously since I was just informed of this issue in my swing, I basically look for it in every swing I look at now, but yours is the first one on here where I'm also seeing this problem. It's not as bad as what I was doing, but it's bad enough where I think it's okay for me to say something, at the very least, to make you aware of it. Check out my swing thread sometime if you want to read about it. My head moves
  5. I was just looking at @phillyk's swing recently, and it's definitely a good example of someone who shallows the club very well while not having what one would call ideal turning rates. In fact, his turning rates are what one would probably classify as stalled out, and yet he shallows it beautifully. And he plays very good golf, having recently shot 67 My point though is that Erik is definitely right that shallowing the club is largely controlled by the forearms. @phillyk's swing seems to be an exception to the rule, but he proves that ideal turning rates aren't necessary
  6. It's probably not the best thing to publicize that the caddie got something like 80K in cash, which would be life changing money if you're dirt poor in Mexico. The false 3K number could've been just to protect the caddie.
  7. Yea, that's a good point. I think it could also be a mini-protest that it's not held in Miami anymore too. Scott won the last one they had at Doral. But yea, it is a bit curious he doesn't want the cheap world ranking points. Maybe he just doesn't like the WGC courses and thinks he has a better shot at wins elsewhere.
  8. Yea, from his perspective it makes a lot of sense. He's a past winner at the Honda and it's pretty close to his residence in the Bahamas (I think that's where he lives). He's dropped all the way down to 41 in the world, so I could see why he would think he has a better chance at a win at PGA National than in Mexico, and he doesn't want to pass that up. The Match-play meanwhile isn't particularly great prep for the Masters, so it makes sense skipping that too. And then the St.Jude one is right after the British. I would imagine he expects to feel pretty drained after that and wants the next wee
  9. Same. I have a nice one too, but always go to my 56 because of the increased bounce and familiarity. That being said, Brandel Chamblee was saying on GC last week that a 60 is better club, equating it to leaving the flag stick in while putting. Whether that's true or not, I dunno. Regardless, I'll at the very least try to practice with it more on the range this year, if for no other reason than to expand my horizons around the greens.
  10. Lol!! I totally wiffed on this too. Thanks, Tristan!
  11. It feels a bit weird not having Ben Hogan on there, but I’m going with Jack, Tiger, Arnie and Bobby Jones. I would have preferred we just left it as the Six Grandfathers though 🤔
  12. Haha, I thought the same thing, and then it was perfect. Awww crap, now I re-read that post you quoted and saw my phone autocorrected "its" to "it's." I hate that. Still though, I'm glad you enjoyed my 6th grade humor
  13. Guy shoots 62 to win by one. Damn, these guys are good. Also, it must be frustrating to lose to that if you’re Gary Woodland, but Woodland kept laying back today, with iron off the tee a couple times. That was annoying to see. Great tournament though. It was fun watching this one. I missed this.
  14. So this Xander Soufflé character is pretty good. You rarely see a comeback on this track too given it’s forgiving fairways.
  15. I’m flipping between this and the Bears game obviously but man, this is really my first extended look at Bryson DeChambeau and he really does look like a robot out there 😂 Robot Voice: “Must... make... golf swing. Golf... is primary... directive... merp.” 😜
  16. Yea that first one looks perfect. It’s obviously a different story when the other hand gets back on the club but as far as practicing with just the right arm, that looks perfect.
  17. Oh okay. Appreciate the clarification. I’ve played Panther Lake once, like nine months after picking up the game, and the place ate me alive. I wouldn’t mind getting a bit of revenge one of these days 😄 @David in FL thanks!
  18. Hmmm, issues with OCN? Hmmm, maybe I'll avoid them then on my trip since I can only choose one course. Appreciate the reply. Have a great time!
  19. Hey, guys! I just wanted to bump this thread with a post on how practicing with just one hand on the club can help learn shallowing. TL;DR: Swinging the club (any club) with just one hand on the grip (either hand) does a lot of great things for your swing. It can help your swing plane, it can help your turning rates, and as a result, it can improve a lot of the overall downswing sequence. Brian Creghan, who teaches out of Abacoa down in Jupiter, Florida, shared this information with me a while ago because I have a steep transition and poor turning rates. I'm probably forgetting a lo
  20. Awesome! Have a great time, Gip! I’m planning an Orlando trip this winter too. Of course, I live in West Palm Beach, so it won’t be as epic as your trip, but I haven’t been to Orlando in a while, so I’m really looking forward to it. The 2.5 hour drive north is always fun for me too. Ive had a hankering for playing Orange County National and Eagle Creek when I go, but I also want to try the Magnolia since I never have. I probably will only go for one night though so I’ll have to choose just one course, but it’ll still be a great little road trip for me. Love Grand Cypress btw. Nice c
  21. As someone with a gross beard myself, I feel compelled to irrationally defend him. 🧔😜 Rooting for Rory today but I get the sense that Woodland is hitting it too well this week to be caught, even though Rory is hitting it amazing too. I’m annoyed as a Rory fan, despite all his putting struggles over the last couple seasons, that he won’t leave the stick in.
  22. Jeez so Webb Simpson has a gray beard now apparently. Good Lord have I been away a long time. Between that, new names like Cameron Champ and Kevin Tway, and Bryson putting with the flag still in, I’m feeling a bit like Ash Williams here:
  23. Wow I’m watching a golf tournament (that doesn’t involve Tiger Woods) for the first time in years, maybe since the summer of 2016 (I’ve had health issues since that time, so watching golf isn’t particularly enjoyable for me when I can’t play). This is a cool sign that I’m gradually easing back into the game. Pretty cool. Damn this course is a bomber’s paradise. So beautiful. It amazes me how some winners decline to play here. You know your life is amazing when you’re eligible for this event and you’re like nah....
  24. Yea, your lefty move is definitely obnoxiously good haha . Like, it shouldn't be that good but it is. OK, I'll work on the post, but just to warn you, you will probably be disappointed since it's really just incorporating one-arm swings to one's practice. Then you take the feel you get from them and then you use it for full shots when putting two hands back on the club. Pretty basic, but I thought that if there was any possible chance I could help, I should share it. Anyway, so essentially, if you're practicing with just the right hand on the club, when you put both hands back
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