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  1. On 3/13/2021 at 7:04 AM, The Lidar King said:

    There is no cost to see if your course can be done or not.  Nice to see me and my site on this great site!  Thanks to whomever brought it here!

    No way, the Lidar King replied to this thread! Awesome! I love your courses, man! Great job! Big fan of the Golf Club 2 for PC.

  2. I'm 8 months* into this injury situation with my left triceps and recovery has been less than fun. I also just got an MRI on my neck last week to see if I have a pinched nerve, which may be the reason for the shoulder pain I've had for the last eleven months. Very depressing times for me when it comes to my golf hobby. Your recovery gives me hope that there's hope. Still no word on my shoulder pain issue, but hopefully I get an answer soon.

    If it takes me two years, it takes me two years. Congrats, Nate. Really happy for you. Injuries like these definitely put the game of golf into its proper perspective. My plan once I'm healthy is to do some traveling and play various golf courses other than my home course. Score will be at the bottom of the priorities list. 

    Great post, and thanks for sharing. 

    *Actually ten months but had a setback, so I'm not really counting the first two months. 

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  3. 3 hours ago, cipher said:

    Thanks guys.  I started the PT about a year ago.  I am doing it on my own now to try and get back to playing this spring. 

    Haha that's great. Yea, sorry, Nate, I thought this post was recent. It said "March 2nd" under the time stamp. I guess you added the "2016" part recently haha. Obviously I've been following your progress for a while now, my mistake. 

    I have no return date yet. Could be a while for me still. But that's great you're thinking it could be as early as this spring for you. 

  4. Get well soon, Nate! Yes, physical therapy will be great despite how repetitive the grind is (as you probably already know). I started my PT back in July but because of a couple setbacks, I've only been consistent with it for the past five months. I've grown to really like my therapists and the other patients who are always there at the same time slots as me. 

    Be sure to keep us updated if you can. Rehab is tough but over the long term it will hopefully add up to a return to health, or however healthy you can eventually get the wrist. Rooting for you! :beer:

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  5. 6 minutes ago, iacas said:

    @phillyk, just my honest assessment, but the PGA does almost nothing for instructors. The instruction content in the PGA levels ranges from horrible to bad. You're better off just getting through the levels, but seeking actual instructional training elsewhere.

    Kinda hope someone brings in the Bobs to clean house at the PGA by asking some tough questions.

    Haha I'm thinking of a perfect world where someone invents something that tracks the handicaps of each student of each PGA teacher. I'd be funny to see the numbers for each on a big, comprehensive website with their "stats" as a teacher. Anyway, I'll go back to day dreaming of other things now....

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