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  1. 21 hours ago, boogielicious said:

    It’s basically this, letting it rise. My instructor used Stenson, Nicklaus and Kyle Berkshire as examples with a slight shift back. It can add power for the driver. But I had already solidified other back and downswing elements. 

    I dunno if this is 100% relevant to the thread but I recently watched this video Kyle Berkshire uploaded and found his preshot routine to be super fascinating. For long drive this kind of motion makes a ton of sense before initiating the backswing. 

    Maybe this is better for a thread specifically about this, but check out the time stamp here. Really cool he has this in his swing:

    I dunno how safe this would be for amateurs to use, but I think a lot of people who get too stack-and-tilty in the backswing could benefit from trying this on the range sometime -- as long as it's done properly and doesn't introduce some ugly hip sway or something. In the hands of a more self-aware swing tinkerer tho, this could be useful, I dunno.

    Sorry if this is off-topic, but he does lift his lead heel at least on the backswing 😄 Perhaps this is a placebo of sorts, but I could see how this exaggerated hopping back-and-forth just before drawing the club back could be beneficial in loading the trail side well.

  2. Maybe play a round or two swinging "slower" as you say just to see what you score? Might help, especially if you lose most of your strokes hitting it OB or into spots even a pro can't get up-and-down from.

    Agreed the sequencing is likely better when you're feeling this. Plus more center-faced contact is gonna eliminate a lot of those wild ball flights that can kill you on a hole. 

    Start a My Swing Thread if you haven't already and film both feels. Maybe there's a difference, maybe there isn't. Might help to add to the "data" here to see if you're onto something, plus if it's something else (which it might be) someone here will point that out.


    EDIT: Oops, sorry, I see now that you have a My Swing thread. You haven't updated it in a while (maybe think about updating it with some videos of both feels), but if your swing is similar to the ones from 2017, I can see how swinging fast will introduce a ton of wild ball flights and subsequently OB shots or shots that end up somewhere you can't make par or even bogey from. Slowing it down would reduce distance of course, but help keep the ball in play, so I can see why doing this would help your score at the sacrifice of power. The best thing you can do tho in the long run is working on the right things on the range, understanding your priority piece, and gradually chipping away at making it muscle memory. That's what'll help your game the most. 

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  3. 23 hours ago, David in FL said:

    I’m neither.  The fact that you disagree with me doesn’t make it untrue.

    The fact that you want someone who disagrees with you to stop posting is disappointing, but I guess not surprising.  So I’ll do so.


    This is a bit scary, but there's an outbreak among staff at Ibis Country Club where I live. 


    General Manager Stephen LoGiudice sent a number of emails in the past week informing members of the infections.


    TLDR: 15 staff tested positive, 9 were considered close contacts, so 24 staff at Ibis are out of work for the next 10-14 days or so. Definitely a lot of high anxiety around the neighborhood, which extends beyond Ibis's gates since we all share the same Publix and nearby shops. So far no word on the severity of everyone's symptoms, so hopefully they're all alright. Martin Hall from Golf Channel works here, and this is a fairly well known club in South Florida. 

  4. The simplest answer to this problem is "get a better golf swing."


    The obvious moves you can make to alleviate this problem: 1) pre-shot routine 2) well-calibrated expectations 3) playing from the appropriate tees 4) finding a good golf instructor that you actually listen to 5) realizing that beating a 7-iron ten range balls in a row is easier than going from Driver to 7-iron with a 5 minute wait in between.

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  5. Welcome back. I'll start with some easy ones here.

    1) Get better camera angles. Having it slightly off makes it harder for everyone to see everything.


    This article is dated now, but just read the section about setting up the camera's position. Makes it way easier for the instructor to see what's going on. This will be key of course if/when you return to evolvr. Your instructor will thank me for bringing this up so he won't have to 🙂

    2) Again, this is tough to be sure on because of the camera angles, but it seems like you have some freebee setup changes you can make here by moving the ball more forward in your stance and leveling out your weight at address. Your setup seems far too "stack and tilty" here. Try to be more 50-50. Using a mirror is the cheapest and simplest way to see this. It'll probably feel like you have too much weight on your back foot if you're doing it right, i dunno. No idea how this'll feel to you.

    Again though, the camera angle could be throwing me off on this. I'm not sure.


    As for the swing itself, I assume your priority piece has to do with properly implementing more hip slide on the downswing and less excessive squatting. I don't want to get too wordy with this though, nor am I an instructor, so I'll just leave it at that for now 😄

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  6. 6 minutes ago, boogielicious said:

    I do palmar flexion at the top, but it is worth a look, thanks. I’ll ask my instructor.

    Ahh okay. Interesting you're feeling that already. I definitely don't want to cause a wrist injury here by suggesting you feel it more lol. It's not like egregiously bad at all obviously. It's not quite Lee Westwood, but you're not like super super far off from that. 

    Anyway, obviously disregard whatever I say if the instructor disagrees. 

  7. I don't want to complicate your process, but I have one question. Everything looks good overall, but your lead wrist's flexion thru the strike stands out to me. Thoughts on that? Seems simple to feel more motorcycle revving (palmar flexion), no? Correct me if I'm wrong on this. Again, I don't want to step on your toes here, but did want to ask you about that.


  8. 11 hours ago, Shindig said:

    [Also, side note, unrelated to practice:  I think you had an evolvr lesson with Erik, not Eric]

    Welcome back to TST!  

    Eric is his evil twin who yells at you to release the club all day and then when you tell him you don't know what he means, he kicks you in the shins. Actually, not a totally ineffective way of teaching for some.

    No seriously, go see Erik in person if you still live nearby, @Dave325 . Just my opinion of course!

  9. 16 minutes ago, Beastie said:


    And it’s already a monster of a course at 7475yds.

    They said thirteen's scoring average is 4.3. So clearly the guys take that hole apart relative to the others, but at the same time, that does add some pressure on everyone to collect birdies there. Par is essentially bogey as you're giving up 0.7 strokes per round, historically. 


    Edit: I still really like the hole of course. I think it's a nice reward for the field after navigating 10-11-12 and to a lesser extent, 9. 

  10. 2 minutes ago, Billy Z said:

    An important aspect that needs to be in place is for the reachable par 5s to have that risk-reward aspect to it so the golfers just can't swing away with out a possible penalty. 

    Yea, I used to think they should lengthen thirteen, but I'm fine with it as is because of the complicated green and the sidehill lie approach. It's a bit annoying you can get a wedge in there if you're long enough off the tee, but I guess that's just part of the game, and for whatever reason, doesn't diminish the coolness of the hole at all for me anymore.

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  11. DJ, Westwood and the amateur kid (Tyler Starfaci) I guess is an acceptable feature group here for me to half watch right now. This is so fun it's the Masters again after just five months. Getting rekt on Draftkings so far too, as per usual, though it's obviously too early to care there.. Still it'd be nice to have an early hopeful lineup.

    It's still the Masters though! Love it!


    Edit: Oh cool, Koepka, Hovland and Bubba are the other group, nice!

  12. 5 hours ago, mchepp said:

    I will be following. Mostly because it is interesting science. Especially if he does it properly.

    This thing seems to be a lot better funded and organized than the Dan Plan. The guy still has basically no chance obviously, but it's still fun that he's starting like this:

    Edit: This is from October 2020 before Caleb decided to move to Jupiter, Florida.

  13. I've been enjoying Barstool's golf content over the past year or so, whether it's the Foreplay Scramble guys or Dave Portnoy himself attempting to break par at a US Open setup with twelve mulligans per hole. Now another one of their personalities is embarking on a Dan Plan 2.0 of sorts as he attempts to become a professional golfer having only recently picked up the game during the pandemic. That personality is Caleb Pressley, one of the funnier people they have over there at Barstool IMO.

    Apparently he's serious though. He hired Chris Como and has already moved to Jupiter, Florida (though I know Como lives in Texas). His best score so far I believe is like 120+ lol, so he's uh got a bit of a ways to go here.

    Here's some basic info on the project that I've learned from listening to a few of his recent podcasts:

    1) He says he's gonna quit if he's not scratch within two years. Reasonable decision there. 

    2) He recently contacted and interviewed the Dan Plan himself (Dan McLaughlin), who IMO gave him some really useful advice for how to pick this silly game up as an adult. Sure, he said some dumb things too like this whole thing was "possible," but other than that, it's a good sign Caleb even figured out who Dan was and hit him up for advice. Here's a link to the podcast. Caleb says he's going to talk to Dan every now and then too to get advice.


    Listen to Dan McLaughlin, an episode of 51 Strokes, easily on Podbay - the best podcast player on the web.

    Here's a Youtube clip from the hour-long interview if you don't want to listen to the whole thing:

    3) Caleb is a better athlete than Dan. He played backup QB at UNC.

    4) Barstool is essentially sponsoring the whole thing. Caleb has said his content now will be centered around documenting this journey. Here's a video he did on his Youtube channel 51 Strokes working with Chris Como:


    As far as the end game goes, Caleb seems to share similar delusions of grandeur as Dan did: he wants to be able to make money playing golf for a living, on some professional tour, somewhere in the world. Dan wanted to make a PGA Tour cut (which is also insane).

    I know a lot of you guys are probably over this kind of thing by now, but I still find someone dropping their entire life to try to become amazing at golf, especially as a beginner adult, to be fun and entertaining.

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  14. Just got back from the Honda. It was pretty bizarre seeing a PGA Tour event on a Saturday and there being so few fans around. But it was a rare opportunity to get close to the action. Had a lot of fun today walking several miles in the nice weather. I put together a little video of some of the stuff I recorded. The highlight of it all was telling Steve Stricker "nice putt" after a birdie and him responding "thank you." That means we're winning the Ryder Cup this year.


    That's Adam Hadwin whistling and Camilo helicoptering his finish btw. Good times 🙂

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  15. 18 hours ago, woodzie264 said:

    ...just be thankful you don’t have Peyronies (which is also treated with Xiaflex) 😳

    Yea.... Peyronie's is also part of this family of idiopathic disorders, but didn't want to bum everyone out with bringing it up lol. Yes, let's be thankful it's not that! 😬

    Speaking of Xiaflex, there are people within the frozen shoulder community trying to get the levers of power to approve it for frozen shoulder treatment, but so far it's only in the trial phase. 

  16. EDIT: I got my information wrong, so I had to edit this. My dad never got the surgery. Sorry about that. I just called him to get the correct story of his experience.

    It runs in my family unfortunately. My dad and uncle both have it badly. My dad opted for the injections which worked great for a while but sort of came back. He says it's functional enough where he's just letting it be at this point. He even thinks his golf grip is better now with it, which I highly doubt is true, but he claims it is.

    My uncle had the surgery at age 55 and it went well, but also came back like ten years later. He had the surgery again. He seems fine with it these days.

    Adhesive capsulitis (Frozen Shoulder) is genetically linked to Dupytren's. I've suffered from two frozen shoulders since 2016 and had surgery to repair both in 2019. Still rehabbing. That surgery is far worse, so I wouldn't fear the hand surgery version as IMO that seems far less invasive. But I'm not an expert.

    My surgeries went great, but the recovery has been unusually long, probably because of the severity of the issue. I just started playing soccer and basketball again though these past 3-4 weeks, and I plan on playing hoops again tomorrow, so things are looking up finally. I have to be careful and continue to take it slow, but there's some light at the end of the tunnel. 

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  17. 16 minutes ago, DaveP043 said:

    I've never been through anything that traumatic, but I broke my wrist a while back, apparently I wasn't watching where I was going and missed a step down.  Even with that relatively minor mishap, I have never had any memory of the actual trip and fall.  I remember walking out, and I remember finding myself face-down with a sore ankle and a REALLY sore wrist.  I don't think a little memory loss around the actual incident is all that unusual.

    However, they're completely within their rights to withhold ANY medical details from us.  Its none of our business whether Tiger banged his head, was knocked unconscious, whatever, we simply don't need to know.

    Appreciate it. Yep, they owe us nothing. Still, as a fan I'm concerned when I read about blacking out and memory loss. The first responders did say he was responsive when they found him so that's probably a good sign here anyway. 

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