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  1. Really,....? Bill Hass,...? Hit a coin on a putt,...? On Sunday, the back 9, of a tournament where you're the defending champion,... you're 8 ft par putt hits a darn coin that you didn't have moved out of your line,....? Really,...? the might be the most expensive quarter ever for him,.... heyscuba
  2. #18 at Normandy Golf Course in St. Louis,... 241 from the white tee's, 250 from the blues,... But I won "Closest to the Hole" there once in a tournament,... yeah, I hit driver, hard as I could,... http://www.normandiegolf.com/?page=36579
  3. ya know,... this is a silly argument,.. there will never be any way to compare the two guys and definitely say who was better, or the best,... they are both awesome, have had great success at all levels, both were totally dominating their era's, both have brilliant highlight reels, and they both played with the best equipment available,... Jacks equipment was better than the guys 20 years before him, Tigers equipment is better than Jacks but you play with the times, so it's a moot point,... nobody knows now, nobody will ever know,... I love to watch them both play golf,... I just hope Tiger can over come his BIG problems he put on himself and just tie Jack in majors and then retire ! It's a tie,...! Let's be happy we had them to watch. Good Golf Times,...
  4. I think it's when a high handicapper has like 210-230 yards to the green and 'automatically" pulls a 3 wood,... it's rare that a HH can hit that shot with an control, and if they do it'll go wide left or right giving them a shot from some rough or a sand trap further getting them in trouble,... I've often suggested a HH hit something they know they can hit well (5 -7 iron) just to keep it in the fairway even if it's short of the green, then chip on and maybe 1 putt for par or 2 putt for bogey at the least,... (if they can mange the approach and chip that is,...)
  5. can't get my sling bow to work with my new cable box,... tv is viewable, with sound but remote won't operate the controls,...? worked fine before,.... may have to switch back to the old box my cable provider offers,.. I travel a lot for my job,.....
  6. I'm happy about this, women's golf needs her to win I think,... I had a pro tell me to watch her finish her swing, the best finish in golf, men or women he said,...
  7. I tend to think the pool of talent is so much bigger now with the numbers of golfers and courses there are today vs in the past that it's harder to win multiple majors now than it was in the past,... So, I Think it's Tiger for all his crazy good shots he's played over the years,... he's got work to do now to pass Jack but I don't go by just those numbers,...
  8. heyscuba

    Ufc 117

    get your popcorn ready, gonna be a show,...!!!
  9. top 10 in 2 majors, top 15 at the PGA (I think) 14 majors, 270 weeks number 1, great match play guy, he wants to play,... take Tiger,...
  10. I play a draw/nasty hook and I was pushed up against some tree's on my right, no shot for a hooker like me, but I saw an opening if I could get my 6 iron in that hole and it draws I'm out of trouble,.. I did it, but my short game faltered... but I loved that shot!
  11. good luck tiger,... I hope his head gets screwed back on straight,... the rest will come back then,...
  12. reminds me of a dream I had where I saw some vid clips of myself and in everyone I had this horrible Joe Dirt like mullet,... I woke up and ran to the mirror,... shhewww, no mullet,... anyway, I've done that drill, I think it's helpfull, remember the one piece take away with it,... good luck man.
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