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  1. How does this ball compare to the Wilson Staff Duo?
  2. I played G25's for a couple of years, then made the switch to G30's. (Yeah, I spend too much money on golf clubs). Steel shafts in regular flex, which fit me just fine. I found them to be very forgiving compared to some irons I tried, and just about as long as anything else. The thing I really liked about the G25's was the almost "buttery" feel of the club at contact. However, feel is very subjective and I've been playing Pings awhile, so maybe there is just an ingrained affection for the way Pings feel. The nice thing about the G25's is you can get some pretty good prices on them right now, and if you want to upgrade in a year or two Pings hold their value better than most brands out there.
  3. I'm not really sure if Tiger's issues right now are something a swing coach can help. I'm seeing a tentative golfer who is fearful of the "Big Miss" and seems to be yipping like crazy around the greens. I wonder if Tiger hasn't been so good and so dominant for so long that not being on top is messing with his mind? He's never had to be an ordinary mortal before. But then again, maybe Butch could help him channel his former self. I'd like to see Tiger get back to a semblance of his old game, if for no other reason than he's good for golf in general, and I'd love to see him win 17 majors :)