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  1. Hey, Ive been looking at Mizuno for my next irons so I tried a few. Mainly the MP-57s. I liked the set and I can get them for pretty cheap however..... I hit the PW at least 50 times the first 3 I shanked the rest felt really really good. Was amazed how straight and consistent I could hit. However, the ball trajectory didnt go very high at all. With my 52 vokey my ball goes sooooo high and around 135 yards. Same DG shaft as the MPs. Kinda sails up then drops right down. With the MP-57 PW Im skeptic if it went that far and it definately didnt go very high at all. The "air time" seemed allrigh
  2. I just read the first chapter and I obviously didnt know what I was doing before reading it....I THOUGHT I knew about grip but I had no idea. A question, it seems like the club grip slowly slips off my "palm pad" and into my actual palm after a couple swings...any advice? maybe Im doin something wrong or my hands are not meaty enough...
  3. Well it looks like instead of playing this week Im gonna spend it correcting a few flaws and hopefully improve the quality of my swing... -Shorter Backswing 10:30 swing??? I think my overall distance is gonna suffer which might be hard for me to swallow but I just gotta do it. -Use More Hip Ill over exagerate this and if I make contact doing that then I should be using alot less arms. I've been feeling it in my drives just not with any other club. -Back Foot/Weight Transfer) Il just keep the back foot planted while shifting my weight forward...I hope the back heel wont raise until imp
  4. Are you 100% sure the ball is not even "touching" the hosel?? I had a problem like this except it was for my wedges. My ball would hit the club face but it would also hit the hosel as well. It felt like a GREAT shot except my ball would take pretty much the exact same flight path as yours.
  5. My typical wedge shots are either really good(nice spin, really fat divots, distance, straight) or they go about 3/4 of the intended distance because Im hitting them fat...Its around 30/70 good/bad shot. USUALLY Im not insanely fat but more like scraping the top of the turf, then the ball and then earth. Sometimes it gets outta control tho and really bad. I feel if I can just adjust a few things I could be a good ball striker. Or not, I really havent had a video looked at or lessons... I could be doin everything WRONG. Im fairly new to the game and I DONT want to develop horrible habits early
  6. Well I solved my problem and now Im making the BEST contact I ever had with the ball. Every single one of my wedge shots(full) were great. One the club head came in too steep and got caught in the ground but the shot was still good. The cure was stand back like a quarter inch more then usual and just take my normal swing TRYING not to think of slicing shanking etc. Just swing. Thanks for all the replies
  7. I actually thought, because Im really digging down witha steep swing, that the club face twisted/delofted while the ball squished into the ground. Actually the shank thing sounds more reasonable lol
  8. Im not really familiar with shanking but after looking it up it might be it. Does the ball really have that low of a flight path? It doesnt seem like Im hitting it on the hosel.
  9. I played insanely great to start todays round(3/3 long fairways with my driver 3/3 greens with my 2nd shot all with wedges) when something crazy happened.... The next hole was a par 3 so I whipped out my 52 degree and took what SEEMED to be my best swing ever. So obviously Im looking skywards after the shot....I see a nice huge big mac divot flying through the air and outta the corner of my eye see my ball 60 yards out maybe 6 feet off the ground slicing hard to the right. And fast. I couldnt believe it...the shot felt so NICE etc....but such a horrible shot. Anyway, something like the next
  10. I think Im sold on these irons too....you ordered them from Dallas Golf??? BTW where in SK are ya Im in NB
  11. Is there a good outlet that sells golf equipment online for a decent price within canada??? Ebay kinda sucks when trying to buy a certain thing.
  12. I was actually thinking about this recently and Im planning on building my own green in the basement. One of the requirements are that I would be able to adjust the breaks whenever and wherever I want. Anyway, my strategy is to buy a bunch of stiff foam(like the 5"stuff) and attach the green on top of it. Then I would make the cup and a putting area out of wood and seamlessly attach the turf on top of it joined with the rest of the green. To adjust the breaks all you would have to do is put something underneath the foam.
  13. Just searching around, does this seem like a good deal for these wedges?? They go by 10-15% shipping charge on the item on top of that. Vokey Spin Milled Wedges
  14. Its easier to swing over the top with a longer club and easier to swing "underneath" your swing plane with a shorter club. I think if you concentrated on swinging within your swing plane with all clubs they will eventually become natural to you
  15. Have you tried video taping your swing and then examining it with a program like v1?? This has really helped me out alot with my swing plane.
  16. do those groove sharpeners work on the spin milled wedges?
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