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  1. WHY? WHY? Just leave Augusta alone and find your own damn venue. I need to take a few weeks off. I could post on this one for decades.
  2. I’m sorry, sir. I did not see this was directed toward me. Good point - I should be careful about not going too far, but in this case I have an actual story that speaks to this author. In 2002, I taught an evening sociology college class as a favor to a local university. Anyway, we had a golfer in class and he did a paper on Augusta National featuring Ms. Brennan’s article. I kid you not, we discussed that article for almost 2 hours. We had three women in class and all of them agreed Brennan had Hootie in the crosshairs because she didn’t like men. At the time, a good part of the
  3. I love Hilton Head and have played HT more than a dozen times. I can’t make any predictions. We all know from TV coverage and any of you that have played it, you have to be an accurate iron player and good putter to win. PS. I’m not going to rant, but just make one comment. 82% of the posts in this thread are pure speculation and that’s cool. Ferg loves speculation as much as the next guy. Just try to not live in glass houses.
  4. I will agree that Tiger is back in the limelight and therefore a point of focus in her article. He’s the easy target, plus she'll get some support from the people who don't care for Woods. Tiger’s win in 1997 was great for golf. Jordan’s win in 2015 was just a great win.
  5. YES. YES. NO. Well stated. Brennan is a marginal reporter and shock value author.
  6. I don't agree or disagree with her. I'm just trying to figure out why she would attack Tiger and not Fred Couples or Nick Faldo for example. Fred and Nick both swear like truck drivers. The Augusta National was a male only club when she wrote that article (good men and bad men - she made no distinction). I believe we must look back 13 years ago when the article was written to gauge what she meant. We can agree that times have changed not only at Augusta but in the world with more women in higher positions. I was trying to say this author hasn't changed - she's stuck in idle.
  7. [quote name="Mr. Desmond" url="/t/81399/christine-brennan-writes-horrible-masters-column-about-spieth-and-woods-for-some-reason/36#post_1129996"] So off base if you know the facts. Jordan was obsessive about Augusta growing up. Even during high school, he received permission to skip classes and go to the library and watch it on his computer. When he placed 2nd last year, he wanted the tourney to start the next day so he could win. He fully expected to win. Jordan conducts himself like a well behaved man who wants to win -- he attempts to keep his emotions in check, and let's them out by ta
  8. Talk about going off on tangents. Palmer, Bolt, Watson, global warming??? I read the article. It speaks to the mind of this author. This article was about much more than just Tiger, Jordan and the 2015 Masters. This author was on a mission. If you care to recall, Ms. Brennan wrote an article back in 2002 about The Augusta National and their lack of female members when Hootie Johnson was chairman. She portrayed The Augusta National as an old fashioned, male-only club for bigots. Ms. Brennan, in penning this article, took another opportunity to take a bra-burning, female shot at th
  9. It is pretty evident you don’t care for Tiger (in his prime or otherwise) for whatever reason. Why not just admit it? Rory is a player trying to achieve greatness. So often when we like a guy for whatever reason, we overlook his deficiencies. Rory a better ball-striker? At times he is a superior ball striker. Other times he is not. Better than Tiger? Who cares….Tiger embodied the whole package, and did what most of the modern players aspire to achieve. LOTS AND LOTS OF WINS. Go Tiger.
  10. Mr. Palmer said that originally.
  11. I am aware that most women enter a marriage looking for stability, as do men. The things I mentioned are trademarks of stability. My brother lived in Albany for a while then moved to Binghamton. I loved NY, just could not take the winters any longer.
  12. And, so I will ask you two questions: Is it any better to draw inferences from a picture of a woman in a bikini? And, let me guess, you live down state?
  13. I try to bring information that I feel would be relevant to the thread. It's nothing personal. Just discussion. Upstate - near Rochester. Moved in 2000.
  14. Please, my good man, you need to read the entire thread. In an effort to understand this sad situation, some of us have tried to explain what's going by presenting facts, figures, percentages, examples and yes, some speculation. I'm hoping we can all learn something and make sense of it, thereby transferring positive energy to our personal lives. It will help Jason and Amanda's marriage, albeit a short one, become an olive branch for learning about human relationships, as they relate to golf. And, most importantly why it's wrong to cast blame just because of some pictures posted on the i
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