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  1. My Swing (summerhunter726)

    Oksy so im a fast swinger and strong hitter. I want to lower my ball flight and want to know the best iron shafts and faces to do that. I currently have mizuno mp4 irons with x100 .
  2. My Swing (summerhunter726)

    The picture in the white was also a fade swing, my regular swing is just a little lower than that
  3. My Swing (summerhunter726)

    Okay so i attatched a video and 2 pictures at the bottom. The swing in the video im trying to get the shaft of the club my even with my shoulder line on the downswing. My buddy says i was too steep coming down before. My last picture of me in the white is my regular downswing and the shaft does look a little verticle. Let me know your thoughts. I will continue to work on letting my arms drop more in the downswing if that looks like the better swing . [Video]http://youtu.be/Sl4eD7TgT6M[/video]
  4. My Swing (summerhunter726)

    I dont have a problem working the ball. I was simply asking if some of the pros aim certain ways like far to the left or right to hit certain shots. Ive never been to a pro event, and you cant really tell on tv because of angles and things like that. I am finding a shot shape i want to hit mostly
  5. My Swing (summerhunter726)

    Did you see my above statement about hitting off mats? Do you have any insight on that and does that make sense to you? Because i wanted to practice a fade but it wasnt really working for me when hitting off the mats
  6. My Swing (summerhunter726)

    Well i meant do some golfers do that. I just used him because hes one of the best to ever play. Sorry for the confusion i didnt mean do all do that
  7. My Swing (summerhunter726)

    Well earlier i asked if they aim a good amount left or right when trying to hit certain shots and someone said that they didnt but in these videos he looks aimed pretty far right and left to hit his fade and his low draw. I put those two videos up because the camera is directly behind him into relationship with the green and fairway.
  8. My Swing (summerhunter726)

    [Video]http://youtu.be/FjvzHTPKLSs[/video] And aimed pretty right on this one
  9. My Swing (summerhunter726)

    [Video]http://youtu.be/jQqf90l9vrM[/video] Hes aimed pretty far left no?
  10. My Swing (summerhunter726)

    Okay, so i went to hit some balls tonight and theres snow on the ground so i had to hit off the mats. I was trying to practice a fade swing with itons , when i try to hit a fade i try to swing more down through the ball and take a good divot. So i cant really swing to down and through on the mat because you cant take a divot so my ball would end up going straight or a slight draw because i would flatten out at the bottom because i was afraid of hitting the ground to hard. So i just ended up hitting draws instead to finish up. Does any of that make sense or am i wrong?
  11. My Swing (summerhunter726)

    Is one shape easier to control than another? Ive heard a fade is much eaier to control but i find that it goes shorter than a straight ball or draw.
  12. My Swing (summerhunter726)

    Its not my swing im worried about perse. I dont really have a big miss. I can manipulate my swing to hit different shots and such. The thing im asking about is strategy, and if what im saying makes sense. I hit my 5-pw irons really straight and can curve them if i really manipulate my swing which i can do. Im a long hitter, so if im on a tight par for or 5, if i hit a great drive or great long iron, i can still miss if its just a little offline. Would it make sense to hit like a five iron or 6 iron off the tee to leave like a 200 or 190 yard 7 iron into the green? Do some pros do that? Or do they try to shape a longer club into the fairway. Id go to an instructer if i can afford it, money is tight with me right now. Im just trying to learn the strategies of the game.
  13. My Swing (summerhunter726)

    Thank you for the info and i appreciate the time taken to write it. When i try to hit a fade i try to have a shorter back swing with less body turn as to not get to in to out with my downswing. I also try to have a shorter, held off follow through and finish higher for the faid. For a draw i just have a full body turn in my backswind and a full follow through. My alignment used to be off. What i thought felt like i was aiming straight i was actually aimed a little left. My biggest fear was always hitting a pull or a pull hook, so i would end up hitting a push or a push slice. Now that my alignment is fixed i dont have a fear of hitting a pull or pull hook and can make a full confident turn through the ball. I feel like this will help me be able to lower my scores a lot this year. If anything i said anove about manipulating the swing to hit certain shots made sense or didnt let me know. I really want to develope a "go to" control shot that isnt about distance but more about accuracy when im on a tight par 4
  14. My Swing (summerhunter726)

    Thats great info and i appreciate it. Thanks for taking the time to write that. Ive found that in order for me to get a consistant fade, i have to manipulate the follow through somehow by finishish it shorter ( held off) and higher. I dont feel comfortable holding the club open at address or anyting like that , i always hold it square. For a draw i just try to make a full body turn with my follow through and finish normally i guess. Ive worked a lot with my alignment. I used to stand open at address , not on purpose, it just felt like i was aiming straight but in reality i was aimed left.. Now when im actually aiming straight, it feels like i am in a closed stance or aiming right. But now it lets me make a full turn through my swing without fear of pulling the ball. My fear would always be of pulling or duck hooking the ball, and since my alignment was aimed a little left it would result in a push slice as i guess my body was trying to compensate for the wrong alignment. But any insight on how to manipulate the swing to hit certain shots would be great, or if what i said above makes sense let me know
  15. My Swing (summerhunter726)

    I shoot around 80 in tournaments