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  1. http://trackmangolf.com/products/trackman-3e Price dropping from 25k to 20k on a 3e
  2. Usually never, but played a 36 hole tournament this Sunday, and when starting out on round 2 I played the most stress-free no-thought-golf which lead me to be -2 for the first 9. Then I realized I was climbing up the leader board and came back to earth (carded a +1). But man, those 9 holes were magic. Total ball control, hit 8/9 greens. The one miss was because of a height difference misjudgement. Still got a par. Hope to get into that state of mind again!
  3. Hi all, Was practicing today with a TrackMan and a high-speed camera - and noticed a few things in my swing that I haven't noticed before: The angle of the shaft at impact is way more steep than at address. Then I googled a bit ( http://www.andrewricegolf.com/2010/11/shaft-angle-at-impact-ii/ ), and found that only a few players actually ends up at the same spot. But after looking at some videos, it seems like that most tour players typically lies within a few degrees regarding address/impact I've posted a video of my swing here: http://vimeo.com/34741971 The source of this seems to come at the top of the backswing where my wrists somehow turns the club a notch - I assume this should be avoided? Where are the elbows supposed to be at impact? Any good exercises to get the hips more rotated at impact? Thanks, Andreas TrackMan
  4. Being fortunate enough to have an indoor bay at work (which is at TrackMan), I must say it's an excellent way of making swing changes. We have a pro which from time to time gives a lesson - and being able to incorporate his suggested swing changes is (for me) so much easier when there's only the swing to think about. On the other hand, I'm not sure that I would do it without some kind of launch monitor which can tell you information about the swing. We also have a high-speed cam, and when you combine it all - indoor+TrackMan+video+occasional lesson = great Andreas
  5. On a driver, the spin varies ~2000rpm from top to bottom of the clubhead. So hitting the ball at the bottom of the head will give you 1000rpm less spin due to the 'gear effect'. How this alters the ballflight, I'm not the one to answer. Andreas TrackMan Inc.
  6. Hi all and thanks, That's some awesome suggestions; some I would never have got on my own. Hooray for local knowledge Looks like I can't get around Pebble beach/Spyglass hill, but I don't mind spending a little for a once in a lifetime golfing experience. We'll be going in the first 3 weeks of august, and it would just be me playing golf. Since we are 5 in total, we haven't decided on whether to go with 1 or 2 rental cars. I'm in favor for two, which gives me the option for a convertible Also thank you uttexas for the lake tahoe suggestion, we will definitely look into it. Andreas
  7. Hey, thanks for the courses. Turns out we chose to take the tour from SF -> LA into the route. Guess this opens op for all the courses on that stretch of the tour as well.
  8. Hi, I'm planning a 3-week journey with the in-laws to the US, more precisely California. We'll be starting in San Francisco and ending up in LA. The tour is more or less like this (the travel agency's suggestion): Living in Europe, my knowledge of US courses are limited to a basic level. Could you please help me making a list of courses which just HAS to be played? I don't think I can make time for more than 2-3 rounds total. Thanks.
  9. Software developer at TrackMan ...Combining job and hobby is a great thing ;-)
  10. My goals for the 09 season was: Get a handicap around 8. Cure the damn slice/fade Improve with the driver. Stop putting short. And so far: Hcp gone from 10.8 to 8.2 During late summer, I transformed the slice/fade into a gentle draw. But that time has come and gone :( Too few good rounds with the driver. Short putting has stopped, but now I'm putting way too far. But hey, that's better in my world.
  11. Wilson Spine Driver: 2500 Deep red II 3W: 1000 Wilson Staff 5W: 1000 AP2's with rifle 6.0+Vokey(58deg): 7400 Cleveland 53deg: 1300 Odyssey rossie: 800 Total 14000 dkk (~2400$) Oh yeah, golf equipment is expensive in Denmark :)
  12. Totally agree with hamletsdead... I've just got my AP2's with Rifle Flighted 6.0. And coming from a set of Wilson deep red with fatshat (regular and unfitted), I can feel the change. And that be to the positive side. But whether one can benefit from stiff shafts depends on so many variables. For example, besides that I now have stiff, I also switched to larger grips, ½'' longer shafts and a 2deg uprightness. But all this was something my local pro, who knows my swing, figured out for me. Go consult your local pro, he/she probably knows better than yourself what you need to take the full advantage of your swing.. /Andreas
  13. And so I did...here are the specs if anyone should need them besides me... loft lie 20 59.5 3i 23 60.0 26 61.0 29 61.5 32 62.0 36 63.0 40 63.5 44 64.0 pw
  14. Titleist AP2 4-PW Titleist Vokey 58 degree And 2-3 weeks of waiting for them to arrive...But with one week already passed, I'll manage
  15. ..And the highest income tax in the world..Averages on appr. 50% . But you got the minimum wage right Not a complaint about our gas prices, just an information about the european price levels..
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