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  1. Thought that i had posted. But broke 80, a few months ago. I was a 16 handicap when i did so, but am back to a 18 know. One of those round of my life thought that i had figured it out, just to be back in the high 80's and lots of low-mid 90's since.
  2. I tend to do better when there are distractions talking, trains, airplanes, etc. than when dead quiet. Basically if you are louder than me telling my self not to hit it in the trouble, there is a good chance i'm not going to. Unfortunately the reverse is also true.
  3. 95, 41/54 tripled the 9th. Was only 2 over before then. Could never get it back after.
  4. This may have been covered already, I skimmed a few pages, but have not read the whole thread. But once a trophy is given is it done? Or will there be people now searching the entirety of the history of televised golf to identify infractions that may change the results.
  5. So, Last week I card a 99 and yesterday, I beat my personal best with easily 5 strokes, and shot an 83. We play from the whites and as fun as it is to try to go for par 5's etc. and have half wedges in, there is a lot of trouble that i can get into with "good" drives. Even a good 3 wood. I played irons off the tee all day. Even with irons there were two holes that I had wayward tee shots into the woods. One saved bogey the other was a double my only one for the day.
  6. Um I've mixed up 5 and S. Glance, grab club while looking away, feels weird not paying attention, swing, great shot 75 yards short. Granted I was used to bladed wedges, and it was first time out with a set that had a matching cavity back
  7. My course is offering handicap memebership discounted to $25. If i am establishing handicap for the first time, I don't use ESC correct? Then once one is given i start using ESC? The group that i play with plays with some hurry up rules, such as drop where you think it went in a hazard / OB and give me putts. I would assume that establishing a handicap i need to start playing provisionals off the tee, putting everything out, etc. We have some areas that are not marked GUR but next to the cart paths are obvious gravel, we usually say move your ball off the rocks, if you are behind a tree its
  8. I'm just south of savannah, ga. We go to jacksonville quite a bit to go to the zoo, if we ever stay long enough to get around in I'll let you know.
  9. Last night I was 7/12 out and only 5/12 in but the sand gnats we're horrible and I'm also the worst putter in the world. Tonight 10/12 out and 10/12 in. Left to right breaks are easier for me with the flag in and harder with it out. The misses with the stick out were just bad putts that I hit quicker and not longer to get the added pace.
  10. If i do this on the green near my house, not a practice green. Should i do flag out and then wait a day and do flag in, to not remember the break?
  11. when i looked at this early on my phone i accidently moved one of @gmohr's pins. Sorry buddy.
  12. I'm in richmond hill ga, just south of savannah, let me know if you ever get down this way.
  13. I could be wrong but i thought the point of the wall drill was to get the hips away from the wall laterally. Creating a spinal tilt and the like. "Toward target" "bumping foward" etc. You look much steadier but still look like your are "turning in a barrel", maybe @iacas could clear up.
  14. Ive been on both sides of this argument. I like the look of blades, even players cavity backs, but when im struggling with them, i really struggle. Just recently as in haven't had a chance to hit them yet, I found a ridiculously good deal on a set of mizuno H4's so im hoping that they may be the best of both worlds, super chunky in the low irons but players in in the shorts. We'll see.
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