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  1. Any tips for keeping my new clubs looking like new? Best way is not to use them but really like to keep them in top shape and looking for advice
  2. i upgrade every year. However, I do it by segment..one year driver next year hybrid and so on. Finding equipment especially irons have not changed much over the past 2 years. Are we getting at a point of diminishing returns on equipment?
  3. Interested in everyone's best golf course ever play not in the U.S.
  4. For fun we have a once a year old club tournament. Clubs must be pre 1995 and putter must be a straight blade. The only new technology is the golf ball. You can use whatever ball you want. Do find the lower compression they tend to work best.
  5. Right now there is snow on them so zero but normally average 5-6
  6. Anybody try the new Cadence Ketsch interested in how it feels on long putts
  7. Could try the new callaway soft even sold at Walmart for less than $20
  8. Is there rule of thumb as to how to measure for proper grip size on irons. I use ping g25 irons and was measured for irons but do not feel the grips size is correct.
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