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  1. I hit my 2H as far as my 5W, so I replaced the 5W. I have thought about replacing my 3W, which is a hot or miss club for me, with a 4W. Been looking for a 4W to try, so I am glad y'all have offered opinions on the subject. Thanks!
  2. As long as it's above 35F, I don;t mind playing. In the rain, however, I always seem to hit it fat. I hate that!
  3. I buy a lot of my polos at Belks. Last summer I found Adidas whick golf shirts on clearance online for $17-$20 each. If I don't find what I want at Belks, I often search online.
  4. Sadly, I lost all my guns in a boating accident . . . if the Feds ask . . .
  5. I have one, and it looks closed on address . . .
  6. New Ping G5s are going for less than $400 new, TGW had them for $394 IIRC . . .
  7. 2-4 times a week, weather this summer permitting! My daughters are grown, I teach, so I have lots of time off. Also, lessons once a week, and driving range 1-2 times a week.
  8. New Ping G5's, for less than $400. They feel great!
  9. I dropped my 5W for a 2H, and my 3i for my 3H, never hit a 4W. I could hit my 2H almost as far as my 5W, but I am much more accurate with the 2H. So, I keep my 3W for fairway approach shots, and off the tee occasionally.
  10. I hate topping the ball, hitting it fat, three-putting, knowing I could break 90 consistently and lower if I could quit doing dumb shit . . . grabbing the wrong club, piss-poor course management . . . the list goes on and on . . .
  11. I agree . . . I use a Physics cart bag when playing the nasty, dusty 9-hole goat path course, my Cleveland cart bag when on nice golf courses, and my Ping Hoofer when I want to walk and carry. I like the cart bags, because I can carry rain gear, accessories I may need on the course, more water bottles, etc.
  12. Started with a Two-ball Odyssey, but switched to an Anser blade because it had a better "feel" to it.
  13. Ping Hoofer . . . great light-weight bag.
  14. 5'9", and I cut 1" off my 35" Anser, so 34". I choke down, so I am thinking about taking another inch off of it.
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