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  1. I’m 65 with one knee that needs an overhaul soon, I can walk the 9 comfortably but 18 I need to ride to enjoy it pain free.
  2. Im a month shy of 65 playing my hole life I had my 1st and only eagle this year. 350yd par 4 I holed out a wedge from 118, lol I saved the ball dirt and all and its going to go in a ball display.
  3. A course near my son in South Carolina, Golden Hills has power lines running across a fairway on the back 9 that are in play.
  4. 86, Carillon Golf Course in Plainfield.
  5. After 40 years I took a couple lessons this spring and I finally had my 1St eagle
  6. Give me an account like theirs and I’ll pay double tax
  7. Best lessons I’ve ever had where short game
  8. Edsland


  9. Taylormade M 2 woods Calloway irons and Cleveland wedges with an Odyssey putter
  10. Timber trails awesome course with 1800 Oak trees, one was off to our right near a tee. I took a mighty swing and the 4 or us ducked while the ball careened 20 feet behind us.
  11. Larger drive head sizes was about the same time too.
  12. Grew up in Chicagoland, played Cog 4 a bunch, it’s a great course but I really like Cog #2 better. I played Caledonia G. & Fish Club, Pawleys Island and Harbour Town. In Michigan I played Barton Hills in Ann Arbor.
  13. Myy favorite time is when it finally hits 60 after a long winter.
  14. I caddied at RuthLake CC and Mondays was caddies played for free.
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