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  1. I bought the b21 about a month ago and love it. At the store it gave me the best consistent spin numbers compared to the Sim and Mav maxs. Im a reformed slice which I cured 10 years ago. My big miss with my M 2 was a push to fade that would creep in once or twice a round. With the b21 lower spin my push shots wouldn't fade as bad or even become some really nice draw back to fairway shots. Which ever way you go with it really helps to get fitted so you get the right head shaft combo. I have the stock light 45 shaft that on the monitor and real life gave me a lot better dispersion and ball speed over the regular shafts.
  2. I agree with Darkfrog, to me any hobbies needs to be fun
  3. I enjoy playing a lot more if im hitting irons into greens so I play under 6000 yds. There have been times ill use different tees based on yds, one course I play a par 5 is under 400 yds from frount tees, so ill move back a set.
  4. I was a scratch bowler, yet I had fun and could laugh at myself. In golf im no where near as good but I feel I have the same attitude about enjoying the challenge.
  5. Over the course of 40 years playing I had several bunker hole outs. My first eagle was last year froM 110 yds out. Now I need an ace.
  6. I play a combination of tees depending on the hole. If a par 5 is 475 from white and under 400 from forward tee I’d play the longer one to make it more of a 3 shot hole. When I look at a hole I decided knowing how far I hit the ball so I’m hitting a 8 or less iron into a par 4 and not 3 woods. It makes the game a lot more fun for me.
  7. Many bunker shots, made my 1st eagle last year on a par 4. Only took me 45 years.
  8. Yes I believe I am, because of staying around the house so much this spring and early summer I worked on my chipping and knock on wood it’s working so far.
  9. That video really hit home for me, hopefully I can work on staying more connected whenever the rains stop. Thanks a lot.
  10. A course near me has sign card only for food and drinks at the turn.
  11. Wow that sounds like something isn’t right, I sold a golf bag on eBay and it was $50
  12. Being mechanical is a bit too much on the green to me.
  13. Wow, Illinois went from 8000 tests a day to over 19000 per day. You can imagine our case numbers are going up,up,up. I think the mayor of Chicago wants our lock down to go through June, only bone they gave us is golf with no carts.
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