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  1. Edsland

    Sergio DQ - Damaged Greens

    Sergio doesn’t have a dad like I did, I was a pretty good bowler from bantom kids league all the way to the PBA. When I was 10 I was in a kids tournament and our team blew a game we never should have, as I walked to the lockers with my bowling ball I simply bounced it into a cider block wall. My dad grabbed me by the sleeve and sternly told me, NEVER AGAIN if you want me to pay for your bowling. Needless to say I took losing a lot better after that.
  2. Reading through a lot of the post is pretty interesting. Im a 20 and I can drive over 300 as long as I get a 2nd shot added to my 200 yd drive. My son is 30 years younger then me and golf's year round, is a 7, and averages about 250. He'll get the occasional smoked down hill dry fairway 300 but its not every round. A couple weeks ago I was in a PGA superstore and a younger guy was testing out a driver and had a few guys watching him so I waited for his next shot. All i can say is he carried 3 out of 4 310 and his swing was like watching TV, i would bet my next grandkid that he was no 20 handicap.
  3. Edsland

    Amy Bockerstette Makes Par on 16 at Phoenix Open

    Doesn't get any better!!
  4. Edsland

    Flat Swing vs. Steep Swing

    Ive been steep for 30 years,at least for me its harder then quitting smoking.
  5. And the old guys don't average 330, so when the PGA distance average goes up its not just equipment.
  6. A guy on Sirius golf channel made a good point, every year a certain amount of golfers retire from the PGA or are marginal players that are bumped out of playing privileges. The new young guns, like Champ replace someone and driving average for tour is increased by younger, and a lot more skilled.
  7. For me. It was when I stopped carrying a waterball for times when I was too scared to hit my good ones if there was trouble I had to negotiate.
  8. Edsland

    As a "Non-Golfer" This Is How I Spend My Time

    Very cool, im sure with his ball it wont be his last 300.
  9. Edsland

    Replica Golf Courses

    I played International at Myrtle Beach a few years ago, really enjoyed the island green but wasn't a fan of the Old Course. They where just flat and wide.
  10. I use a Bushnell Phantom and love it, its only front middle and back, I usually go with front yardage if pin is middle or forward. Ill use the middle distance if pin is back of center, quick and easy.
  11. Edsland

    Best Place to Live for Year-Round Golf

    My son is in Lexington South Carolina, which is mostly year round. They'll have their cold spells but a week later its 60. As im writing this him and a buddy are waiting out a frost delay thats suppose to be an hour.
  12. Edsland

    Do You Play with a Phone in Your Pocket?

    Nope, in the cupholder
  13. Edsland

    Closed Courses You Formerly Played

    In BurrRidge Illinois my all time favorite was Timber trails, which gave way for houses, then something fell through so some of the places where holes went through the oak trees could still be seen.
  14. Edsland

    I Saw a Woman Playing Alone

    My son lives in South Carolina and last August we played a course in Augusta that was a few miles from the Masters course. We where the second twosome on the sheet 1 St was a lady with long sleeves and a push cart. We where wondering how this was going to work out with us riding and her walking, but after she hit her second shot around a dogleg we couldn't keep up with her. We finished in a little over 3 hours dyeing from the humidity and as we walked in the clubhouse there she was barley sweating having a sweet tea.

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