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  1. If you have an iPad it does a pretty good job of videoing golf swings.
  2. Im looking forward to practicing at the range because the chipping green allows my chip to roll. My backyard not so much.
  3. Thats good of NY especially with their amount of cases, I wish Illinois would do something similar. Maybe not near the hot spots, like Chicago and collar counties but we have counties a hundred miles from the danger areas with no cases but same Chicago rules.
  4. Illinois is in a complete shut down even tho 75% of the cases are in Chicago, which makes sense, 8 million people. The thing that I don't get is every county in Illinois has the same shutdown rules yet many county's have 0-1 cases. Many states in the United States have a lot more relaxed rules with hundreds of cases.
  5. All Illinois courses are now closed per our governor Illinois golf courses shut down after a reversal from state officials Illinois golf course owners were informed Thursday afternoon that they would need to close by Friday.
  6. Chicago area some are opening starting today, pay online walk only. Going to play Carriage Green in a bit so ill see if cups are raised. Other courses that I know are just opened are Cog Hill, and Village Green in Glen Ellyn. Illinois courses are saying on web sites per executive order and certain rules.
  7. Bought a shag tube so when my net comes I don’t have to bend over to pick up the balls.
  8. With my extra time at home after playing this game for 40 plus years im going to really work on proper chipping
  9. Just ordered a hitting mat and hitting net so I can keep smacking balls around while were in shut down mode.
  10. I started collecting them when my son moved to South Carolina, I bought all the local ones I could find that him and I played when he was younger. Now when I play out there for visits I try and add. He has the same collection plus a few different ones that I didn't play yet.
  11. No, but im a school bus driver so if our district shuts down for any time I could increase my play.
  12. Most courses I play are on the slower side but a few weeks ago I visited my son in South Carolina. We played a course in Augusta called the River Club. Beautiful shape and super fast greens. I bet I had 6 greens that where 3 putts because I blew the 1st one 10 feet past the hole.
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