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  1. Edsland

    How many holes in one have you had?

    0 in 50 years of playing, lol hope it's not too late
  2. Edsland

    Where do you draw the line? WINTER IS COMING

    I'm done when it's below 40 and wind, but it is kind of nice when the ball bounces over the water I mean ice hazard.
  3. I bought Zepp this past winter and cured a 30 year old over the top swing. Now my drives are straight to a little draw and thanks to Big Moss putting green I'm making a lot more 10 foot and under putts. I was a solid 95 now I'm a lot closer to 85 and having a lot more fun.
  4. I have the Zepp and love it, I've used it since Febuary. I had a terrible over the top move that I got back on plane thanks to the app. I'm 60 I've played 40 years and I have never been so consistent and long as now. My first 9 I played with some buddy's was at a course I never broke 45. That day I shot 41 and if I didn't get so nervous on the 9th hole and double chip I had a chance for 39.
  5. Edsland

    Hello from illinois

    Long wait for sure, we just had our coldest February in history. The Zepp is great, through the app it shows you if your over or under the plane "top". I'm 60 and my swing speed for driver was down to about 75. After working with the Zepp and bringing my plane to 0 or -5 so I'm not casting any more my driver is up to 85-90. I hit balls a couple times a week at a golf dome and can tell my ball striking has improved a lot. Another thing it shows is your tempo, mine at the beginning was 2-1. It's sup to be 3-1 so after slowing my tempo I'm starting to improve all my positions. My son live in South Carolina and plays to a 3, I don't expect to beat him but I'm hoping next time we play to shock him with a better swing.
  6. Edsland

    Hello from illinois

    Hi my name is Ed and I live in Naperville Illinois. I retired from AT&T; about 5 years ago so to fill my time in the winter I drive a school bus. Works out great because I'm off in the summer and we have a 5 hour break in the middle of the day. When the weather is good I'll play 9 pretty often. My wife bought me a Zepp so I'm working on lowering my 12 handicap, other then hitting in the golf dome I'm just waiting for the snow to leave.

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