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  1. Over the course of 40 years playing I had several bunker hole outs. My first eagle was last year froM 110 yds out. Now I need an ace.
  2. I play a combination of tees depending on the hole. If a par 5 is 475 from white and under 400 from forward tee I’d play the longer one to make it more of a 3 shot hole. When I look at a hole I decided knowing how far I hit the ball so I’m hitting a 8 or less iron into a par 4 and not 3 woods. It makes the game a lot more fun for me.
  3. Many bunker shots, made my 1st eagle last year on a par 4. Only took me 45 years.
  4. Yes I believe I am, because of staying around the house so much this spring and early summer I worked on my chipping and knock on wood it’s working so far.
  5. That video really hit home for me, hopefully I can work on staying more connected whenever the rains stop. Thanks a lot.
  6. A course near me has sign card only for food and drinks at the turn.
  7. Wow that sounds like something isn’t right, I sold a golf bag on eBay and it was $50
  8. Being mechanical is a bit too much on the green to me.
  9. Wow, Illinois went from 8000 tests a day to over 19000 per day. You can imagine our case numbers are going up,up,up. I think the mayor of Chicago wants our lock down to go through June, only bone they gave us is golf with no carts.
  10. Unemployed school bus driver, former cable splicer for AT&T
  11. My son in South Carolina has 1 person in a cart, and the place he played today had a burger bar. A lot more relaxed then Illinois.
  12. May 1st Illinois I have 3rd time 6:30 am hope its not snowing.
  13. I have the net from Dicks and ive got it down to about 31/2 minutes up and down. The more you do it the more tricks you find.
  14. One summer in high school I picked corn by hand for 60 cents an hour. I made enough to by a pool table that I still have over 45 years ago.
  15. With the Midwest coalition of Illinois,Indiana,Michigan,Wisconsin and Minnesota it’ll all be monkey see monkey do
  16. $35 discount for driving insurance, 7th episode of Shamless through Netflix soooooo funny
  17. Great putting drills with snow last night, thanks a lot
  18. Great drill, thanks, now if I only had a stroke as good as your daughter's
  19. I have a Maxfli net and ill leave it out if clear but if rain I put mine away
  20. Awesome drill, after some chores ill set up the net and work on it
  21. Awesome drill, ive been doing the full swings and yesterday was really good for me. I don't know how to do the YouTube, im lucky I can FaceTime the grandkid, but chipping and pitching is something I really need. Thanks.
  22. Megachurch pastors defy coronavirus pandemic, insisting on right to worship The theology and politics of some churches pushes them to keep holding services — in some cases, risking public health and arrest. and then you have the nut jobs that are going to make this last all summer.
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