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  1. I was thinking about getting this driver. If any of you have tried could you share your comments. Also what driver does it compare to in forgiveness.
  2. Which one should i get the studio select or the ping redwood zb.
  3. I'm thinking of getting a new driver but i can't decide. So what is the best driver out there.
  4. I'm in debate for which driver I should get the r7 limited or the tour burner
  5. Hey which cameron out of these would you choose the studio style or the studio select. If anyone has owned one of these putters please share your comments. Thanks
  6. Which one do you think I should get r7 superquad, Callaway Ft-5 or Taylormade Tour Burner. If you have any of these please share your comments about them Thanks
  7. How far do you usally drive it, and if you want to change you handicap indes on your profile just go to sttings in your user cp thing.
  8. Great Ball for its price but I liked the taylormade burner balls much better.
  9. Great Cub in righty at least GOOD LUCK
  10. Doesnt matter about your handicap what ever you can afford and what ever feels the best to you.
  11. Ya its a really nice putter but i liked the studio style newport 2 much better.
  12. i think you should choose the vokey because they create the most spin
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