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  1. I'm a 20 handicap, (actually 19.7!) and I just bought these. I have buyer's remorse after 3 rounds. I got club fit by the pro at my club, who's well regarded and was excited to get "my" clubs, versus the used Calloway x-22's I've had in my bag. When I connect they go far, but I'm yanking them left, like 30 yards left. I'm chalking it up to getting used to them, but so far, I wish I'd gone a different direction. If I could return them today, I would.
  2. Hit a 47 on front 9. Missed most of the fairways but not by a ton. Missed some easy putts and hit a few fat 2nd shots, but the short game around the green was spot on. (Looks like the 56 60 degree Callaway wedges I bought are paying off.) I've been playing a little over a year consistently and have my handicap down to 23.7 (from over 30). Goal is to get it into teens by the end of summer. Home course: Cowichan Golf & Country Club. Yardage 5899 Black Tees 73.5/124
  3. Hi everyone, I'm new here. Into my 2nd year of taking golf seriously. Yesterday I shot 44 over 9 holes on a semi-difficult course, which was a personal best. A few short game issues and fat shots kept my from 40.
  4. So many things to work on! Hitting more fairways, and making a clean 2nd shot would improve my game immensely. I hit too many fat shots, especially after I've made a good drive. Just starting lessons to get the fundamentals more buttoned down.