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  1. Hijack away Darkfrog. I'm finding this thread super helpful in general.
  2. I appreciate this Shindig. I found a thread on Evolvr after I posted this thread and will be signing up today! Glad to hear it's working for you.
  3. I would say I'm spotty on this. I approach practice with specific things to work on but ultimately it's random WHAT I'm working on, and totally based on my level frustration from the previous round. I'm definitely not systematic right now. Part of the challenge is I've found it difficult to find instructors that are systematic and methodical.
  4. I've taken lessons multiple times, play 2-3x week, plus range sessions, think/read/watch a LOT about golf (read lowest score wins...twice!), but would say my improvement has been slow and I've been getting steadily worse for the past 3 months. Lowest index was 10.1, currently a 14 playing like a 20). There is such a volume of information and opinion on golf instruction, it's overwhelming. I'm thrashing around a little right now, and need to rethink my approach to improvement. What worked for you to get better?
  5. I've gone on and off regular training mostly due to getting too sore pushing my 49 year old body beyond what it can handle. This time it's different! This weekly routine seems to be good so far: M - Strength training - Deadlift & Press - following Wendler 5/3/1 beginner program T - Stretch & 15 min Core Workout W - Golf! Th - Strength training - Bench & Squats - 5/3/1 F - Stretch & 15 min Core Workout Sat/Sun - Golf
  6. Great topic! My Goals for 2021: GOALS Single digit Index (Currently 11.6) More birdies that "others" (blow up holes are my Achilles heal) GIR: 40%+ FIR: 55%+ (currently 48% and I'm generous in what I consider a fairway hit) Scrambling 25%+ Play a lot of golf! ACTIONS Track hole by hole stats on every round Focus on swinging "within" myself - tempo and control - I get too aggressive and leads to problems Mental toughness - nicer to myself after screw ups Getting my hips through (swing thought is hitting the ball with my
  7. I wish! No, 270 isn't my average, I don't actually track my driving distance formally but I'd estimate 240-ish is average now. I know I am much longer than in past years, with less effort and out drive my buddies where I didn't in past. I'm driver, short iron/wedge a lot more often now. Also, strength training is similar to golf in that you are competing with yourself to do just a little better. It doesn't matter the weight on the bar so much as seeing it increase over time.
  8. You're awesome, thx. I appreciate the insight and will try that. I had a very inside takeaway that I'm trying to get rid of so that may be an overcompensation. I also feel like the club comes back way too far and am working on shortening the backswing.
  9. Yes, but less often. And usually when I really try to hit it hard and break inevitably break form and come over the top.
  10. I'm 48 and am hitting the ball farther than I ever have - 270+ yard drive yesterday when I used to be 220 - and regularly longer than my buddies. I attribute it all to strength training. I'm not a muscle guy, and have 20lbs of excess fat to shed, but the combination of squats, deadlifts, bench presses and power cleans/row/chin ups is making a big difference. StartingStrength.com makes a great case for this, especially for those of us over 40. The key is progressive increases in weight. Lifting the same weight over time does not increase strength.
  11. I've been Playing Golf for: 6 years My current handicap index or average score is: Index 13.8 My typical ball flight is: straight/fade The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: dead pull Videos: I've been working on a more outside take away and keeping hands inside on my down swing to avoid the over the top dead pull. Appreciate any thoughts on my swing. I've been flirting with scoring in the 70's but stuck in low/mid-80s.
  12. Check out startingstrength.com or read the Barbell Prescription - tons of info on the benefits of strength training over "exercise".
  13. smsparks


  14. My business partner got me into the game after his golf trip weekend stag 8 years ago. Since then I've really embraced it. It's funny that the guys from that trip, I now find it boring to golf with because they are just weekend duffer types. I joined a golf club four years ago and it's been great — met lots of good people, found my regular foursome, and am around more dedicated, serious golfers. It's been totally worth the membership fee.
  15. I'm a 20 handicap, (actually 19.7!) and I just bought these. I have buyer's remorse after 3 rounds. I got club fit by the pro at my club, who's well regarded and was excited to get "my" clubs, versus the used Calloway x-22's I've had in my bag. When I connect they go far, but I'm yanking them left, like 30 yards left. I'm chalking it up to getting used to them, but so far, I wish I'd gone a different direction. If I could return them today, I would.
  16. Hit a 47 on front 9. Missed most of the fairways but not by a ton. Missed some easy putts and hit a few fat 2nd shots, but the short game around the green was spot on. (Looks like the 56 60 degree Callaway wedges I bought are paying off.) I've been playing a little over a year consistently and have my handicap down to 23.7 (from over 30). Goal is to get it into teens by the end of summer. Home course: Cowichan Golf & Country Club. Yardage 5899 Black Tees 73.5/124
  17. Hi everyone, I'm new here. Into my 2nd year of taking golf seriously. Yesterday I shot 44 over 9 holes on a semi-difficult course, which was a personal best. A few short game issues and fat shots kept my from 40.
  18. So many things to work on! Hitting more fairways, and making a clean 2nd shot would improve my game immensely. I hit too many fat shots, especially after I've made a good drive. Just starting lessons to get the fundamentals more buttoned down.
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