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  1. A lot of these numbers seem inflated because many people just do not know how to measure the distance of their drives. Simulators can be very inaccurate and overly inflated and using yardage markers isn't always the best. Also when people post their average distances it is usually under the assumption that the ball is struck well. My actual aver with a driver, including all of my shanks and poor shots would probably be 230-240 if you factor only the decent shots it would be 260-280. I suppose the better question is "what is your expected distances". Anyway as for distances I feel like my iro
  2. I have tried the Pro combo's, and the the long and mid irons were amazing. The blades were harder to hit and i do not have the ball striking for the blades. I must say though, the long irons were probably the best I have seen from any set. They are super forgiving and the CG is so well placed and gets the ball in the air very nicely. I have not tried those specific mizzies but the 53 were butter and quite workable. Dont forget the short irons are scoring irons make sure you can consistently hit the blades before getting them.
  3. I dont like buying the most heavily advertised products however this year i decided to go with the R11s. I spent hours at my local sporting store testing many drivers. I spent most of the time with the TM RBZ, TM r11s, Nike VR s, the Callaway Razr fit and black models, and the ping k15. The Ping had a very nice feel. The face was explosive however that added weight on the heel, while nice to straighten the fade is not adjustable once your swing improves, so I eliminated that one. The RBZ was not my flavor. I felt it was over hyped and does not deliver as much as I expected. The nike seemed to
  4. I am not trying to nit pick I just want clarification. But isnt hitting the ball before the low point the same as saying to strike the ball with downward motion? Maybe i misunderstood and thats why I am struggling.
  5. I will try to post a video. But i know that my hands are not in front of the club they are both passing the ball at the same time. When I focus on trying to make my hands lead i usually lose mechanics and the swing feels "strange" most of the time. There are those few times though where everything feels smooth and contact is pure and the ball sticks to the green like its super glued there. What I try to do to keep my hands in front is to break the swing down. I start with the very short takeaway and try to follow through at a normal speed. However this only helps my sub 60-70 yard game
  6. It seems like everyone is partially right here. According to physics increasing backspin into the wind will cause to to fly higher as the pressure should become lower above the ball which would pull the ball upwards. However not having enough spin will cause the ball to assume a spin equal to the opposite direction of the wind. I try to setup the ball at normal height and hit it at the bottom of the swing with a driver and try to keep it as a low straight-draw. At my skill level is it definitely quite challenging to perform this perfectly all the time and land it where i was hoping for but it
  7. I am having a difficult time hitting down on the ball as well. This is definitely something that should be practiced a lot. Sometimes i see that I have hit down on the ball as there is a nice white spot on the club face but most of the time i know im scooping it. What is a good technique for keeping for hands in front of the club. One other thing. I was at golftown testing out the new pro combo's which are actually very nice, the long irons are so easy to get up in the air and the mid irons give you a very nice feeling, and the scoring irons well, the blades are a little tougher to hit
  8. I would have to say around a 6.5-7. I've played around with my grip to see the results and i find that i need a grip that is just firm enough the the club doesn't feel loose and gets away from me but not firm enough that it requires a lot thought to keep the grip.
  9. Those are huge differences every way. What do you think caused the differences?
  10. Definitely if you say your striking is so-so go with something more forgiving. The 53's or the JPX will give you forgiveness and both should be quite workable. One thing that many people overlook is the main purpose of the clubs they are using. The 58's will give you better control and shot shaping as long as contact is very good. If you are a player that only works the ball when needed and generally plays a straight shooter game, an iron with a slightly larger cavity will be preferable. If you like working every shot and generally play a riskier game then you might want to look at a blade or
  11. I think he was just saying that it keeps lower. Getting a ball to go 220 yards while only going 7 feet above the ground would require an absolutely beastly swing. As long as you feel comfortable swinging the club, and the results are good keep at it. There's always room to improve of course.
  12. How forgiving are the blades within the combo set? Are they more or less like the rest of the blade market or are they a tad easier to hit. To the OP how do you like the AP2's? And why did you go from PX 6.0 to 5.0?
  13. Wtf? are those distances accurate? how do you cover over 8500 yards in 72 shots, that's just insane. This is the Ireland reminds me of Turnberry. Looks like the US army bombed the living shot out of the course, massive bunkers. Montreal, Canada. http://www.cgimgolf.com/en/accueil.htm
  14. 6I is usually 180-185 on solid contact, however i usually dont get great contact and it's around 170ish. Dunlop irons with a reglular shaft.
  15. The Mp-57 are a better feeling iron imo, just a better club overall.
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